The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


38. Chapter 36 - A shock, a slap, a little too much of that?

Kimi smiled at Fred, "Kimi Blaisdell." She smiled, and tucked her hands in her coat. "Fred Stanley." He smiled, nodding. "Well I'm sorry if I interrupted anything." Kimi nodded, and started to turn, and walk away. "So is this a public beach?" I nodded, "Yes it is. Once you pass through the tree's, that's when it becomes private." She smiled, "Good to know." Fred took me by my elbow, and helped me stand up. Kimi looked at me, then at my stomach. "Congratulations." I smiled, "Thank you." She looked at Fred, "Proud Papa?" Fred shook his head, "Nope, proud uncle." Hunter came down, and walked over to us. "Hey baby. Hi there." He smiled at our new visitor. "Hello. Well it was lovely meeting you. Have a great evening." She turned, and walked down the beach, and disappeared around the bend. Fred bent down, and looked at me, "Home now. You're supposed to be off your feet. Leslie set up the heating pad. Where ever you choose to go. She has it." Hunter took my hand, "Bed I think would be best. You can watch a movie if you want." I nodded, and started walking back with the guys. We were back at the house, and Leslie was waiting. "Upstairs is where I set up for you. Pajama's are laid out. Sandra washed them, all set to go. We also put some extra pillows in there tonight. She headed home, but we're here to help." I smiled, and walked upstairs quietly to the bathroom. Leslie looked at Hunter, "She's never this quiet." Hunter nodded, "Holiday, and not having her dad. It's been six years. Plus her mom remarrying, and having the baby has done a lot." Fred hung outside, looking around for any sign of Kimi. She had vanished. 

I feel as if I'm been given the run around, until I knock into Stefan, turning on my heel I grab him by the throat, "I know your stupid game, I will find the one helping you and I will have a field day."
Stefan smiles wickedly at me, "The wheels are already in motion."
"Time to apply the brakes." I shove him hard and begin running again.
Whoever is helping them is not far away, I can sense the fear, my legs kick up a gear, the one i in sight, lunging forward I manage to grab a piece of the scarf they are wearing, "This is only the beginning." I snarl. I run in the opposite direction and walk the final 500yrds until I face Leah and Hunter's house, Fred is standing there, he smiles and I smile back. 

Fred wasn't too comfortable with the new neighbor, "So Kimi, is interestingly friendly. Happened to be walking on the beach." He moved towards Ara, and looked at her hand, "And wearing a scarf that color."

Ara snapped, "Knew it," I stamp my foot, "fear flowed off her, I could sense it, Fred do you know if Hunter has a guitar? I could really use it right now." I put the piece of material in my pocket. 

Fred smiled, "Yep. Nothing special though. It's in his office." He patted her shoulder, "She's inside. Travis is behind you." 

Turning round I smile feintly at Travis, "Thankyou Travis," looking at Fred, "thanks, gonna head inside and ask if I can borrow it." I pat his arm before heading inside, "Hunter." I whisper.

Hunter turned around and smiled, "Hi. She's upstairs laying down." Travis relaxed, and looked at Fred. 

"Can I borrow your guitar please? I need to calm down," kneeling down, "I should have seen this coming." 

Hunter moved towards her, and whispered, "Stop talking like that. Leah's been on their radar since 2006 when they first laid eyes on her. You're safe. This is in no way your fault." 

I feel like crying, standing up I lean against the wall, "You aren't the one who watches their devastation, for more than 500yrs I have righted their wrongs, this is my punishment," sighing, "can you fetch me the guitar?" I try and smile but fail.

Leslie looked over, and walked over quietly, "Sweetheart, I'm not exactly sure what's happening, but we all have secrets. You're an amazing person, who's part of our family. I never ask questions, but understand not everything is as it seems." Hunter returned with the guitar. 

Kissing Hunters cheek, "Thankyou," hanging my head I walk out of the door over the road into the woods. Parking myself on the woodland floor, I close my eyes, "release me." Opening my eyes I begin producing a haunting melody on the guitar, as my heart sinks the music becomes ever more haunting. 

I curled up upstairs, and started watching P.S I love you. I didn't want to finished the night. I wanted it to slip away. Alice called me, and I ignored it. I rubbed my stomach, as Sebastian did a summersault. 

I continue with the melody and think of Leah, the pace of the melody changes. After half an hour I walk back in and hand the guitar back to Hunter, "Thankyou for letting me use it, very therapeutic." He smiled, "Never really learned to play properly. I like to strum the strings, fool around." 

Leslie smiled, "Ara play for us sometime won't you?" 

"I am very sorry Leslie for not answering you sooner," staring at Hunter, "I will give you some lessons," smiling, "I would love to, how about now?" Leslie smiled, "I'm going to check on Leah, I will be back." She made her way upstairs. 

Hunter smiled, "Now works." Fred, and Travis walked in, "It's getting chilly out there." Travis remarked. Alex moved, and brought his glass of wine. 

"I am off outside, need some fresh air, Hunter let me know when Leslie returns," winking and whispering, "when your relatives are in bed I will speak with Leah." I quietly leave the room and head outside.
I'm stood outside watching clouds drift across the moon, I feel as if I have a headache, pain rushes through me, I growl in agony, sliding down the wall I see Stefan smiling at me as he carries on chanting, I can't scream, I keep looking at him, pain increases, my body begins to flail. Stefan grins, then stops.

"Listen it's not that hard to cooperate." Vladimir smirks, "We want to talk to the wolf."

"No way," I grit my teeth, "you have caused too much chaos for her already, so please carry on." I smirk back. 

Stefan shakes his head, "Listen to yourself. You refuse to join us, we still have leverage." Vladimir moves closer, "We're gaining day, by day. You're truly of no use. The wolf on the other hand, well she could have potential." Stefan whispered, "Or the child." 

"Then you will have to go through me," trying to get to my feet, "I've gained over the centuries," I lie, "I hold more power in me than you two will ever know " seething, "you will never touch that child." 

Stefan stopped harming her, rubbing his chin. Deep thoughts were running through his devious mind. Vladimir moved closer, helping her to her feet, "We want to learn." His Romanian accent thick.

I know they don't really know my gifts, "I can bring soul's back, bet you never considered the potential." I waft Vladimir away. "But I'm curious as to why you changed me that day." 

Stefan moved slowly, "The reason we changed you, was because we believed you. Nobody else believed you heard Gabriel, we did." There was an emotion on Steafan's face. 

"That is not a valid reason, there had to be something, some potential you saw." I see an emotion cross 
his face, could it be he actually has emotions beside anger? "And anyway I saw him, he spoke to me." 

Vladimir growled, and Stefan raised a hand to hold him back. Stefan spoke, "You reminded me of someone. Well you were innocent. I'd had hoped you'd stay with us. Become part of our family." 

Crossing my arms, "I was prepared to die that day," huffing, "you made me fight newborns, I did try to stay with you both but upon seeing you for what you were, I couldn't do it." Vladimir grinned, "The older one, is the wiser one. The one who makes most decisions." 

Stefan looked at Ara, almost as if there were some remorse. 

"Looks like you made the wrong decision then Vladimir," sighing, "the only way you'll ever have me is when I'm on my deathbed." I look at Stefan, I almost feel sorry for him but he made his choice. 

Vladimir grinned, digging his fingers into Stefan's shoulder. It's almost as though he flinched. "You see power was great, we had balance. Then this one decided to be nice to our enemies." 

Vital information, "Power is never good, it turns the mind and you get greedy." 

Vladimir seethed, "Exactly why we must dismantle the Volturi." Stefan remained quiet. "Well?" Vladimir asked. Stefan spoke softly, "Vladimir leave her alone. We can rebuild, or just live our lives." Vladimir snarled, whipping around on Stefan. 

"By dismantling the Volturi, you are just as bad as they are," my head whips round to face Stefan, Vladimir turns on Stefan, "a house divided cannot stand." I wedge myself between Vladimir and Stefan. 

Stefan swallowed looking at Ara, "Good evening." He turned, and was gone. Vladimir growled, "He's turning soft like you pathetic worthless vampires." 

"You see us as soft, we know different, we don't run off after devastating a life, we stand our ground," I growl at Vladimir, "I suggest you think carefully and go away before I blow up on you." 

Vladimir slapped Ara across the face. "Fools." He vanished in a moment. I touch my cheek, lay down on the porch and growl. How dare he do that.

Hunter walked outside, and handed her a cool wash cloth. "Heard that inside. Are you alright?" He sat down beside her. 

I put the cloth to my cheek, "I hope we didn't wake anyone?" I lean my head on his shoulder, I can hear his heart beating, "No hunter, I'm not, " soft voice barely a whisper, "I'm petrified."

He shook his head no. "I wasn't trying to eavesdrop, but Stefan seems remorseful. That other ass, well he just deserves a quick kick to the gonads." Fred laughed. 

She half smile, "He needs them twisting off with a spanner," sighing, "Stefan must have made a huge mistake," standing up, "just taking a walk around the block, you should get some sleep hunter." I rub the top of his head before making my way down the porch steps. He watched her quietly, then headed upstairs to bed. 

The night slowly passed. A blood curdling scream rippled through the house. I hear the scream from the shoreline, running I head inside, panic pulsing through me. Hunters beside me, "Baby relax its ok." I'm sweating, and shivering. Leslie is making her way down the hall. 

Ara entered the room, looking round, Leah must have had a nightmare, I kneel in front of her, "It was a dream, only a dream, we're here, breathe Leah." I rest my hand on her leg.

I look at Ara, "Phasing, in me." Leslie walked in with a glass of water, "Here Hun." Hunter was rubbing my back, "I have heartburn." 

I rest my hand on Sebastian and whisper, "Mommy was having a bad dream, calm down," I spy Leslie and step out of the way. 

Leslie smiled, "Ara you're the doctor. I'm more of a mother figure ok." She handed Ara the cup of water, and a damp washcloth. 

Ara was smiling at Leslie, "So are you," I gently take the glass with one hand, taking the washcloth in the other, "a mother figure is just as good," I hand the water to Leah and place the cloth on her head, gently dabbing, "shortly go get a bath, relax and after I will give you a massage." 

I smile, then look at Ara, "I want more then one child. Leslie smiled listening, as she pulled out new bedding, and clothing. "Hunter whispered, "She knows something's different, but isn't afraid." 

"And so it shall be, just don't have loads," I laugh and whisper to Hunter, "it is important she does not find out, we do not want to cost lives." 

Hunter nodded. Leslie spoke calmly, "Secrets are as such. All I know is little Sebastian, he has a gift. That makes him stronger." She smiled hugging Ara carefully. I leaned into Ara hand, closing my eyes. 

"Secrets can kill the bearer, trust me I know, Sebastian is definetly gifted," I gently hug Leslie and rub Leah's knuckles. 

Leslie spoke, "Alex is aware, but respectful. I act as if you're a human." I smile, then hold my side. Hunter touched where my hand was, "We need to keep them away til he's born." 

I feel an internal shudder, Leslie is wise, "Sometimes I wish I was human, I miss it," looking at Hunter, "I will take time off work in order to try and keep them away," thinking for a second, "I will need to go home and change, I'll speak with Carlisle, see if we can work something out," standing by the door, "I'll be back in two hours Leah and Hunter, pleasure to meet you Leslie." 

Leslie smiled, "Likewise dear." 

I quietly crept off the bed, and went downstairs. "Where's she going?" Leslie asked. I grabbed my keys, and slid on my sneakers quietly, grabbing my coat and I left. Hunter was off the bed instantaneously. I backed out of the driveway, and started driving. Fred, and Travis were gone keeping an eye on the area. Hunter looked at Ara.

"Maybe she needs a bit of alone time?" I feel a little stressed, "Leah will most likely end up at Carlisle's, I best be going too, Hunter try not to worry, sometimes we need a bit of time to think." I hug Hunter gently before heading outside and onto my bike.

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