The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


37. Chapter 35 - Ghosts and Revelations!!!

It’s Wednesday night and Easter Sunday is approaching. We have the whole family coming here. Well the humans. That means the following list. I’m sitting at the table going over it all.


“Ok that’s four so far.” I mentally pictured them around the table.

Aunt Sandra
Uncle George

“That’s eight there.” I have my finger pointed at a chair.



Jonathan and girlfriend? 
Aunt Leslie
Uncle Alex 

“Holy crap eighteen people.” I sighed. “Twenty one including, you and I. Plus Travis.”

Hunter leaned down from behind me, kissing my neck.

“Hey I can cook, clean, and flirt with the ladies.” I shook my head, and shifted. “What is it?” Hunter asked, touching my stomach. “Heartburn.” I sighed, and let my head fall back against him.

Travis sat down across from me and grabbed the paper.

“Alright we can do this.” Hunter pulled my chair back from the table, and knelt in front of me,and massaged my calves. “Babe you need to rest ok. We can tell my family, we can’t do it. There’s still time.”

I shook my head. “Sandra, and Leslie offered to help with cooking. They said they’ll come early. Bring an extra table, and chairs.” Travis smiled, and started putting together the grocery list.

It was Friday night, and Rose was up with me. “You’re awfully quiet. Everything ok?” She looked at me, touching my stomach carefully.

“He’s just moving a lot. A long day at work, and everyone is so god damn opinionated. This is my uterus, and my baby.”

Rose smirked, “Oh the women who know it all?”

I sighed, “I have my maternity scrubs, I look fine. I’m wearing the wrong shoes was one remark. I’m wearing my clogs. Dr. Martin, and Carlisle ok’d them.”

Rose smiled continuing to rub. “That’s one thing I don’t understand. Granted I was a bit pushy with Renesmee, but it was for her protection, and Bella’s.”

I nodded, “What’s up with people saying, you sure it’s not twins. I’m not that big.”

Rose smiled, “No you’re not. You’re twenty six weeks along. You look great.”

I smiled, “Thanks.” 

Hunter walked in, and set down a few bags. “Hi ladies.” he kissed my cheek, and smiled at Rose.

“Your wife has had quite the day. Good thing she didn’t kill anyone.” Rose winked at me.

“Oh is that so?” Hunter smiled, sitting beside me on the couch.

Rose moved her hand, and pulled out her phone.

“Hi Sebastian. Daddy missed you.” Hunter rubbed my belly.

“Well I’m not trying to bail, but I need to hunt. Call me if anything interesting happens. I will see you next week at some point. Have a nice Easter.” Rose kissed my cheek, and hugged both of us before leaving.

Hunter looked at me, “So how about a bath, and a massage?”

I nodded, “That sounds nice right about now.”

He smiled, “Alright meet me upstairs.” He disappeared up the staircase, and into the bathroom.

Easter was here, and so was the entire family. People were anxious to hold new babies, and touch my stomach, and it was overwhelming.

“Oh look at you sweetie. You’re glowing.” Sandra walked over to me, and hugged me around my growing stomach.

Leslie grinned, “You look excellent.”

I smiled, and nodded. My mom was having a nice time chatting with Michelle, Patricia, Chloe, and Sonya. They were discussing Harry. Seth was rocking Sophia, and he looked at me. He just smiled, and I don’t know what happened, but tears came to my eyes. He carefully passed her over to Hunter, and walked towards me.

“Come on.” He smiled, towering me now a days, and walked with me into the sunroom, and shut the door.

“Sit down, and talk to me.” He sat beside me, and I fidgeted with my hands.

“This house seems so big, when it’s just Hunter, and I. Now everyone is here, and it’s making me,” I shrugged not sure how to exactly describe it.

“Pregnancy anxiety. It starts becoming more noticeable around your second trimester. Chloe became claustrophobic, and had to constantly be moving." He wasn't just my brother, he was my confidant.

"Let's stay in here for a few minutes. Your pulse is racing, and you're breathing is too quick. You're in panic mode."

A soft knock, and our mom walked in. "They're setting the table. Everything ok?"

Seth held my wrist, and looked up at my mom, "Her pulse is 93."

I spoke up softly, "I'm usually around 77."

My mom came over, and sat on the table. "It's a lot. A lot of people. A lot of questions. A lot of thoughts." She gently rubbed my stomach, "A very active little boy, and a Braxton Hicks contraction."

Seth let go of my wrist, and rubbed my back, "Can you pinpoint a certain trigger of the anxiety?"

I nodded, "Early labor because of the phasing at the beginning."

My mom kept one hand on my stomach, and placed her other on my cheek, "If it happens, it happens. We'll come up and stay over if you want. I can take some time off. I have a ton of sick time I need to use."

Seth smiled, "Chloe, and I can help also."

I nodded. My mom moved her hand, and looked at me, "Off your feet, for the rest of the day. I'm not joking."

I nodded, and stood quietly leaving the room. "Mom?"

She spoke with Seth. "Twenty six weeks, she could go into early labor. With the stress she endured, and her anxiety now; she needs to take it easy. Sandra, and Leslie want to do an overhaul clean to help."

Seth nodded, "I will talk to Hunter." My mom hugged Seth, and joined us at the table.

Dinner was filled with laughter, and stories. Everyone was doing great.

"So Sebastian Andrew Emerson." Sandra smiled. "Your mom would be so happy."

Hunter smiled, and squeezed my hand. I closed my eyes, trying to refocus my thoughts. "Babe you ok?" Hunter whispered.

I nodded, leaning back. He smiled,

"He's moving a lot today?" Leslie asked, and I nodded. "Especially right now." Leslie motioned, to Hunter.

"Babe how about you relax on the couch." Hunter stroked my arm gently. Leslie stood up, and helped along with Hunter. Alex and Leslie, looked at Hunter. She quietly walked with me, and sat down with me, "He's really giving you a run for your money." She smiled touching my stomach. "Yep, and I still have fourteen weeks to go."

Sitting quietly, as everyone enjoyed their meal; I put my head back, and closed my eyes. Faint nausea wavered in the background.

That’s when her voice dropped, “I know sweetie. Hunter spoke with his uncle, and myself.”

My heart might have very well dropped. I looked at her.

"Your heritage, and your blood lines. You're a shapeshifter."

My eyes went wide, and I saw Hunter approaching from the corner of my eye, with Alex. They joined us sitting down.

"I felt it was important for the family to know." Hunter smiled, and Alex nodded in agreement with him.

"It's quite interesting if you ask us. So the baby has the shifting ability." Alex smiled.

I was horrified. Why would Hunter have told them. He knew nobody could know. It was the tribes law. If they knew about that, what about The Cullen's.

Hunter smiled, "It's ok I promise."

The rest of the family started coming in the room.

"What's wrong?" My mom asked sitting down, cradling Harry. Charlie stood behind her.

"Hunter only you, and Charlie knew about us. The only humans."

Michelle smiled, "Well we all know now."

Sandra smiled, "So when Sebastian is born, who will be there."

I was reeling, "Hunter, I'm not sure if anyone else."

George grinned, "We'll be passing out cigars."

I felt a sharp pain, and grabbed my stomach. "Shit."

Leslie held my stomach, "That's strong."

My mom moved carefully, handing Harry over to Charlie. "Sweetie that's a real contraction. I think we should go to the hospital."

I shook my head, protesting the suggestions.

Then I heard their voices, "Oh good. We didn't miss the birth." A Romanian accent flowed into the living room from the front door. I tried to get up, but was unable to. "Now don't try and run. We don't want you getting hurt." That's when I heard the snap, and Hunter laid on the floor. His body lifeless. I screamed.

"Wake her up NOW!" Hunter yelled, knocking over his chair.

Leslie shook me, "Sweetheart wake up now."

I startled awake, shooting off the couch. Hunter grabbed me by the shoulders. He stared straight into my eyes. I couldn't speak.

Leslie stood up, and wrapped a blanket around me. "Hun it was a dream. You're safe. I had them when I was pregnant."

Hunter stroked my cheek, "I'm ok. Sebastian was moving quite a bit."

Leslie smiled, "If you want, maybe we can go for a walk with your mum ok?"

My mom smiled nodding, "Sounds good." Hunter kissed my forehead,

“I’m not going anywhere. They’re just dreams, and that’s it.”

My mom handed me my coat, and a few minutes later we were out the door.

We arrived back at the house after our walk, and desert had been put out. Coffee was brewing, and Hunter held my tea, "I love you."

He kissed me, and I returned the kiss. "Leslie is staying tonight because I spoke with her. She's well aware of the health issues. She's an ob/gyn nurse. So it helps."

Leslie walked over patting my shoulder, "Sit and relax, put your feet up."

Hunter guided me to a chair, and I curled up.

Leslie looked at me, and smiled, "I hope you're not uncomfortable with me staying. I know you have several doctors hovering." She chuckled.

I nodded, "Carlisle is a dear family friend. Ara helped me in Pisa, and of course Dr.Martin." Leslie smiled, and something in me felt compelled to be honest with her. I couldn't though.

My mom walked over, and brought me a slice of Apple pie. "Leah's been a trooper. I had a hard pregnancy with her. My daughter-in-law had a rough pregnancy as well."

Leslie nodded, "It happens more then it's spoken of." The conversation continued, and I ate quietly.

Night had descended, my shift at work had ended, so it was time to go and see Leah and Hunter. Dancing up the steps I almost trip over my own foot, "Damn."

She knocked on the door.  Ara was here finally. I got up carefully, and made my way to the door. I half smiled, seeing Ara standing there. I opened it, moving out of the way, "Hey. Come in." I whisper, "Humans. Leslie, and Alex."

"Thank you," smiling, "don't worry I can cope." I step inside closing the door behind me.

I waited quietly, and looked at Ara. I felt like I may cry at any moment. She was still wearing her scrubs. Her hair was curly today. It looked nice on her. Her silver streak, seemed slightly lighter.

She whispered, "I'll quickly say hi to everyone then you can talk to me," laughing, "no wonder I got funny looks on the bike, I'm still in scrubs." I rub Leah's hand.

I nod, "They're in the kitchen cleaning, and discussing a baby shower/party." I smile a little, feeling her touch my hand.

"Awe, ok lead the way," whispering, "I have a gift for you." I smile but I know something is up.

I walk with her, and smile, "Thank you." I hold her hand walking her into the kitchen.

Hunter smiles, "Catherine Joan Nightengale."

"He's been dying to use it." I smile, seeing them at the table.

"Hunter the dude Emerson, ladies man," chuckling, looking at the humans, "hi, I'm Ara," looking at Hunter, "I also have a gift for you," looking at the humans, "could I pinch ladies man for a moment?" Looking at Leah, "I'll be right back, if hunter passes out you can put make up on him." Winking.

I chuckle.

Alex bursts out laughing, "Leslie still have that bright blue eye shadow?"

Leslie winked, "You know it."

Hunter shook his head, "God help me." He smiled chuckling.

"Ara this is Leslie, and Alex Emerson Hunters aunt, and uncle."

They both smiled, "Pleasure to meet you. Take your time." Leslie took a sip of her coffee.

Shaking Leslie's hand, "pleasure to meet you, by the way I have red lip gloss, would show off his lush cheekbones," shaking Alex's hand, "nice to meet you, Hunter, come on its shock time." I kiss Leah's forehead and wait for Hunter.

He took off with her, and left the three of us in the kitchen.

Hunter whispered, "She’s been upset since she dozed off. They took a walk, but she's been quiter then usual. So my aunt is an ob/gyn nurse. She wanted to help tonight." He smiled following Ara.

"I was just in the middle of my shift when something didn't feel right, that's one reason why I'm here, I feel like she needs me," smiling, "anyway I have an Easter gift for you," grabbing the bag I pull out an old leather bound book, "I think you will find this interesting, its a first edition," whispering, "I bought in 1509," kissing his forehead, "enjoy." I step back and smile, waiting for his reaction.

Hunter was quiet, "Holy crap!" Hunter shrilled, Leslie, and Alex exchanged glances. Hunter quickly sat down, and started reading carefully. He looked up at her, "1509?" A lot happened that year. Then I look at the image, and her. It can't be possible. "Joan was burned at the stake."

My face lights up, my lips part as I let out a giggle, "1509 was an odd year for me," I think he knows so I whisper, "remember I told you I was to be burned at the stake for stealing?"

His jaw dropped, and his eyes twinkled. "Martyr." He grinned, and stared at Ara in aw. "Carlisle knew this whole time." He was in shock.

Sitting down, "I did mention martyr once, I was giving clues, as such, I was born on January 6th 1412 on a farm in Eastern France, which at the time was ruled by the English," sighing, "yes Carlisle knew, I made him swear never to mention it, back then I was not comfortable with who I was." I smile patting his shoulder.

He smiled, "So you're Joan of Arc." He stood up, and hugged her carefully, almost afraid of breaking her. He remained quiet, almost at peace of some sort.

Smiling, "I am Joan of arc," I hug hunter back, "I'm not breakable you know."

He hugged her tighter, "Thank you so much. You've helped us so much. I can't thank you enough. I will treasure this book." He gently stroked it.

"I helped you two not only out of duty, I felt a connection, its okay, I have another two in my collection," patting his back, "now to rescue Leah, I hope she will like her gift?" 

We make our way into the kitchen. He shook his head, smiling. I looked up to find Hunter grinning, and Ara her happy self. I rubbed my stomach gently,

Leslie smiled, "Heating pad on a bit."

I agreed, because it wasn't worth a fight.

I watch her for a moment before speaking, "Leah, come with me," I offer her my hand, "we might be a while but I'll make sure she's looked after," looking at hunter, "can I borrow your car? I'm not risking Leah on the bike."

He nodded, "Yeah. Leah has a key." He kissed me, and slid my coat on helping me.

"Pad when I get home."

Leslie nodded, "Sounds good" I took Ara's hand, looking at Hunter, "I love you." He smiled, "I love you too. Be careful." He hugged both Ara, and myself.

"Be careful? No, we're going to go watch some strippers and drink beer til the sun comes up," I wink, "she will, she's in safe hands." Quickly hugging Hunter, Leah and, I walk out of the door, I help her into the car before getting in the drivers side and start the engine, "I hope you like Italian food?"

I nod, and slip on my seatbelt. I watch the house quietly.

She backed out of the driveway, and we were on the road.

"So, tell me, are you having bad dreams?" I keep my eyes on the road.

I glance at her, and speak softly, "It wasn't a bad dream. It was a nightmare."

Something stirs within, "I know you won't go into detail, you don't have to, but I have one question - were Vladimir and Stefan involved in the nightmare?" I squeeze her hand gently.

I can't hold it back, "They said they hadn't missed the birth. Then," I have to stop for a moment. "They broke his neck."

I almost stamp on the brakes, instead I pull in and hug her, "That will not happen, I don't care about what it costs me, they will not touch or harm any of you," sighing, "look at me Leah, I swear on my life." It is a promise I intend to keep.

I look up at her, "Ara it's not that I don't believe you. Something just feels weird." This happened before. They just showed up the first time. The second time, they were in the house." I look down at my hands.

Pulling back on the road, "Someone is playing games, they have an ability," clicking my tongue, "I may have to investigate further," putting on a smile, "i hired out the entire restaurant, it's just us two."

I smile, "Thank you. I have a favor to ask." I swallow, stroking my stomach.

A smirk appears on my face, followed by puzzlement, "Ask away."

I decide it's too late, and dark and the other day.

"Whatever it is, ask me, don't be afraid that I may react."

My voice is barely a whisper, "Maybe tomorrow, I will go. I've not been to," I have to stop catching myself. "My dads grave. I can't do it today."

We pull up in the carpark, leaning over I hug her, it is as if she feels lost, not quite knowing which way to turn, "Want me to come with you? Or is it a solo mission?" It brings back human memories of my own father.

I sniffle, "Hunters working. I'm not sure if Leslie, and Alex are staying. If you'd like to come, it's ok with me. Screw Sam, and treaty lines."

There's hurt in her voice, tainted with anger, I look her in the eye, "I shall accompany you, I can if needed, deal with Sam," deep breath, "you ready?" I point towards the restaurant. I nod.

A sigh comes out, "You know about Sam, and why I dislike him right?"

Sighing, "I do and I do not like it," slight growl, "to break someone's heart is the most evil thing in this world, especially when you've given your entire being to them, only to have it sidelined like it never mattered." I squeeze her hand gently.

"Carlisle told you?" I smile a little. "Even if he explained the imprint, I would have understood."

"A very mature head on your shoulders," looking at the growing infant, "your mom is hungry, feeding time, could I see how he reacts to me?" I hope she doesn't mind.

I smile, "Go right ahead. He's your nephew after all."

My jaw drops open, "Seriously? Me an Auntie? Oh I feel like passing out with excitement," I let my hand hover over for a second before gently placing it on the bundle of joy, "he seems okay with me." I grin from ear to ear as we head inside the restaurant.

I smile, "He knows. He trusts you." I relax a little bit.

"That's good," I grab a small box from my bag and hand it to her, "an Easter gift from me to you."

I took the box, and opened it. Inside was a half moon pendant, made of moonstone. I gently stroked the smooth stone. "It's beautiful Ara. I have nothing to give you though."

I smile wide, "It isn't about me, your friendship is enough, that pendant is special," the waiter comes with the menus, "thank you."

I put on the necklace, and smile. I look at the menu, "I'm boring but I know what I want."

I lean in and whisper, "The necklace was presented to me by Abraham Lincoln in May 1861," calling the waiter, "can I have the venison meatballs with carbonara pasta and a glass of coke please."

I smile admiring the necklace. "May I have a chicken Parmesan, over fettuccini, with some garlic bread please. I will take tea if you have it." I smile closing the menu.

The waiter smiles and leaves,

"So, how are you feeling now? You look more relaxed."

I nod, "I am. It's just scary having such a realistic dream. The pain was so real. How could Stefan, and Vladimir be doing it?" Just then Ara's phone rang.

"They have to have help," answering the phone, "Hello crazy girl at your service."

I nodded and stayed quiet, looking around.

"Hey you busy?" Fred asked.

"Not really, Leah and myself are at a restaurant, what's up?"

Fred spoke, "Keep a close eye on her. I've sent a text to Hunter, and Travis. He phased, and is in the woods keeping watching."

I looked at Ara.

I smile faintly at Leah, "Thanks for keeping me up to date Fred, you know I will." I rub my forehead and bash the table.

I startle, as she's hung up, and hit the table. I look down, and quietly know something is stirring.

"I'm sorry for my outburst Leah," grabbing hold of her hand, "I best fill you in, something is brewing and I know who is behind it, I'll be keeping watch on the house tonight." I hate being the bearer of bad news.

I smile, "Honestly rather expected it. Humans, pregnancy, and it's a holiday." I hold her hand. "Would you be there when Sebastian is born?"

"Maybe because I'm used to hiding everything is usually peaceful but I like being busy," I fall off my chair, "what? I'd love to." I laugh whilst on the floor, this will be amazing.

I chuckle, "It will be." Quiet is great, but it's also cause for concern.

Dusting myself down, the food arrives, "Thanks," the waiter stares at me and smiles, "yes." I ask.

"Gorgeous smile," smiling "desert is on the house."

Smirking at Leah, "sounds good to me." The waiter totters off happy as anything.

I shake my head, "That's one thing I've never had happen. Random guy flirt with me." Then I blushed.

"I'm not used to it, that's three times now, I'm thinking I ought to buy a wedding ring and put it on my finger," laughing, "awe I bet Hunter did." I wink and begin eating.

I nod, "Right before Sam, and I broke up. My cousin and I came to Port Angeles. Travis, and Hunter walked by. Hunter smiled and said, I was just looking at a cute girl." I blushed again.

Finishing up, "Its nice when something works out, so happy for you," coughing, "the last guy I really liked was back in the 1920's but he turned out to be violent, he tried a few moves but because I knew, I told him no, he hit me so I broke his jaw." I chuckle quietly.

I look at her, and I can't believe she just laughed it off. "You're truly amazing."

"Well it showed him I wasn't a pushover," looking at the waiter, "can we have the bill please, desert will have to wait for another time," looking at Leah, "I'd like to show you something amazing on the way home." The waiter hands me the bill, without thinking I lay out $700 plus tip.

I smile, and see the money, and look at Ara.

Standing up, "I did hire out the entire place, they have to make a living," offering my hand, "come on pretty soul."

I smile standing up, "Oh too fast." I close my eyes. "Head rush."

"Hold onto me, don't worry, we're not in a rush." I hold her by the waist.

I look at her, whispering, "He moved as I did."

"He could be in sync with you? I'll have to discuss that with Carlisle and Lucas," touching Sebastian, "you're probably excited." We walk steadily to the car, I help Leah in.

I smile, and sit back. The necklace feels like a piece of Ara herself is always with me.

Revving the engine, "Time to take you to the special place I found, it's halfway between here and your house," changing gear, "Sebastian will be at ease." Putting on the radio, Kelly Clarkson Stronger starts playing.

I chuckle, "A sign I say? I just think it's strangers mom's pregnancy was easy." Then I realize, "Neither of my parents were wolves." I rub my stomach, enjoying the ride.

"But the gene was there and with all the recent activity, Sebastian seems well aware of what is going on." Singing along.

I nod, "True." I can't believe how lucky I am.

Pulling over I turn the engine off, "Okay, we're here, I'll carry you, it's about a mile to the East." I get out and open the door for her.

I climb out easily. "I can walk. I'm ok. I need exercise." I chuckle.

"Sure?" I begin walking, "okay but let me know if you start to feel tired." I grab her hand and we walk together.

"I know you told Hunter your secret." I smiled. "He was trying to figure you out."

I smirk. "Hunter would have figured it out, I just gave him a push in the right direction," laughing, "I hope he doesn't treat me any different?"

I'm still unsure of who she is. "Ara he's loved you since day one. Sorry he's married." I wink, "I'm good at sharing." I throw my head back laughing. "I still don't know who you are. You said in Pisa, you and me both when I said I'm a Martyr." She smiled wide, and then I stopped dead in my tracks.

I wait and smile, "He's yours, he's the other half of your soul," looking, "I guess you just worked it out?"

I smile, "That he is." Then I'm stumbling over my tongue, "Oh my god! Oh my god!" I'm looking at history. I'm holdings history's hand. I've had dinner paid for by history." My mouth must be gaping.

"History repays the brave," kissing her cheek, "I'm Joan of arc at your service." I bow.

I'm trembling. As a child, and growing up, each journal, I kept a picture of this woman. I looked at her, "I have a picture of you in each journal. When I went against Sam, I thought of you. Your courage made me feel stronger."

Squeezing her cheek gently, "I'm glad I could inspire you in some way," my heart melts, "right we are here, if you look up at the night sky, it truly is ablaze with stars, this is my special place." I stand behind her.

I look up, feeling at complete peace. I remember laying in the yard with dad, and we'd watching the stars. "Leah that's The Big Dipper." His deep wise voice still was alive in my head.

"Here, the world drifts away, here you are at one with the universe," smiling, "my father once told me that the stars are the eyes of our relatives, looking down on us from the heavens." I feel at ease.

I tear up, "I remember my dad and I staring up at them. I was about five, and we laid out in our yard."

Wrapping my arm around her shoulder, "It is amazing what we miss, especially when they are no longer here," smiling, "deep inside my frozen heart I feel that your father is so proud of you," twitching, "you do realize that they never truly die, if you have memories, they always live on." I touch her heart.

I stroke her cheek gently. I need to make sure she's real. "My little brother is named after my dad."

I lean my head against her, I'm lucky to have the honour of protecting this precious soul, "Harry?" It is time to tell her one thing, "I can bridge the gap, I can walk between the realms of the living and the dead." I shake a little.

I turn and look at her, and the knot grows. My throat is on the edge of suffocating me. I lost him too long ago.

My mind races, did I make a mistake? "Leah, are you okay? I'm so sorry I told you, I didn't mean to upset you." Me and my big mouth.

I look at her, "He died because of me. It was my fault. I'm a killer. I'm a true monster." I just see him dropping to the ground all over again.

A warm breeze brushes by me, Harry is stood by her, "Leah, it was not your fault, please trust me when I say I speak the truth, he is standing next to you now." I half smile, the other half is sad.

I close my eyes, "Joan I believe you. I know your history, and who spoke to you. If I never phased," I swallow. Sebastian moves and, I sigh softly.

Harry speaks to me, I turn to look at Leah, "He said it was his time, he is so proud of you, it was your destiny to phase." I bow my head.

Half of society believes in spirits, ghosts, and communication with the afterlife. I'm part of the half. "Dad it wasn't time though. Mom, and Charlie named their son after you. Harry Peter Swan." I rested my head on my shoulder.

Again her father speaks then fades away, I hug Leah, "He said you have to let him go, the blame you carry is not justified, time waits for no one," deep breath, "Harry is happy mom found someone to look after her, he's delighted and honoured about Harry, one more thing, he said wind chimes are his way of saying I never left."

At that, I'm gasping for air. The realization he's gone, it aches. "If I let him go, then he's gone."

I hug her even more, "No, it doesn't, by letting him go, you set him free, he will always be with you, in your mind your soul and most of all," I touch her heart, "he is alive in there."

I hug her back, and for once I cry. I let it out. I've held it for too long.

"Let it out," rubbing her head, "release it, shhh honey, things will work out, your father is at peace, time for you to make peace with yourself."

I sob harder. I blamed myself for his death for so long. If I had my choice I wouldn't have phased that day. As he said, "It was his time."

I want to tell her things will be fine but I know from experience it never gets easier, instead I stand there in silence for a few moments, holding her, I say gently, "Are you ready to head home?"

I nod, and look at her, "I know you want to say it gets easier. Well it does, and it doesn't. We tend to just move on, and the wounds heal, but never fade."

"You read my mind," we slowly walk away, "it's like a scar, you're always aware of it."

I look at her, and I'm not sure what's come over me. "That's what Sam is to me."

Getting in the car I growl a little at the mention of his name, "Time will teach him a lesson." The engine roars to life and we are homeward bound.

I'm quiet, and then it comes out, "God for bid, something ever happened to me," I take a moment, "make sure Hunter finds happiness again."

I'm taken aback by her words, "I will not let anything take you away before your time and as for Hunter, he would probably die of a broken heart."

I nod, and speak softly, "I've had several points in life, where it could have ended. I'm just being prepared."

"I see your point but the words you used scared me, it takes quite a bit to scare me." We are three miles from her house.

I know the truth, and I'm ok with it. Either they will take me, or something else will. It's a feeling that sits in your gut, and never leaves. Intuition!

If her time comes early, my time will end too. I look at the world and wonder where I fit in and what if Vladimir and Stefan get their wish? I refuse to be a part of their plans, the ultimate weapon I am not.

We pull up at Leah's. Fred's sitting on the porch quietly, and I see Travis beside him dressed in sweats, and a fleece jacket.

I look at Ara, "Alice would, or will tell me if it's coming. We can stop it, or try."

She turns looking at me, "We can damn well try, I won't be going down without a fight," getting out of the car, "Hi Fred, hi Travis." I open the car door for Leah.

They walk over quietly, "Hi there ladies." Fred smiles.

I climb out quietly, looking around. Travis looks at Ara, raising an eyebrow.

Fred smiles, "We brought coffee, lots of it. Leslie, and Alex are great. I told them I was a college buddy of Hunter's."

Travis grinned, "Yep. You studied business, going back for your masters."

"Is something wrong Travis?" I ask.

Fred smiles, "Oh pups on the reservation have had a field day."

Travis shook his head, "Trying to pick my thoughts. Annoying actually."

I slip past the guys.

"She ok?" Fred asks looking in my direction.

"It's been one of those revelation type evenings," I look at Travis, "don't try too hard." I wink.

Travis chuckled, "Sam, that guy, well my brother is a tool. Glad I've never met him."

Fred swallows, and I cringe. "Revelation?" Fred inquires.

I walk around to the back of the house. If I slip through small wooded area, I can be at the shore line. It's not terribly cold out.

Sighing, "Just some answers that were finally revealed," I whisper to Fred, "I think she's heading for the shoreline, leave her for now but in 15 minutes go make sure she's ok," looking over at Travis, "I've seen him once and he thinks he's king of the gods." Something doesn't feel right.

Fred looked at her, and nodded.

Travis looked at her, "He's an ass from what I heard story wise, and thoughts. I met him quickly at their wedding. He has no clue who I am. Wait til he finds out one day."

Fred laughed, "Oh priceless. "

Hunter walked out with two cups of coffee, "For my two beautiful lad," he stopped looking around. Hunter hung back with Travis, "What's going on?"

Travis spoke, "She's onto something."


I hear someone approach. "Can I get five minutes please to myself." I call out frustrated.

"Oh I'm sorry. I thought this was a public beach." A young woman's voice startles me."

I look up. A girl, who must be in her twenties is about fifteen feet from me. She has a beautiful complexion. She looks at though she could be of some island decent. Her hair is in two braids, which hand over her shoulders. She's wearing frayed jeans, and a black peacoat, with a purple scarf. Her eyes match her scarf. She smiles, and looks at me.

"Sorry I thought you were someone else. It's sort of a public beach. You have to walk a ways to access it."

She smiled, "I'm Kimi. Kimi Blaisdell. I'm visiting my grandparents."

I smiled, "Leah."

She smiles, "Bad day?"

I shake my head, "No just needed fresh air."

Fred quietly watched moving my quietly. "Lee Lee where are you. Ouch. Stupid branch." He was trying to act human. "Hey we're having desert. Oh hi." He smiled at the new visitor.

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