The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


36. Chapter 34 - Curiosity gets the better of enigma.

Three weeks, and we have a beautiful niece. Sophia Grace Clearwater was born on February 21st, 2013 at 3:30pm. Chloe did great. Leah, and I visited, and she was so excited to hold her. Chloe was tired, but in great spirits. Seth could have down back flips. Sue, and Charlie were thrilled to meet the little bundle. Wednesday evening Chloe went to the hospital, and Thursday afternoon she'd arrived. Now we're home on Sunday evening relaxing, well Travis and I are. Leah's picked up a shift at work. She'll be home roughly around seven o'clock. She wanted Italian, so Travis and I cooked lasagna. Leah's been craving it all week.

I hear her car pull up, and the car door shut. "She's home." The front door opened, and she walked in. "Whoa. Hunter!" She called out quickly. I ran over to her, and she was holding her stomach. "It!" Was all she was able to get out. I looked at her, "It what?" Totally oblivious as to what she meant. Then I saw her move her hand, "The baby. It was like a flutter, and a vibration." I smiled, and gently placed my hand against her stomach, "Hi Sebastian. I'm your daddy." Leah smiled up at me, and started tearing up. Travis hung back watching quietly. "That was incredible." I smiled, kissing her gently, "Travis made you dinner." She smiled, "Thank you." He smiled, "Anytime."

She's asleep against me on the couch. It's Monday evening, and she's wiped out. Our doctors appt went well. Dr. Martin said she's doing well. Sebastian is great. It's hard to believe in July he'll be here. I watch her quietly, her face shows she's uncomfortable. After dinner most nights, nausea haunts her. "Hunter I'm not feeling too good." I reached for her her ginger tea, and carefully held it for her to sip. "Easy baby." She sipped it, and curled up against me. She was playing with my wedding band. "Leah what's on your mind?" She spoke softly, "I'm feeling a bit," she shrugged. "What baby?" She started to cry, "Depressed." I wasn't expecting her response, "My moms happy, and everything, but she shod be a grandmother." I was waiting for this. Leah felt slighted since Sue pushed closer to her due date. "I can take tomorrow off." She shook her head, and left me on the couch. She went upstairs to the nursery, and shut the door. I sighed, I couldn't figure out what to do. I heard her talking. "Mom I'm depressed." She was quiet, then her voice broke the silence, "Mom I miss you. I'm sorry." She started crying, and I shut the tv off. I decided to head up to our bedroom.

It's been three weeks, and Sue's approaching her due date. Sebastian moved so I could feel him. It was amazing. We're at twenty three weeks. Leah's stomach is slowly starting to show. I catch her taking sideways glances in the mirror, or glass of shops that we pass by. She's starting to relax. The nausea is minimal, almost non existent. Crazy cravings for lasagna, and garlic bread. Shes breathtaking through. Sue, and Charlie were up for one last weekend with us, before Harry Peter Swan was due.

I'm glad Sebastian is due, when he is. It gives me the whole summer, with him, and Leah. I will open the boat business for the summer. Maybe while Leah, and Sebastian are napping, I can do some history research. See Ara said she's over six hundred years old. I look at her, and it's as if I've seen her somewhere. She remarked once before about being a martyr, and I chuckled at it. I looked at her, and shot off a few names, "Elizabeth the first. Catherine the Great. Oh! Florence Nighthengale." I grinned, looking at Ara. She didn't look like any of these great ladies. That face though, was remarkably familiar. She grinned at me, "Not every painting is accurate." She winked at me, and turned her attention to Leah, who snickered. Ara turned back towards me, "Any questions?" She smiled, the type of smile that says I dare you to ask. "Hunter I can see questions burning inside your mouth, go ahead, you can ask three and I shall answer them." I eyed her, and smiled, you're not any of the three I named, but someone who made history?" She smiled wickedly, "Oh yes, I made history, without me, things may have turned out differently." I wink. I laugh, "Alright, next question. You appear to have special abilities. Born, or gained after being turned?" Sighing she replied, "That's harder to answer, I guess you could say both." I stick my tongue out. I nod, "Final question." I look at her, and smile, "Were you ever a mother? Your compassion is amazing." Looking me straight in the eye, "Nope, never got that chance, but I always had compassion, always." I smile.

I look at her, glancing over her shoulder at Leah. "I hope to see France one day. I've always been fascinated with Joan Of Arc. Leah reminds me so much of her." My eyes light up, "Oh trust Mme," looking at Leah, "she is." I look at Ara, "She's Joan? I know she's referred to herself as martyr, and feels guilty. She shouldn't. She and Joan, were, and are truly amazing." Ara nodded, "In more ways than you can imagine," sniggering, "they would have got on like a house on fire. And yes, Leah is truly amazing." She hugs Leah. I smile, and see Leah hug her back, then something happens. She's gone white suddenly. "Bucket quick, Leah? Something isn't right Hunter." Worry has me Gipping. I grab the small trash can, but Leah's eyes roll to the back of her head, and her body suddenly is wilting to the floor. She's been doing fine. "Im paging Dr. Martin. Oh god is she ok?" Ara is with her, "Hunter keep calm, I'm going to start vitamin and mineral IV, its the quickest way to get all she needs back in," holding his shoulder, "get a cold damp cloth, then let Carlisle and Dr Martin know too, thankyou." I nod, and hurry doing as she's asked. Feeling Leah's forehead, I'm sure little Sebastian pinched her bodies vitamin and mineral supply, lifting her gently, "Leah, you are in safe hands, I'll stay with you as long as needed, Hunter needs calming down." I grab my bag, which always carries supplies and begin setting up the IV. I hurry back out, "Dr. Martin is on his way. Carlisle is about thirty minutes away." Kissing his forehead, "Keep calm, soon as one of them gets here I'll take you outside for fresh air and explain the situation further, that ok with you?" I nodded, "Is she ok? Is he ok?" I'm stroking Leah's cheek gently, watching her carefully. My hearts pounding out of my chest. "Calm your pounding heart, wow its loud," I smile, "Leah will be fine, might take 24hrs but she'll be good and as for Sebastian, he's cool as a cucumber," I look at his confused face, "in other words he's great, nothing to worry about." I rub his back. I nod, "She's going to stay here right?" I swallow, holding her hand, taking deep breaths. "He's strong." "Of course, I'll stay with her, it would only stress her out if she was in hospital, very much so, just like you two." I sigh and smile. I relax a little, and see a flutter of movement across her small growing stomach. I look at Ara. I look at hunter, "Maybe Sebastian is saying hi and sorry." I hope that cheers him up a bit. At that moment I get a sharp pain in the stomach, I begin deep breathing, how is that even possible?

I hear a knock on the door, "Come In." I call out. I see Lucas out of the corner of my eye. "She's still not responding." He comes over kneeling beside me, and smiles at Ara, "Hi there. Great you've already set put." Taking a deep breath, "I had supplies in my medical bag, carry it everywhere, it may take few hours." Lucas smiles, and starts working with Ara. "Let's move her to the couch. We can watch her there. Can we use your coat rack Hunter? We need to hang the fluids." I nodded quickly setting it up behind the couch. I shove the coats in the laundry room, and grab a few pillows, and a blanket.

I carry Leah with ease, despite the pain still raging on, setting her down I introduce myself, "Dr Martin, pleased to finally meet you, I'm Ara Storm." He smiled, and shook her hand, "Lucas by the way, and a pleasure to meet you. Leah, and Carlisle have both spoken quite highly of you." He worked quietly hanging up the bag of fluid. I covered Leah carefully, and Ara adjusted the washcloth on her forehead. "Easy there." She spoke softly, as Leah stirred a little. "So what happened? I was going to call you, I received the blood work results. Her iron levels are a bit low. She needs supplements, and that's not unusual for any pregnancy. I know we just started the vitamins. How is she tolerating them?" I looked up at him, "Ok. She complains of the smell, and can't eat for about fifteen, or twenty minutes after taking them." Dr. Martin nodded, listening to me. "Ara said the Sebastian is taking Leah's nutrients. How is this possible." That's when he spoke, "Leah phased, while pregnant. That alone blows our minds, I'm speaking for Carlisle, and myself. This means, the baby's wolf gene is possibly activated. Especially with the baby being male, and the threat you've recently sustained, he's stocking up per say." Ara smiled, gently stroking Leah's hair.

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