The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


35. Chapter 33 - Intrigue

Hunter's POV

It's been such a whirlwind of experiences. I have my beautiful wife, and our first child on the way. I've seen our families bond even more recently. Leah's happy, and that's what's important. The weeks have been passing, and my students are great. Leah's finally able to work again. The nausea catches her sometimes with certain food. She's glowing, and it's beautiful. Chloe is due soon, and Seth is absolutely thrilled. Sam, and Emily have started a foster to adopt process. Emily, well she's apprehensive to have her own child. She fears what Leah's been through. Plus after what happened with Sam, that lingers there in the shadows. 

Now The Cullen's, our family. They're great. Bella is so excited Renesmee, will be graduating next year. She's already been accepted to everywhere she's applied, including Harvard. They are too eager for her. She's going for Pre-Med, where ever she settles down on. Jacob is torn about following her, and leaving work here. He said, the pain of separation isn't as bad as it was before. Alice signed papers on a boutique in Port Angeles. Her makeup is doing wonders, and is making quite a bit of money. Jasper, I shake my head chuckling. He's decided to see Gettysburg. Emmett is Emmett. Well I should be clearer. He's been doing odd jobs through winter. Rose, she's spending time with us, well with Leah when she's home alone. Sometimes Esme tags along. 

Sue, and Charlie converted the spare room into the nursery. A little boy. Charlie is thrilled. Harry Peter Swan. He's due March 13th, 2013. Sue has had such and easy pregnancy. She's admitted part of her feels guilty Leah hasn't. I noticed something, Leah has watched her mom quietly, Seth as well. I think they're worried. This is there mom after all. Their sibling will be the same age as our kids. They're also happy because she is. Seth is calling Charlie dad now. Leah sometimes uses both. Even with Carlisle, and Esme, she'll refer to them as mom, and dad. Ara, well she seems to be adjusting. She's sweet, and understanding. I'm glad we met her. 

She's stirring, and I can tell she's dreaming. I'm not sure about what, but it's active. I watch quietly, helpless. "Mmm" she's stretching, and twisting. "Leah what do you need?" She opens her eyes, looking perplexed. Her beautiful brown eyes, meet mine. I stroked her cheek gently, "You're ok. We're upstairs in the bedroom." She blinks and then, closes her eyes falling back to sleep. I kiss her forehead, and she starts to breath in a rhythm. She's fallen back asleep. I cover her up, and creep out of bed. I shut off the light, and head downstairs. 

I'm sitting at my desk, grading my students papers. My phone vibrates. Travis: how's life, and the wife? I read the essays, and reply: Busy. She's asleep, well tossing and turning. I'm grading just papers. What's up with you? How's work going? I got back to my work, and lost track of time. His voice startled me, "Hunter?" I looked up finding Fred standing in the doorway to my office, "Hey come sit, relax." I put the cap on my pen, and tossed it on the desk. Fred's tall stature, it looked on edge, and unsure. "Leah around?" He asked softly. I pointed up towards the ceiling. "Asleep?" Fred asked, and I nodded. "Sorry I didn't smell her, or hear her." I smiled, "Lavender is all over to help with her nausea. What's wrong? You look exhausted, and that's speaking for a vampire." He nodded, "School work is hard. There's something I was wondering, is Leah ok? She's not talked with me much. I've been keeping an eye on her, at a distance. She's had a girl with her a few times. Black hair, silver streak in it." I watched Fred shift, and that was odd unto itself. Why would a vampire shift that way, unless. I smiled, "Yes that's Dr. Ara Storm. She's a very interesting character. She's a six hundred year old vampire. A friend of Carlisle's. She's very kind." Fred nodded, "Does Leah's doctor, not Ara, know about her secret?" I thought that was an odd question. "No that's why Carlisle is working with us. Fred what's going on?" He shook his head. I was intrigued, and becoming concerned. "The Denali's told me how their sister caused problems. She ran to the Volturi and told them about Renesmee. That's why there was the battle." I was taken back. I knew of the encounter, and realized what was going on. Vladimir, and Stefan. I grabbed my phone, and dialed Carlisle.  

"Hi Hunter. Rather late, is everything alright?" Carlisle spoke. Fred said, "Irina." I answered, "Irina Denali. Vladimir, and Stefan. Fred's here. He told me about Irina." Carlisle's end was silent. I heard Esme in the background speaking softly, "Carlisle tell him we're on our way. Emmett, and Jasper are already on their way on foot." I heard her speak, "Thank you Esme." Carlisle spoke calmly, "We should talk now. We'll be there shortly. Stay calm." The line went dead. Fred looked at me, "Coming. It just came to me. Why would Stefan, and Vladimir choose to show up when they haven't ever been around before. Leah's the only known female wolf. She's close with the Cullen's, who have uncanny helpful abilities. So they appear to want her, and the Cullen's." I sighed, "Why the sudden interest though. It's been six years since this battle." That's where Fred had information, "They've been trying to round up people. One by one. They hope to persuade one vampire, or wolf at a time. They're

Fred remained quiet, and looked over the newspaper. I gently rocked Leah, as she fell back to sleep. "Hello?" Emmett's deep voice came from the front door area. "Office." I called out. He, and Jasper walked in quietly. Emmett looked quietly at us, "Dream?" I nodded, "She said a nightmare. I didn't push her." Fred smiled at my the guys. "So Carlisle was on the phone with Ara, as we were leaving. She's coming up as well." Jasper spoke with his southern accent. I nodded, and tried to stand up holding her. "Let me get her upstairs for you." Fred smiled. I nodded, and let him take her carefully. She stirred slightly, and he moved her easily and she was back asleep. Emmett crossed his arms, "So anything new?" I nodded. Jasper stepped forward, "Alice didn't mention anything." I shook my head, "Because it's a hypothesis that Fred has put together. It' all fits too well though." Jasper nodded, "An army?" I clenched my fist hearing that word. Emmett watched me, but I refused to lose my temper. 











Some time had passed, and Carlisle, Esme, and Ara had arrived. We were all sitting in my office, and Fred spoke, "I've explained to Hunter my idea." He continued speaking, and told Carlisle everything. I watched as Ara stood tense, and angry. This isn't what we needed. Esme came over to me, and patted my shoulder. Carlisle listened, and looked at Ara, "As I said, it affects all of us. I will not lose my family. That includes wolves, vampires, and humans." He looked at me, and I nodded. I heard Leah above us moving around. She had woken up again, and I heard the bathroom door shut. "Does she know anything?" Carlisle asked. Fred shook his head. "Nightmare tonight. Since that she's been quiet." I replied. Carlisle smiled. "Lucas was asking how she's doing. I told him she's doing better." I looked at Carlisle, “How much longer can we hide her pregnancy from him. She phased, that must have done something to her body.” Carlisle looked at me, “Hunter, sometimes things aren’t as they seem.” He smiled at me. “What the hell’s that supposed to mean?” I snapped, and stood up, and headed for the door to leave my office. “Whoa.” Leah was standing there, and she looked at me. “Baby what is it?” I stroked her cheek. She was warm again. Esme came over, and smiled, “Hi sweetheart.” Leah was lost in there, and I hated it. “She’s warm, slight fever. Bed ok.” I looked at Carlisle, and he nodded. “Ara tried, the baby is a wolf. It’s a boy. The wolf gene is being triggered because of them.” Leah’s voice almost broke me. She turned, and left going back upstairs. Esme followed her quietly. Carlisle cleared his throat, to regain my attention, “Lucas Martin is of Makah heritage. He’s very well aware of the Quileute tribe, and their abilities.” I felt the color drain from my face, and stared at Carlisle. “He’s well aware of Leah, and the phase. I explained to him what happened. That’s why we’re working together. He’s a bit concerned about the stress on her body. He’s positive she’ll have a normal pregnancy, and delivery.” Emmett snickered, “I think he may be paler then us. Who knew it was possible.” Ara elbowed him, and Jasper laughed. “So he’s ok with this.” I asked. Carlisle nodded, “Yes. He wanted you to know, along with Leah. Esme is upstairs speaking with Leah now. So we’re safe.” I sat down in my chair, taking everything in. 

I sat quietly for a few minutes, taking everything in I had heard. “Sue, and Charlie have been informed of this as well.” I nodded, “So she’s just experiencing normal pregnancy, issues that arise.” Carlisle nodded, “Yes, except for phasing, and a fever of course.” I nodded, rubbing the stubble on my face. Fred smiled, “That’s great that you have someone who’s knowledgable in all of this.” Carlisle nodded, “Yes, plus we have Ara as well. Three of us, who can take care of her.” I smiled. “Hunter, can you come upstairs please.” Esme called out. I heard soft talking from upstairs. I made my exit, and found Leah curled up on the bed. Esme was rubbing her back. “She needs you hun.” I walked over, and took over. “I’m so tired, and I can’t sleep.” I felt bad. “Shh you’re safe.” I started to rub her stomach gently, and she smiled, “I love you.” I smiled, “I love you too Mrs. Emerson.” 

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