The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


33. Chapter 31 - Um... did she just?

“Overall how was the trip to Pisa?” Renesmee asked Hunter smiling, trying to contain her excitement. “It was amazing, and such a beautiful place. The food was delicious.” Hunter smiled, and glanced over to where I was asleep on the couch. “So did Auntie Leah have a good time?” He nodded, “Yep. She had one issue with really bad nausea. That’s when Ara helped us.” That’s when his face changed, and watched as I slept. “She’s receiving the best treatment. Ara started vitamins, and minerals that she needed. We have the iv, because the nausea is still causing disruptions. We’re just trying to keep her blood sugar within a healthy range.” Carlisle looked at Hunter, as he adjusted the flow of the fluids. 

“So when do we meet this Ara person?” Emmett asked, crossing his arms. “Relax there buddy.” Jasper smirked. Alice giggled, wrapping herself around Jasper. Edward snickered sitting at the piano playing softly. “She needed to hunt.” Jacob straightened up, “I need to go.” He quickly kissed Reneesme’s cheek, and bolted out the door. “What’s going on?” Bella asked quietly, and Edward looked at Carlisle. “She was told about the territory line. She know’s where we hunt.” Edward nodded, “Well one of the pup’s has picked up on her scent.” Carlisle sighed, “Can someone call Sam immediately, or Sue.” Bella quickly left the room calling Sue. 

Esme brought out a plate with a sandwich on it for Hunter, “You need to eat. Take a nap, while she’s sleeping. We’ll wake you if there’s anything.” Hunter nodded, and took the plate from her, and quietly ate. Esme smiled, “So are you finding out the gender of the baby?” Hunter chewed, then swallowed, “I would like to know.” Alice smirked, “Ultrasounds, and myself. Esme, and I both know what it is.” She winked, and Hunter chuckled, “Spill it Pixie.” Alice grinned, and danced over to Hunter, whispering in his ear. Hunter grinned, “Really?” Alice placed a soft blue blanket on his lap. “Congrats Papa Emerson.” 

Mean while Ara was off hunting. "Where the hell are all the meat eaters? I need some kind of challenge." An elk passes by, "Awe man, okay fine vegetarian means vegetarian I guess." I huff, "Cheers." Crouching down I let my senses take over, the hunt is on. Jacob ran, full force after phasing. He could smell Ara, and followed behind making sure she was ok. He caught Seth’s thoughts. “Who’s the new member of the Cullen’s?” Jacob thought back, “Her name is Ara. She’s a doctor, and accompanied your sister home.” Seth’s ears perked up hearing that I’d come home. “Seth she’s resting right now. Once we make sure everything is situated, we’ll head back.” Seth sighed, “Chloe was on her way over to my mom’s.” Jacob kept running, spotting Ara, he approached making sure she heard him. Should I put my arms in the air? Dance maybe? This is all new to me, "Okay, who's behind me?" Dare I turn round? Ara moved slowly, and Jacob gave a wolfy grin, and knelt down, and Seth came up beside him. 

I wave my arms, oh gawd, I look like I'm drowning, "Hi," my arms are still waving, quickly I put them down, "sorry about that, nerves, I'm a newbie to all this," getting on my knees, "am I in trouble?" Jake, and Seth shook their heads, and looked at one another. Jacob moved forward slowly, and nudged her hand. Seth smirked, and Jake looked back at him. "You're Jacob, right?" I don't care what legends say, these wolves have hearts of gold, "I'm Ara but I guess you knew that, am I far from Carlisle's?" I continue stroking his soft russet fur. I look at the other wolf and smile. Seth grins, and steps forward. Jacob smiled, and nudged Ara’s hand, and turned his head in the direction of the Cullen’s and nodded. "Phew, I'm not that far out then, I'm not usually this scatty, even though I've hunted I'm tired but can't rest, I miss that part of being human - the sleeping and dreaming." I stroke both wolves before standing up and backing into a tree, "lort." Somehow I manage to laugh. Seth moved behind the tree’s and phased back. Several minutes later, he walked out clothed. He was wearing khaki colored cargo pants, a long sleeve white t-shirt, and a button up long sleeve plaid shirt. 

“Hello I’m Seth Clearwater. This is Jacob Almighty Black.” Seth offered his hand to Ara. Jacob shook his head, and head butted Seth. “Ha knew that would ruffle his fur.” She smiled, "Ah, you must be Leah's brother, pleased to meet you," I shake his hand, "Youch talk about hot to the touch," I sit on the floor, "You seem to have a unique bond." You can see it and feel it in the air. Seth nodded, “She’s my best friend still. I worry about her. How is she? I was told you accompanied her back. You’re a doctor. Is she ok?” Seth started twisting his wedding ring, and Jacob stood back up stretching. 
I put my arm lightly around his shoulder, "It's only natural to worry you know, take a deep breath," I best fill him in, "her blood sugar was low, the wolf gene is fighting the pregnancy but so is the baby, I did what was needed," sigh, "yes, I'm a medical examiner, just got a job in Portland but don't start until May," he needs reassurance, "Seth she's in great hands, the nausea will pass in a few days, please try not to stress yourself out." Seth nodded, and spoke softly, “My wife didn’t experience any nausea. Craving for Oreo’s that’s about it so far.” He smiled. Jacob had left them to phase to his human form, and walked out. “Jacob Black, this smart ass is my second in command.” He offered his hand to Ara, “Thank you for taking care of Leah. She stepped down from her position in the pack, and Seth was promoted.” Seth nodded, taking the compliment. "Pregnancy must be wonderful and scary, I try to have a human thing each day, I've never tried oreo's, I'll put that on my list," I see Jacob walking out, "I bet he's pleased about that," I wink and shake his hand, "It was the least I could do, it makes sense," smiling, "so I guess you both want to know more about me?" I really hate talking about my life. Jake laughed, “Let’s head back to the Cullen’s the pups are becoming rowdy. 

"Carlisle she's trembling." Esme spoke softly, stroking my cheek. "It's the baby. He's activating the wolf gene. Plus Stefan, and Vladimir have done a number on her. Not to mention, Felix, and Demetri met up with her." Everyone was quiet. Then Ara, Jacob, and  Seth arrived. Ara was silent. 

Walking into the Cullen house, I feel almost overwhelmed by the amount of people there, I'm so used to being alone, its like a huge shock to the system.

Walking to where Carlisle is, "is there anything I can do?" Although I'm tired Leah's rest is more important.Carlisle shook his head, "Honestly she's fighting still. She's asleep though. It's hard to watch. Hunter finally crashed. You need your rest as well." Emmett grinned, "So this is Ara Storm. Weather outside seem's rather quiet." Jasper shook his head, "Emmett you never give up." Ara’s voice caught the attention of the room. "At least she's sleeping, just two more days and it should ease off," I look at the strong dark haired vampire, "really? I thought it was quite electric." I grin wickedly.

Emmett grins, rubbing his hands together. "Oh jeez. Emmett calm down. You're getting excited." Edward smirked. That lightened the mood. Rosalie laughed, "I'm Rosalie Hale. Technically I'm a Cullen. Emmett and I have been married several times." Then Emmett's booming voice rocked the house, "Yep and we've consummated every marriage. Have to make the honeymoon official." Rosalie looked at the floor, and was quite embarrassed. Jasper snickered, and Alice smacked Emmett off the head. Bella grinned, and remained quiet. I calm myself down, "Pleased to meet you Rosalie, I'm Ara," I have the perfect comeback, "well someone has to keep you busy." Looking round I'm so proud of Carlisle. Everyone was happy, the family had gained a new member. Carlisle started laughing. Esme joined in. Emmett was quiet. Rosalie grinned, "Well Ara welcome to Forks." Renesmee studied Ara. Edward held onto Bella, "When's your dad coming?" He whispered against her neck. "Shortly. He again needs to make sure Leah's ok. It's like how he was with me." I woke to hear Bella speak, but I didn't dare move. "Thank you, I'll be in forks until May, then it's off to Portland." I study them all and the bonds that bind them, will I ever feel like that? Who knows, but its good to see it. Leah's eyes flicker open, I stare at her intently, it’s gonna be a long night.

"I'm sorry I scared you Leah," I kiss her forehead, "Hunter is sleeping, do you require anything?" Looking at Seth his eyes show worry. Seth whispered, "It wasn't you. She was dreaming of something. I know the look." Esme nodded. I tried getting up, but was quickly stopped. "Rest is imperative. Please you're safe." Carlisle looked at me. I feel like I'm an excess piece of furniture, my phone rings, going outside I answer it, "Hello."


"Hi Ms Storm, it's Daniel Terry, sorry to bother you at such a late hour, I was wondering if you could start work in March? The current guy is leaving in March." He sounds hopeful. Looking up, I promised I'd stay, "Sorry but my things don't cone from Denmark until April, I haven't found anywhere to live yet." It’s quiet for a moment, "Oh," sigh, "What if you stayed with me?" Eye roll, "No, you will have to find a temporary replacement, I'm tired, goodnight." I put the phone down and walk back inside, mulling over if I should go earlier than planned? I sit up, getting to my feet. I yank the Iv pole through the house. I make my way to Carlisle's study. Esme looks at Ara, "Relax please. The kids have scattered." Carlisle grins, "You're welcomed, and they all love you." 
"That was my soon to be boss on the phone, the current M.E. is leaving in March," I stand near Carlisle, "I've been alone too long, its like I've lost the plot," sitting on the floor, "are you sure?" Emmett's voice booms, "I love a partner in crime." Alice glides over to me, and touches my hair. "So pretty." Rosalie came and found me, "Care for company?" I looked up from the couch, and shrugged. She walked in, and shut the door behind her. I looked down quietly, and Rosalie braided my hair, "I really like Ara. She's like another a sister." I nodded, and Rose moved to look at me, "Hey you're too quiet." I rubbed my stomach, and shrugged.   I can't help but laugh, "Well Emmett, you can show me what you do round here," I have a genuine smile on my face," I look at Leah just as the door closes, "I hope what I did helps, I can't see her suffer much longer," I hear Rosalie's remark, "that's going to take dome getting used to."

Carlisle spoke softly, "Leah had a dream a while back. The Volturi killed Hunter in her dream. It's terrified her ever since. The look you got, that was towards you. She had the dream, or something similar." Esme rubbed Ara's back, "Leah is so much like you Ara. Quiet, but powerful in her own way. She has a past, and it's hard for her to be open. I've seen her cry, and it's a rarity. She'll tear up, but that's the most we get." Rosalie rubbed my stomach gently, "Easy peanut. Your mom has had a rough couple of weeks. You know Alice saw the baby. Hunter knows the gender." I nodded, "Ok." Rose looked at me, "Should I let you be?" I bit my lip hard. Carlisle, and Esme exchanged a glance, "Charlie's almost hear." My eyes grow wide with horror, "I don't understand, he's human, he isn't a threat, " inhale, "they're not gonna touch him, not while I'm here, that I can promise," I lean my head on Esme's leg, "wish I could believe that, I know Leah is, she's been through so much in such as short space of time, when I look into her eyes, I see the strength spark through," thinking, "maybe Leah and I must learn to show our emotions a bit better," smelling the air, "is it okay if I go? I feel like I need space to think before I implode?" Carlisle shrugged, "We're not sure what prompted it. We had a standoff with them, including all the wives, and complete guard. We proved Renesmee was no threat. The only thought is, Hunter knows our secret." Esme stroked Ara's hair, "Whatever you need." That's when Rose came out, "We may have a situation." 

"That's interesting, the entire guard I could destroy but seems odd that Aro brought all of them, I wonder if it was to prove something?" I stand up and am about to leave when Rosalie walks in, can't have my space yet. "What is it?" Esme asks. Rosalie holds up shredded fabric. "Oh God!" Is all Esme is able to say. Rosalie nods, "Yeah." I'm terrified, and I can't seem to get my body to respond. The baby, oh god the baby. Soon as I see the fabric, I shoot into the room, Leah is no longer there, replaced by a wolf, staring hard the baby is okay, it survived a phase, "Leah," I whisper, " look at me, please." I look at her. My whole body is trembling, the pain excruciating. It's like the first time all over again. The fever, the heat. I whimper. Carlisle, and Esme hurry down the hall way to his study. I've managed only to knock over furniture. No destruction this time. "The baby is fine, breathe, let it wash over you, focus on me Leah." My voice trembles.


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