The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


29. Chapter 28 - Marriage is a Pisa of Cake

Hunter and I were walking along. We had enjoyed a small lunch. I had a slice of bruschetta, with a tomato basil soup. "You're glowing." I smiled as he touched my stomach gently. "So where to next? The leaning tower?" He asked holding me by my waist. I nodded, "Sounds like a plan." We started walking through the city. "So have you come up with any names?" I asked Hunter. He smiled, "Well I had been thinking maybe Sebastian Andrew for a boy. For a girl Lily Anya." I smiled, "I say then we've decided." He leaned down kissing me. We continued walking. I stopped suddenly, looking around and feeling the hair on my neck and arms stand up. "What is it?" Hunter questioned. "I feel like someone is watching us. They honed in on me." Hunter looked around, his voice dropped, "We're over an hour away from Volterra." I shook my head, "It was like when I first met the Cullen's. It's like a connection." Hunter looked at me, "No threat?" I shook my head, "No. Plus if there was a," I looked at him. "Could they use makeup, cover their skin?" I shrugged, "Anything is possible. It's also approaching evening." He smiled.

We were at the tower, and it was absolutely majestic. I couldn't believe the beauty this place had to offer. Hunter and I snapped photos and took selfies with the tower behind us. "This is amazing." I smiled looking in complete awe. Hunter smiled, kissing my neck.

On vacation slash honeymoon. I have my beautiful wife, and she's carrying out child." I smiled and pulled him along.

As I walked, my meal wasn't settling. "Mmm." I stopped closing my eyes. "Baby lets have you sit. You're sweating and looking rather pale." I nodded and sat on a bench. Hunter squatted in front of me. "I'm sorry. I think I ate too much." Hunter rubbed my leg gently, "It's ok. Plus the flying may not have helped." I nodded. He left me to get some water.

I sat there rocking gently, trying to mak the nausea pass. It was increasing, and I couldn't find my pills. I rummaged through my bag and knew tears weren't far away. I bit my lip and said a silent prayer this would pass. I wanted to lay down and let this pass over me. I was afraid that wasn't going to happen. I felt my body sway a little, and I quickly grabbed the seat, steadying myself. I started to worry, because these were signs of gestational diabetes. I couldn't have the trip be ruined because of me. Hunter was so happy, things were going great. We'd just arrived in Pisa and there was so much to do, in such a short amount of time. I felt a single tear stream down my cheek. I heard the chatter of Italian around me. That feeling of comfort but being watched were combined at this very moment. I assumed it was Hunter and I felt selfish. I grumbled, "I'm such a martyr." A woman appeared in front of me.

I smile down at her, "You and me both, don't worry about it, pregnancy does strange things, I suggest you rest for an hour or two."

I looked up to find the sweetest looking woman in front of me. She was intriguing too. She had purple eyes and black hair, which had a single streak of silver white hair running through it. I spoke softly, "I'm on my honeymoon. I know pregnant while on my honeymoon. We were just married. God I've done this all so backwards, We spent Christmas with our families, then grabbed our flight." I covered my mouth, unsure of what might happen next.

Quickly and instinctively I rub her back, I kneel down a bit, "Could be the nitrates in the water," looking at the waiter, "bottled water please, fresh and ice cold," turning back I notice her gorgeous brown eyes, "congratulations on getting married, I hope you will both be happy." Pulling up a chair I sit next to her still rubbing her back, the waiter hands me the water, "Gratzi." I hand her the water, "this should help, make sure you grab some lavender oil."

I whisper, sipping the water, "He's my soul mate and thank you." I take another small sip, "I'm a nurse but I'm baffled. They said I had,' pause "extreme morning sickness. I was in the hospital for a week, after a week of vomiting at home," I am almost ready to burst out crying, "I'm sorry I'm pouring my poor me story onto you." She was comforting and made me feel safe.

I sigh and smile at her, "please, carry on, you never know it may help eliviate some stress," grabbing my coffee I take a sip, "my name is Ara, Ara Storm." I hope she feels better soon.

I clench my fist, "Leah, Leah Emerson. My husband's name is Hunter." She's beautiful and her accent is mesmerising, "I've been on soups and broths primarily. I had some bruschetta earlier. I feel so stupid for doing that." I finally find my medication and slip a pill under my tongue, praying it takes quickly.

I call the waiter over again, "Two small potions of pasta, one with pesto and parmesan, the other tossed lightly with garlic,"

The waiter nods and goes.

"What a lovely name, I'm from England," oh dear I am starting to witter. "I'm here for a break, I live in Denmark and work as a medical examiner," changing subject, "I hope the pill you've just taken works quickly, bruschetta can be unsettling," thinking for a second, "I'm hoping due to the protein and carbs in the pasta it will ease your stomach." I feel sorry for her, I hate seeing anyone suffer.

I look at her, "It's compazine. My father and ob/gyn back home are working together. Well he's not really my father. He considers me a part of the family. Thank you. Your name is beautiful as well. For a little girl, we picked Lily Anya and Sebastian Andrew for a boy. I owe you for the pasta but I'm not completely sure of the currency here. I've been letting my husband handle all that." I look at her again, "Medical Examiner? Strange how we're both in the medical field. My mom's a nurse and my stepfather is a police officer," I wish the pill would start working, "I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Here I am making you and my poor husband suffer. I feel so selfish." I sigh and feel some discomfort.

It does seem odd we both work in the medical field, taking a huge gulp of coffee, wish the waiter would hurry up, "Thank you, I guess my parents were eccentric, awe bless, Sebastian is a strong name and Lily is so appealing," sighing, "no no, the meal is on me," looking at my watch, the waiter should be here, "my dear, if everything was easy we wouldn't be living our lives, I'm sure in a few days the nausea will vanish, please do not be sorry Leah, it is nice to feel that you are not alone, plus by letting it out, the stress subsides."

The waiter places the plates on the table, I nod and hand him some Euros.

I nodded, "It had subsided, I was doing great. I can't afford to be sick anymore. I need to work and my poor parents are always with me. Well someone from my family is." I fiddle with my rings and thought about everyone. "I wish life were easier than it has been. I've gone through some battles." I thought quietly to myself, "One hell of an understatement." I looked up at her, "My 'dad' is from London originally. His accent still has a feint hint when he speaks." I smile thinking of Carlisle and Esme; touching my stomach.

"It's all phases, try the garlic pasta, see if it helps," I grab my fork and chew some of the pasta, "that is amazing, always someone to watch out for you," sigh, "I'm on my own, it doesn't bother me but its nice someone is looking out for you," the waiter brings another coffee, "I've had a few battles myself, nothing too major but it makes you think," interesting, "London hey, I grew up in the North of England, some spectacular scenery," I try to reassure her but deep down I don't feel convinced,"Life gives us what we can handle but sometimes it gives us too much, things will settle down I'm sure."

I take a small bite of the pasta she's offered. "That does taste good." I look at my hands trembling, "They worry, they see me as a human. I am but I'm also a strong individual usually. I have battled anger and the possibility of losing Hunter. I lost my father, and it was my fault." I shake my head, trying to forget the image of him collapsing outside of our house. "I'm not exactly sure where in London he's from. He left when he was young." Her words were encouraging but I couldn't truly believe it. "Things never seem to settle down in my life. Guess that's what happens." I look at her and notice she has golden eyes. Her contact had fallen out. I look at her and smile. Is it possible she's a vegetarian vampire?

I notice she's staring right through me, "Helvedes ild," my contact has fallen out, great now I've screwed up, "I'm sorry about your father," I blurt out, standing up I smile weakly, "I have to go, things to do, more sightseeing, I hope we meet again sometime." I leave forty Euros on the table, grab my crash helmet and walk out , afraid of what she saw. I'm an idiot.

I look at her and realize she's a vampire. I was just speaking to a vampire, who was vegetarian. I'm left dumbfounded and look around only to see Hunter walking over. "You ordered food. That's great baby." Hunter sat down and kissed my cheek. "Sorry it took forever. I have some tea coming for you. Maybe we should head back, so you can rest?" I shake my head, "No I will be fine, I promise." That was an outright lie. I'm not fine. Who was this Ara? And why did I feel so drawn to her It was as though I was speaking to Carlisle. It made me miss home and I started to second guess the trip. "Leah you're quiet. Talk to me." I smiled up at Hunter, "Just a little tired. My hormones and emotions are a bit whacked." He smiled, "Well listen, after this let's head back. We can watch a movie and cuddle. We don't have to go nuts this week. It's about us and spending time together." I took another bite of the pasta and Hunter smiled. The cup of tea was set down and Hunter smiled at the waiter who left us to finish in peace.

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