The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


31. Chapter 29B - All eyes on her. Volturi on me

From Ara's point of view...

I still felt stupid about my contact falling out. Looking in the mirror in my hotel room, my features are plain to see - "Pale skin, hair up," smiling, "let's go have some fun.'

I'm about to walk out of the plush hotel room when I realise I'm almost naked, "Yes Ara, let the good people of Pisa know you're not a part of their world," laughing I go to the walk in closet, "something simple today." Black bootcut jeans, purple cami top, short military jacket, flat stud ankle boots and a military cap, "I'll stick the cap in my bag."

Applying lip gloss I am ready to go.

Outside it is warm and slightly overcast, time to visit The Cathedral of St. Mary of Assumption, then onto seeing the museum of the ancient boats of Pisa, usually the museum only lets in groups but after talking with the curator, he is only too happy to let me have a solo tour.

Pulling up outside the Cathedral, it still sends shivers of delight down my spine. Paying my money I walk inside, people are bustling round, gasping at the architecture.

The last time I was here, was back in 1605, this place made me feel safe, like no-one could touch me wthin these walls, the architect was named Buscheto, memories come flooding back, the sights, the sounds and the smell of freshly baking bread. Italy back then was at its peak, so much to see and so many people to meet.

Before I knew it a handsome man is tapping me on the shoulder, "Miss, miss, excuse me, we are about to close."

Had so much time passed already? "Oh," I'm still in a daze, "I'm sorry." I turn round ready to make my way out.

"Miss, do you have time for a coffee?" He smiles innocently.

Sighing I reply, "I'm sorry, meeting a friend in the town square." I feel too old for this rubbish, think about it, I'm nearly 600 years old.

"Oh." he says.

Damn, I'm gonna regret this, I'm way too soft, "A quick coffee, otherwise I'll be late." Can't believe I am doing this.

We both walk outside, he sits down on a bench and grabs his flask, "My name is Stefano."

"My name is Zara." I'm bored and yes I lied to him, he won't see me again after this.

Ten minutes later, I am mounting my bike, he was seriously boring, he tried to kiss me so I did what any other female would have done - slapped him in the balls and walked off. I rev the engine and blue smoke it.

I have already rang the curator of the museum to let him know I will be an hour late, right now I need to find Leah and Hunter. As I pass the Santa Maria della spina I catch their scent. Creeping in until I see them, I need to make sure they're okay. "Phew." I sigh, things are good so far.

Full throttle on my bike, I make it back to the square in double quick time. Time to find a cafe and sip a coffee.

It is around half an hour before it begins getting dark, sipping a coffee in my hotel lounge I feel right at ease.

Just South of my hotel, I am dancing on the pavement, my feet know the beat and my mind drifts happily. Why are all eyes on Leah? With that thought I am zapped back to reality, indeed all eyes are on Leah but not all have good intentions.

The streetlights blink on which begins to illuminate Pisa, how lovely. Thank goodness it's evening, the other day I managed to pinch Leah's mobile number, I know but while Vladimir and his partner in crime are here, Leah is in danger.

In the distance, two cloaked figures emerge from a little side street, "Oh lovely,' I sigh, "the idiots are on patrol." Although I begin chuckling I also know this could be a serious matter, only serious things bring those two from Volterra. Leaning against the wall I wait for them to arrive.

"Good evening Felix and Demetri." I smile faintly, they hold no power over me.

Felix is first to speak, "Why hello Ara, it has been too long."

Not long enough from my point of view, "Time passes by like seconds for me Felix, so what brings you out of the comfort of Volterra?"

"We recieved word that the wolf girl and her mate were here, then we see you following them but why would you be following them Ara?" Felix asks.

Demetri gets in my face, "Back off shorty, before Pisa has a new statue." Smiling wide I have no fear of him or any member of the Volturi guard.

"Please Ara, answer the question." Felix whispers softly as he pulls Demetri away from my face.

"Thankyou," cracking my knuckles, "who informed you about the wolf girl being present? And by the way," I step towards Felix, "her name is Leah." I despise nicknames that are designed to annoy the person being called it.

"Recieved a letter." Felix replies flatly.

"Let me have a look, I should be able to tell you who wrote it."

Demetri's eyes light up, Felix then hands me the letter.

Unfolding it, I scan the handwriting and then inspect the paper, handing it back to Felix I know who wrote it, the answer fills me with dread, "I know who wrote you that letter," I growl in disgust, "it was Vladimir and Stefan."

"Strange it was them who let us know." Demetri wonders.

"Look, I am following Leah and Hunter because someone, actually two people seem to be following them, Vladimir and Stefan are upto something, I am followng them to make sure nothing happens."

"And you're sure Vladimir and Stefan are planning something?" Enquires Demetri.

I snarl, "Of course, they only come out of their comfort zone when they are upto something."

Felix puts his arm around me, "Rest assured Ara, nothing will happen, at least here in Italy."

That really isn't much help or use damn it, "Better than nothing I guess."

"We best be on our way," Demetri looks at Felix, "we will tell Aro you send your regards Ara."

In the blink of an eye both of them vanish, leaving me with an icy cold feeling of dread.

What would Stefan and Vladimir want with Leah?

Felix called her 'Wolf girl' so I can only assume she either is or was a shapeshifter, perhaps from the Quilliette tribe in Washington state? There's a connection here somewhere, I can feel it.

Walking back into my hotel lobby I text Leah, I don't want things getting out of hand, it could get messy. And if it does, I need to be there.

Written by - Ara Storm :-)

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