The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


34. Chapter 32 - Oh yeah... She did

I can see Leah behind those eyes, she's scared, hell so am I. Putting my hand out I turn to see Carlisle and Esme, "Let me try first, need the practice." I smirk but deep down I'm petrified.

Carlisle, and Esme stay back. "I'm going to grab clothes for her, and set up for her to take a hot bath." Esme smiled, "That sounds good hun." I can't think straight, voices! Overlapping one another, yelling, growling, fighting. Then there's a barking command, "ENOUGH!" I whimper, I'm desperate to get out of this. My stomach hurts, and I'm trembling.

I edge a bit closer, "Leah I'm going to try and rectify this error, if you kill me in the process don't worry ha ha," I think someone is calling the shots, "please let me try," Carlisle is looking at me with horror, "trust in me, this once please," I turn back to Leah, "this isn't your fault."

I shake my head, and lay down resting my head on my paws. "Girls can we come in?" Carlisle, and Esme are outside the door. I bury my face, and close my eyes. I can hear Seth, "Sam's pack has phased as well. She's hearing all their thoughts Ara."

Slamming the door I need to do this, I need to help, stepping forward slowly I bend down and hold her head softly, "Not long beautiful Leah." Closing my eyes I step into her world, I see her shaking in a corner, "Leah, I'm trying." Digging deeper into darkness, the wolf is there, "Please don't be scared of me, I'm trying to help, the danger has passed, please for the sake of the baby she carries, calm down, I'm sending healing thoughts to you." The wolf steps closer, fear in its eyes.

Carlisle calls out, "Ara hun, there's a blanket in there on the couch. Cover her it might help." I hear Sam's voice and it's like a knife to my soul. His barking makes me whimper. I hear Paul, "Stop everyone." I look up at Ara, and hear Charlie, and Sue. Then Chloe's voice was there. "What's wrong?" Charlie asked, Seth and Jacob.

The many voices are confusing me, I have to keep going, the wolf growls at me as my hand moves closer, "I know you are designed to kill things like me, you are afraid and I'm here to try and help, let me try, afterwards if you feel like ending my life, I give you permission," the wolf looks at me tilting its head, I creep closer, it allows me to touch it, here goes nothing, through the wolfs eyes I can see a small section of my hair turning silver, I feel so weak but I have to know I tried, I must carry on.

I phase back, absolutely distraught. I look at Ara. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." I grab the blanket. "Mmm the baby." I hold my stomach. "What's going on? Seth answers now." Charlie's becoming concerned, and impatient. "Charlie, Leah's fine. She's just chatting with a family friend."

Stumbling back I blink before staring at Leah, "Don't be sorry," I manage to mouth, standing up I stumble backwards tumbling out of the window, I land face down on the ground, "hell." I scramble up and try to run as fast as my weak body will take me, I can't be around anyone in this state, my eyes glaze over making it difficult to see, I feel so weak, everything I touch turns to ash, "I'm dammed."

I lean on Carlisle, "Why do I kill everyone I care about?" I'm trembling and shaking badly, I can't even focus properly, "you need to sort out a new IV for Leah, leave me here, please, I'm not going anywhere," I realise - I never told anyone about the gifts I had, I wanted to be normal, "I promise Carlisle." I slump down with my back to a tree, pulling my legs up to my chin I rock back and forth. Moving my head I look up, "I can explain tomorrow, I need to get it off my chest."

Carlisle squatted beside her, "Let me get you to the cottage hun. I will deal with the iv when I get back. She also has Sue, and Seth can take over as well." Inside Seth knocked, and came in, "I know you need an IV. Can I do it, or do you want mom to?" Esme smiled, "Seth why don't you do it. All of the supplies are there on the shelf." He smiled, and walked over retrieving them.

"I did what had to be done, guess my traits never left me," Carlisle picks me up, smiling. "She was trembling, the baby was fine, I tried keeping calm, so hopefully she would stay calm, in there Leah was in a corner, I told her I'm trying, the wolf came forward in the darkness, I tried and somehow it worked, she phased back, I came back and fell out of the window like a drunk human," can't help but smile, "yes please but only if you choose to, I've been alone so long, huge crowds scare me." Thinking, "I think Vladimir, Stefan and the volturi guard set the wheels in motion."

Carlisle, "We'll take it slow. Emmett usually likes putting everyone at ease. If you have questions about Leah, I can answer them, or her. It's up to you." He smiled, "Thank you again for helping her."

I feel tired, wish I could sleep, closing my eyes for a second flashbacks flash before me, opening my eyes I smile at Carlisle, "Thankyou, its why I take on solo jobs, earlier I was seriously considering going to Portland in march," I don't feel as if I have questions at the moment, "I'll let her tell me in her own time but thankyou again for the offer," my eyebrows raise, "Emmett is the one with the loud mouth, right?" Hugging Carlisle, "She needed the help, I couldn't stand by and watch her be so terrified, I knew it would hurt me but....." My mind drifts off, I'm still weak.

Carlisle smiled, "I used to be that way. Once I found Edward, and Roslaie, then Esme," he smiled at Ara. "well it will happen for you." They were at the cottage, and he opened the door, and stepped in. "I'm assuming she heard her old boyfriend, and old alpha. He wasn't the kindest to her. She's still edgy with him." He set her down carefully, "What if I can get you a job up here?" He shut the door, and sat down, "Yes Emmett is my loud one."

"I think for now at least, being solo is good, that way if I died or something silly, there's no one's heart to break," man I sound gloomy but its true, "I hope it does too just not right now, too much chaos," I feel for Leah, "Oh so that's why she kept whimpering? I thought it was because I was hurting her in some way," my eyes seem to light up, "you would be my guardian angel, the boss offered to have me stay with him, it was creepy," I shudder, "he's definitely found someone who can give as good as she gets." I put my hand on my cheek and rest on my elbow.

Carlisle nodded, "I was that way for a long time. You know Leah's biggest concern, was Hunter losing her. She didn't even tell him about the battle. He found out afterwards. He was angry, but understood." Carlisle shifted, "Sam imprinted on Emily, Leah's cousin. He never explained to Leah why he dumped her. She found them on the beach together. Leah was devastated. See she had a pregnancy scare, and was waiting on the results. When she found out she wasn't pregnant, Sam had disappeared. See he had phased and was gone for three weeks. Leah was a wreck. Then they found them, as I said. She never forgave Sam. At one point, he said he wished shed disappear." He rubbed his face, and shook his head. "It was cruel. It's always haunted Leah. Yes she's happily married, but it stung. Her first love. She gave him everything." He looked at Ara, "Everything."

"She reminds me of someone," I smile but then my face drops, "that must have been hard on her, not telling him, I wish I could have been there but Vladimir and Stefan arrived," shuddering again, "I knew about it but I was scared," I let out a small growl, "that is inconceivable, how can he live with himself? Everything? That makes it much worse," changing subject, "you have such a loving caring family unit, you all do what is right, yet somehow I feel like I'm on the outside, maybe its nerves or perhaps because if I die, I'll be breaking hearts and I don't want to leave that behind." My mind feels confused, that's possibly why I'm babbling.

He smiled, and held her hand, "It's the nerves. Rosalie used to be very tight lipped, and snide. She's relaxed in the past six years. I think is going against the Volturri has brought us much closer. Leah at one time, absolutely hated us. She protected us, but only because she was part of Jacobs pack. Sweetheart, all families lose someone at some point. That's just the cycle of life." He smiled at Ara, hoping he could reassure her.

"I hope so, it's going to take a while to get used to all this, Rosalie is so sweet," I was surprised, "Really? In an odd way it makes sense, vampires activate the gene," sighing, "Sadly I know that cycle, you can't have one without the other," standing up, "I best start looking for a place to live, can't stay in your spare room forever," smiling but doubtful, "let's head back, I need to explain my gifts, see if Leah is okay then be alone for a while somewhere where I can recover." I hate nerves.

He smiled, "Rose is a sweet person. She had a rough beginning. Renesmee, and Leah have seemed to coax her out of her shell. Now our spare room, is yours. Actually, we have the entire attic as well. Emmett, and Rose aren't always around. Edward, Bella, and Renesmee live here. Jacob stays here, or goes to his dad's. There's no rush hun to anything." Carlisle smiled, "You're the woman who moved a world. You're a history figure."

Walking towards the door slowly, "That's very sweet of them," shaking my head, "thankyou, I'll stay until I find somewhere around forks, or on the outskirts, I already have a place just west of the blue mountains in Oregon," scratching my head, "that my dear Carlisle is history, she died that day, but I definitely left a mark," pointing, "time to fill you in."

Carlisle smiled, patting her shoulder, "There's little cottages around the outskirts. You could hunt on the land. That's something Else, Charlie knows about us. He keeps our secret safe." He listened to the last part of what she said. He smiled, wrapping an arm around her shoulder.

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