The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


27. Chapter 26 - It's called Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

Travis knocked on the door frame, “Hey you hungry?” Hunter looked up at him, “Sure. She still asleep?” Travis nodded, “Yeah she’s curled up. So earlier today, what happened exactly.” Travis set the ultrasound photo down, “Remember that Riley Biers kid, well his name was mentioned, and she just fainted. Her doctor thought dehydration. You know Leah fought against a newborn army. The newborns were rounded up by none other that,” Travis shook his head, “Riley Biers. So he was turned into a vampire.” Travis nodded, “Yep. Leah tried to fight off a newborn by herself. Well instead, Jacob ended up getting hurt pretty bad. Leah couldn’t forgive herself at the time.” Travis nodded, “I think I’d probably would have needed new pants myself.” Hunter stood up, and walked out to the kitchen. 

A soft moan, and I shifted trying to get up. “Easy there.” Fred spoke, and helped me sit up. “Whoa hold on.” He quickly scooped me up, and rushed me to the bathroom. I hunched over the toilet, emptying the lack of contents I’d had in it. “Oh god, it burns.” He stood beside me, “It’s the acid in your stomach.” Hunter came in, and rubbed my back, “We have antacids baby. That’s one suggested thing I read, to help with nausea.” Fred smiled, “Calcium is good for her.” Hunter nodded. “I’m making some ginger tea for her to sip. Should I make some broth as well.” I groaned, “No.” Another round of vomiting. Hunter looked at Fred, “Stay with her, I need to make a phone call.” He stepped out, and called my mom. “Can I do anything Leah?” I whimpered, “Cold cloth.” He moved so swiftly, and held it out to me. I stood up, closing the toilet, and pressed it against my face. “Come on. I can bring you back to the couch.” I let him help me. All I knew was this six foot two vampire, was becoming a friend I needed. When we were apart, I missed him. I was glad he ran away before the battle. He was too kind to ever harm. 

“Hello?” My mom answered the phone. “Sue she’s throwing up again. Travis is brewing some ginger tea. She refused the broth. I just don’t know what to do.” My mom spoke softly, “First take a deep breath, and let it out slowly. You’re very nervous, and tense. Vomiting is normal during the first trimester. With Leah, I seemed to handle watermelon, and that was about it. A great fruit, which is more water then anything else. It will hydrate, and nourish her. It won’t be heavy on her stomach. Try that. Now how far along is she?” Hunter spoke, “Eight weeks, and two days. Peanut is doing great.” My mom was so happy, she moved the phone speaking to Charlie. He prominently let out a yahoo, “A second third grandchild.” Hunter smiled. “See Charlie’s happy.” Hunter smiled, “Well there’s more. She also fainted today. They brought her to the emergency room. Dehydration, and her blood pressure was up.” He continued explaining about our run in. “Oh God talk about a small world.” My mom sighed. “Fred was rather shocked when he found out.” My mom listened. “So she’s out of work for a few days, and on rest. Travis, Fred, and Esme have offered to help. We’re going back in two weeks to see how she’s doing.” My mom listened, “Sounds good. I will call and check in. For now, get some rest. Call me for anything ok. Again I’m so happy for you both. Give her my love. Bye Hun.” She hung up. Hunter set the phone down after hanging up, and looked at me from the kitchen. “She’ll be ok. What do we need to get?” Travis asked, pouring the tea into a coffee mug. “Watermelon.” Hunter replied. “Alright I’m on it. Be back in about twenty minutes.” Travis grabbed his keys, and left. 

Hunter came out, and sat on the coffee table. He held my hand, and looked at me, “Hi beautiful.” I smiled faintly, “Hi handsome.” Fred quietly left the room, and walked out the back door. “You feeling a little better?” I nodded, “Yeah, just exhausted.” Hunter leaned over moving a strand of hair from my face. “Can we elope?” I asked softly. He looked at me, “You don’t want a wedding baby?” I shook my head, “Things aren’t going in the order they’re supposed to. We’ve already made such big changes.” Hunter smiled, “What about the dress?” I shook my head, “I honestly don’t have it in me to get all dolled up.” He looked at me, and his face showed his concern. “I’m sorry I’m ruining everything you, and Alice have been working on.” He shook his head, “No not at all. I want you happy. One thing you always wanted was a wedding. Talk to me.” The tears started again, “I’m so tired. I have no energy. The idea of getting all made up.” Hunter smiled, “Well I know what the dress looks like. An idea roughly actually. It’s not too heavy. Nothing bulky. Lace, and fitting. I’m wearing a button down white shirt, and khakis. No tuxedo. Alice agreed to flats for you. She know’s how you feel about heels now.” I wasn’t excited, and this worried me. “Listen just relax, and don’t worry about it. If you still feel this way next week, then  we elope. I just don’t want hasty decision making because of you not feeling well.” I smiled, “I just want simple.” He smiled, “Truthfully that’s what Alice has agreed to. I promise you that.” He kissed my forehead. 

I picked myself up off the couch, and headed upstairs. “Babe you want your tea?” I shook my head, I was trying to hold myself up. “Leah, sleep on the couch tonight hun. I will sleep in the chair.” I shook my head, “No I’m ok.” That was a lie. I was so shaky, you’d think I was having my own personal earth quake. “Come lay back down here.” He walked over and helped me back onto the couch. “Do you want to change into pajama’s?” I nodded. “Ok I will grab them quickly.” He ran upstairs, and found them for me. He was back in a second. “Bathroom?” I nodded again. He held me down the hall, and into the small room. I carefully changed, and washed my face. I felt a heavy feeling in my limbs. He took my dirty clothes from me, and wrapped his arm around my waist. He left them by the basement door, and helped me lay back down. He covered me up, and placed his hand on my stomach, “Easy for both of you ok.” I nodded. He smiled, “Baby sleep ok. I know you’re fighting it. Trust me you’re only going to make yourself worse.” I was exhausted, but I didn’t want to leave Hunter alone. He sat down in the chair, and looked at me, “Close your eyes ok.” I did as he said. He put on some Colbie Caillat’s song Capri. I listened closing my eyes. 

She's got a baby inside
And holds her belly tight, all through the night
Just so she knows, she's sleeping sound
Safely to keep her growing

And oh, when she'll open her eyes
There will be no surprise
That she'll grow to be so beautifully
Just like her mother, that's carrying

Oh Capri, she's a beauty
Baby inside and she loving
Oh Capri, she's a beauty
There is an angel growing peacefully
Oh Capri, sweet baby

Things will be hard at times
But I've learned to try
Just listening, patiently

Oh Capri, sweet baby
Oh Capri, she's a beauty
Baby inside, she's loving
Oh Capri, you're beauty
Just like your mother, that's carrying

Oh Capri

I finally drifted off on the last part of the song. Hunter smiled, and closed his eyes as well. 

Hunter was ready for work, and having breakfast when Esme arrived. “Hi there.” She smiled, speaking softly, and set down a two canvas bags. “What’s all that?” Hunter asked nodding towards the bags. “Ah that’s food. I have two more bags in my car. Alice sent up clothes for Leah." Hunter smiled, "This is very kind, but too much." Esme smiled, "Oh nonsense. We are family, and take care of one another." Hunter smiled, then dropped his voice, "Leah wants to elope now. I asked her to give it a few days." Esme smiled a little putting the good away. "That doesn't surprise me. That's up to both of you. It might be a nice idea." Hunter nodded, "She's been doing great, the pregnancy is starting to catch up." She nodded, "That happens." Hunter finished his coffee, and put his mug in the sink, "I will be home around four o'clock. I can start dinner if you want." Esme smiled, "Let me do the meals ok. That way you both can rest." Hunter smiled, then hugged Esme, and kissed her cheek. She smiled, "Have a good day." He nodded, kissed my forehead and left.  


I shifted a little, and tried to get comfortable. The nausea woke me up, "Mmm." I reached for my stomach. "Sip this and hopefully it will help." The aroma of ginger tea was in the air. I sipped it slowly, and moaned softly. "You're exhausted hun. Don’t try and get up unless you need to.” I choked on the sob that tried to escape. “Relax, what’s wrong?” I pointed for the basin. She quickly retrieved it for me, and I vomited. I tried to hold back the tears, but it was no use. She sat beside me, and held me with one arm, and held the basin with her other. I held my head, as it pounded relentlessly. “If this continues, I’m calling Carlisle. Hun you’ve not had anything to eat.” I whimpered, “Sue can’t handle this.” Esme hugged me gently, “Listen she’s well aware of what’s going on. I spoke with her this morning. I will stay as long as I’m needed.” I nodded, and felt a dry heave come, and whimpered. I leaned against her, feeling weak. “I just want my mom.” She reached for the phone, “I can call her.” I shook my head, “I have one here." Esme smiled, "Ok sweetie." I started to cry. I was so exhausted. I just anted to stop vomiting. She wrapped a blanket around me, and quickly washed the basin again. She sat back down, and wrapped her arm around me. I rested my head on her shoulder, and dozed off.


Hunter walked in after work, and set his bag down. “How is she?” He walked over, stroking my cheek. “Earlier she was sick, but since then, she’s kept down a few pieces of watermelon. I told her if it continues, I have to call Carlisle. He, and Lucas would work together, on this.” Hunter nodded, “Yeah I was reading up on morning sickness. Some women have it really bad, and this seems to be one of those cases.” Esme looked up at him, “I made a lasagna for you.  I wasn’t sure if Travis would be coming by.” Hunter nodded, “Yeah.” That’s when it happened, he started to cry. “I just want her happy. I want her enjoying pregnancy.” Esme rubbed his arm, and held his hand, “She is enjoying it. She’s always touching her stomach, awake and asleep. She sometimes says, “Hi little one.” I caught her apologizing to the baby.” Hunter looked up, “Really?” Esme smiled wide, “Yes. Remember this to shall pass. It’s only a stage of pregnancy.” Hunter smiled, “Thank you.” Travis had arrived, and let himself in. “Ah there’s the man we spoke of.” Hunter smiled. “Smells amazing in here.” He said. Esme smiled, “Lasagna for you two. It’s ready, just pull it out.” Hunter served, Travis and himself, and sat down quietly chatting. 

I woke up it was roughly eleven o’clock. “Hi there baby.” Travis headed home. Esme is taking a hot bath. How are you feeling? Hungry?” I rubbed my eyes, nodding. “Ok. I will heat up some lasagna for you.” He kissed my forehead, and left me to gain my bearings. I yawned, and saw my phone light up. Alice Text. I swiped my finger across the screen, and her message popped up. I almost thought for a moment, she might have written a novel. 


So I know you’re on the fence about a wedding. I promised nothing big. I can cancel decorations, cakes, all that stuff. I know you considered eloping. I won’t be angry :) Just please let me know what I should do. If you want a cake, that’s fine as well. Just let me know ok sweetie. I will be popping by tomorrow with the dress. I just want to see if I need to make any adjustments to it. Love you tons. 

I replied quietly. 

I don’t know what I want anymore. I’m just so tired, and have no energy. 

I sent it off, and it was delivered, then read. I felt like a jerk, but it just wasn’t exciting me. I was pregnant with our child. I was going to be Leah Emerson, wife of Hunter Emerson. I was miserable, and so nauseated that I just wanted to sleep. Hunter came out with a tray, I have salad, tea, and a piece of lasagna. I wasn’t sure what you might want. For once it all smelled delicious, and I was starving. I sat up, and took the salad. Hunter sat down beside me. I started eating. “Alice is coming by tomorrow with the dress for a fitting. So bookstore, or elope?” I looked at him, “I just need to have a bathroom, and a chair close by.” Hunter nodded, “That’s easy enough to do.” I smiled, and chewed. “Bookstore, the aisle we met in?” He smiled, “Only family, I think that could work. They could be on either ends of the aisle.” I smiled, and continued to eat. Everything stayed down. Hunter gently rubbed my belly. “Hi sweetie. Daddy missed you.” I smiled, “I slept all day. Esme must have been bored.” Hunter shook his head, “Your “Mom” wasn’t bored at all. She actually did a lot of work in the nursery. I looked at him, “What do you mean?” Hunter shrugged, “I don’t know.” Esme walked down, “I decorated it well not a ton.” I smiled, “Thank you so much for anything you’ve done.” She smiled, “Yellow is a peaceful color for that room, and great for a nursery. I didn’t do much. Well I ordered a crib, changing table, dresser, and rocking chair.” I looked at her, “That’s too much.” She shook her head, “Nothing is too much for my daughter.” I teared up, and she leaned down hugging me. I hugged her back. “Why don’t you go check it out. Take a shower, or bath and get into some new pj’s ok. Let me know” I smiled, and headed upstairs. 

I opted for the shower first, and it felt amazing. I took my time, absorbing the warmth against my skin. I felt like I was washing away layer, upon layer of grime. I must have sweat a lot after being sick. I felt so much better once I had finished. I brushed my hair, and smiled at the length. It was growing out. It was no longer short, and choppy. It was long again. It hung about the middle of my back, and was layered. I felt like myself again. With the help of Hunter, family, and friends I was Leah Clearwater. I was no longer a wolf. I was a human, who held more secrets then Pandora’s box. 


Once I’d dressed, I walked into the nursery. The furniture had been taken out. The only thing in there were curtains at the moment. A small table with a lamp, and the rug that had been there. I loved it. The hardwood floors were cold first thing in the morning, but the rug was the perfect touch. “Isn’t it amazing to think, little one here,” Hunter touched my stomach. “Well they’ll be here in what seven months.” I imagined holding our little life. I could see them growing in the room. “Eventually we’ll have to change the other spare room over as well. I’m thinking maybe finishing off the basement, make those extra rooms. I want to grow old with you here. I want to raise our children here. I want to see our grandchildren here.” I smiled, and laid my head against him. “I’m so in love, I can’t even describe it. We don’t fight. We have disagreements, but never have we fought.” He kissed my neck, and I smiled. “So I need to be the bad guy, but I need some sleep.” I nodded, “It’s ok. I don’t want to offend Esme if I lay down up here.” Hunter smiled, “She won’t be. We have the tv up here, plus I can grab the iPad, or the laptop.” Esme appeared, “I have both for her, and chargers. If you don’t mind, I was going to do some reading. You need your sleep. It’s been so broken up.” I looked at her, and she smiled. “Go get into bed. I will be here.” I hugged her, and headed to the bedroom. Hunter kissed her cheek, “Thank you.” She smiled, “Sleep well.” She turned, and made her way back downstairs. 

I pulled back the covers, and climbed into bed. Hunter slid in beside me, and held me close. “I missed holding you last night.” I looked at him, and the hormones were waging a war with my tear ducts. Bam! Tears started to trickle down my cheeks. “I didn’t say that to make you feel bad.” I shook my head, “No hormones are whacky. I cried earlier today when I saw a commercial for food.” Hunter laughed, “Was it good looking.” I nodded. “Well that’s understandable. You’ve been sick off, and on since Thursday night? Friday since you woke up. We’re going into Wednesday soon. I think anyone would cry seeing a food commercial.” I nodded. He kissed me softly, “Now do I need to sing you that Colby Caillat song again?” I smiled sheepishly, and nodded. He cleared his throat, and enveloped me in his arms. His voice was soft, and safe. I closed my eyes. Once again, the heaviness of my eyelids took over. “Sleep well beautiful.” Hunter kissed me, then slowly dozed off himself. 

Downstairs Esme quietly read through out the night. She quietly called Carlisle. “Well isn’t this a pleasant surprise.” She smiled, “Well I missed talking to you. How was work this evening?” He let out a sigh, “There was an attack. That’s all any of us know.” Esme sighed, “Where exactly?” He spoke calmly, “On the Oregon, Washington Border. The attack appeared to take place in Washington, but the body was found in Oregon. Luckily Charlie isn’t involved. This is now up to the State Police.” Esme dropped her voice another octave, “Do you think it’s those two trying to cause problem’s?” Carlisle spoke once again, “I don’t think it is, but then again I can’t be positive. We could be dealing with a nomad, who doesn’t clean up messes.” Esme set her book down in her lap, and fiddled with the ends of her hair. “So how is Leah doing?” Carlisle asked. “She’s had dinner. A small piece of lasagna I made. Some salad, and tea. She’s kept it down. She took a shower, and is sleeping in her room tonight.” Carlisle smiled, “Good. I was becoming worried.” Esme sighed, “She looks exhausted, and apologizes. I wish I had a way to stop the morning sickness.” Carlisle spoke softly, “Truthfully nothing is out there for this. Compazine helps aid in nausea, but there are no known full risks for pregnancy, and the medication. I guess for a short time, it could be possible. It would have to be run by Dr. Martin first. That would be up to Leah as well. I don’t think she’d take it.” Esme looked around the living room, “Are you coming by tomorrow? I would love to see you.” Carlisle chuckled, “Yes in the morning I’m driving up. I’m staying with you to help out as well. Charlie, and Sue are heading up Friday afternoon. The kids want to come up for the weekend if she’s up for it.” Esme was quiet, “That’s up to the two of them.” Carlisle responded, “Of course. Maybe tomorrow we can hunt. I know you’re probably starting to get a bit thirsty.” She smiled, “Not to bad. I can wait until tomorrow. I love you, and I will see you tomorrow.” He smiled, “I love you too. See you later.” They hung up.

I made my way downstairs, after Hunter had left. “I don’t feel good. I ran for the bathroom downstairs. It wasn’t stopping, and it didn’t appear as though it would. Once I was done, Esme escorted me back to the couch. I sat beside her, tucking my legs underneath me. She held onto me, and hummed softly, trying to help me. I let my mind drift off, with the soothing sounds of her voice. 

"Hello?" Esme whispered. "Hi how is she?" Hunter spoke softly. "She's curled up against me. She's been sick since you left. She couldn't keep down a sip of ginger ale. So I wrapped her in a blanket, and she's sleeping." Hunter sighed, "Esme this is day five of vomiting. She's kept down nothing." Esme sighed, and I stirred a little. "Well I can call Dr.Martin, or Carlisle can. She's becoming dehydrated." Hunter sighed, "Call Carlisle please." Esme stroked my hair, "I will now." Hunters voice was a whisper, "Thank you. Bye." The line went dead. I stirred a little, "Mmm I'm thirsty." Esme held the glass of water for me. I sipped it slowly, then leaned back. "I'm ok. I don't need you to call anyone. No hospital. Hunter can't take any time off. He needs it incase he were to get sick." Esme sighed, "Sweetie, if it comes to it, you're going. I can stay with you. So can the others. It's not just you sweetheart. The baby needs nourishment." I looked up at her. She smiled at me, and then hugged me.

Hunter had come home, and we attempted to have dinner. Same series of events. I finaly laid down on the couch. I couldn’t sit up anymore. The phone rang, Hunter snatched it up, "Hello." Dr. Martin had called, "Hi it's Lucas Martin. How are we doing." Hunter sighed, "I wouldn't have had you paged, but it's Thursday night. She's been sick since last Friday. She's only had broth, liquids. We tried watermelon, and she couldn't keep it down." Dr.Martin spoke, "I want to see her in the morning at my office. If it gets worse, emergency room and have me paged. My colleague Jesse Baker is on tonight. I will fill her in just in case." Hunter paced, "Carlisle came here. He's been checking on her." Dr. Martin spoke calmly, "Can I speak to him." Hunter handed the phone over, and walked back out. "What did he say?" Emily looked up. The rest of the family had come up. Sam, and Jacob sat quietly talking to one another. Emily, sat with Sue, and Esme. Emmett leaned against the door frame. Jasper, and Alice stood in a corner. Bella, sat ok the floor beside me. Edward stood holding Renesmee's hand. "He wants to see her tomorrow morning. If it gets worse before then," Hunter shook his head. Carlisle walked out, "We've spoken. It's not unusual, however it can be serious. It's extreme morning sickness. So I'm going to be working with Dr.Martin." 

Bella stroked my arm gently. "She's always giving up something, for someone else. She truly has the charismatic motherly way in her." Emily smiled, "Ever since she was little." Hunter sat down in a chair, leaning forward and rubbed his face. Carlisle spoke, "If it gets worse, we're bringing her to the emergency room." Emily's voice was clear, "Can't we start an Iv here. It's hydrating her, correct?" Carlisle shook his head, "She's lacking nutrients. She needs vitamins. Slowly introduced to food, if we can." Hunter ran his teeth over his bottom lip. "Carlisle she's sweating." Hunter moved quickly grabbing the basin, "Baby it's ok." I tried to sit up. Bella helped, "I've got you." Bella hoisted me up. I shook, "No." Carlisle watched, "What is it?" Hunter looked over his shoulder, "She's trying to prevent herself from vomiting again." I fought as hard as possible, and the whimper proved it. Finally is ripped through me. I vomited up the ginger ale, and broth I'd had earlier. Hunter spoke softly, "Baby let's get you bath, and a change of clothes." Bella helped me stand up. Esme looked at Hunter who nodded. With Hunter, and Bella we made it upstairs. Esme drew a bath, "I will wait outside. I will lay put pajama's for you." She stepped out, shutting the door behind her.

Hunter carefully helped me undress. I stepped into the tub quietly. The water rose around me. Hunter retrieved shampoo, conditioner, and my body wash. Quietly he helped me wash. I felt the tremble climb up through my body. "Oh no." I moaned. He grabbed the trash can. I dry heaved, and it ripped my body apart. "It feels like, the first time I phased. It just rips your body in every direction." Hunter stopped, his hand on my back, "Are you phasing?" I shook my head, "No that feels different." He started to wash again. "Baby we'll get you better." We finished up in the bathroom, and walked into the bedroom. Esme smiled, "I can leave if you want." I shook my head, "No it's ok." She smiled, and with Hunters help, I was dressed.

I curled up under the covers, and Hunter kissed me. "I'm going to head downstairs, unless you need me." Hunter shook his head. "Sleep well sweetie." Esme smiled, and left us. Hunter changed, and crawled into bed, and held me. "I'm sorry you're so sick." I shrugged, "Part of pregnancy. I will be ok. I just can't wait until we meet our little one." He gently rubbed my stomach, and sang again. Tonight the last part of the song seemed to be louder.

Things will be hard at times
But I've learned to try
Just listening, patiently

Oh Capri, sweet baby
Oh Capri, she's a beauty
Baby inside, she's loving
Oh Capri, you're beauty
Just like your mother, that's carrying

Oh Capri

Downstairs it was quiet. Emily, and Sam had headed home. Renesmee, and Jacob had taken a spare room. Carlisle sat quietly, reading on his iPad. "Do you think she'll make it through the night?" Bella asked softly. Carlisle looked up, "I'm hoping so. If she does ok, we could do an Iv here at home. I just want her comfortable. Hunter is tired, and worried." Alice's voice broke the quietness, "The tremble?" Carlisle looked at her, "I noticed. That's what has me extremely concerned. If she phased, I'm not sure what could happen to the baby. This is why I'm working with Dr. Martin. We can only hope, and pray that this runs smoothly." Alice nodded.

3:00am the clock read. It hit me. The sweat. The shakiness. I sat up, swinging my legs over the side of the bed. I rubbed my stomach gently. I kept quietly whispering, "Please baby." Hunter was sound asleep. I couldn't wake him. I fought to keep it down. It rippled through my body. Taking every ounce of energy to fight it off. I stood up, and slipped out of the bedroom. I stopped holding onto the door frame of the bathroom. Edwards voice was the signal, "Upstairs now." 

Esme, and Carlisle were on either side of me. "Talk to me Hun." Esme rubbed my back. My ribs." I croaked. Carlisle felt, "The muscles are extremely tight." Esme spoke, "She fought it earlier. Finally she had to give in." Carlisle sighed, "Where are you trying to get to Hun?" That's when it hit. I pushed into the bathroom, and whipped the toilet open. Esme held me, as the vomiting ripped me apart. I whimpered, "There's blood." Carlisle spoke calmly, "You're tearing apart your stomach. Leah we can't wait." I started to cry, and the tremble was there. "She's not phasing. She's just exhausted. Her blood sugar is low. She's dehydrated." I slumped against Esme. Carlisle closed the toilet flushing it. Hunter was in the bathroom squatting in front of us, "I'm calling out for tomorrow. This is an emergency." Carlisle patted Hunters shoulder, and left making a phone call. I started to cry, and felt so helpless. Esme stroked my hair, "I went through this to with my son. I was extremely ill. I managed to pull through. The rest of the pregnancy was normal." Hunter smiled a little. "I've spoken with Dr. Baker. She’s going to meet us in the emergency room. Alice has packed for both of you. We'll go in my car. Rose offered to call Charlie, and Sue." Hunter nodded, "Yeah please." Hunter carefully lifted me up. "I've got you baby." He carried me downstairs.

"Just sit here, I need to get my shoes on baby." He kissed my cheek, and I looked around the room. "You're going to be ok. You're a fighter." Emmett's deep voice was what I heard. I looked around the room. It was as if the room was playing at a different speed, then I could see. "Leah what is it?" Someone's voice called out to me. "Carlisle she's fainting." That was it. "Call an ambulance now." Hunter moved to me, and helped me lay down. "Leah come on, talk to me." Carlisle tried waking me. "My sisters eight weeks pregnant." Bella spoke quickly. Hunter quickly corrected, "Nine weeks today." Bella quickly relayed the information. "They're sending an ambulance. Carlisle answered the questions, as Bella asked them. A few minutes later, the whole neighborhood was alerted to the flashing lights outside our house.

I don't recall anything after we were downstairs. It was as if I slipped into a deep sleep. "At least she's settled in a room." Esme spoke quietly, holding my hand. Hunter remained quiet watching the monitors. "Dr. Baker is waiting on her test results. The ultrasound came back clear. The baby is doing well." Hunters voice cracked, "All these monitors. Her pulse, blood pressure, her heart." Carlisle nodded, "Because of extreme dehydration. They'll probably do another ultrasound and check her kidneys tomorrow. She' may be discharged Monday." A soft knock was on the door, then Dr. Baker walked in. She pulled up a chair and sat down, "So we've started two Iv's. I want to see how her vitals are, after we get these two bags of fluid in her. I sent an email to Lucas. He'll know what's going on. So the bleeding, is from the vomiting. It's tearing the lining of her esophagus, and stomach. She's going to be with us a few days. She'll be on a strict diet." Hunter sighed. "We see a lot of morning sickness. This is called Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Extreme vomiting during pregnancy. So this explains why she fainted. Her heart rate is still rapid. So she's on strict bed rest. If she needs the bathroom, we'll have her use a wheelchair. She'll have to sit to shower. I'm starting Compazine now. This way she'll have a chance. We're also giving her nutrients, and vitamins through the Iv. For now, try and rest. I will be back in a bit to check on her." She stood up, and left the room. Carlisle made the cot for Hunter to sleep on. He kissed me, and then laid back down returning to his sleep.

I stirred feeling someone touch me, I cringed trying to shift. "Shh it's ok. Sweetie your dad and I are here." I was confused by the voice. It was foggy. "She's still out of it. She woke up roughly at 3:00am, and we heard her. Once I saw the blood, that was it. She fainted downstairs." Charlie rubbed the back of his neck, "So they're both ok?" Carlisle nodded. "So she's in for several days at least. I've called Seth, and Chloe. They're going to swing by later." My mom stroked my hair. "How are you doing Sue?" Esme asked smiling, "Good. The baby is more active." Esme smiled, "I loved that feeling." Sue chuckled, "Speaking of the baby. You can feel if you want to." Esme gently felt her stomach. "Active huh?" Esme smiled, and my mom nodded. Charlie held my hand, and stayed quiet. 

There was a soft knock again. "Hi I see we have family here. I'm Lucas Martin. This is my colleague Jesse Baker." Introductions were made. "I wanted to examine her, but she's sleeping." Carlisle spoke, "You won't wake her." Jesse spoke up, "She slept through it last time." Dr. Martin nodded, and proceeded. "So I know we were thinking, Monday. Truthfully, I think sometime next week." Charlie cleared his throat. I have enough vacation time, plus sick days. I can stay to help." All eyes were on Charlie. Esme smiled, "That would be great. The kids are taking care of the house. If you need them to do anything." My mom spoke up, "I can ask Seth to pack us clothes, and keep an eye on the house. We'll figure it out." Dr. Martin covered me up. "So I'm on this weekend. I will check in." Dr. Baker smiled, "I'm back Monday morning. Overnight Dr. Zeppelini is on. She'll be brought up on everything." My mom nodded. The two doctors smiled, and a nurse came in to change the bags, that were now empty. "I'm Kim. I'm here nurse for the day." Everyone smiled, and introductions were made once again.

Breakfast came, and passed. Then lunch. "Should I order her something?" Hunter sat up, and rubbed his face after looking at the clock. "I'd wait. She's just been sleeping. She needs it." My mom spoke. A knock on the door, and Seth stepped in with a round bellied Chloe. A gasp escapes his lips. Chloe squeezed his hand, while carrying flowers in the other. "She's ok. Just precautionary. They need to monitor her." Seth looked at Hunter. "Relax please. Come sit down." Chloe had Seth sit. "It's extreme morning sickness. They're keeping her until sometime next week." Chloe smiled, "We can check on your place. It's fine." My mom smiled, "Thanks." Hunter stretched, "If she wakes up, let her know I went to grab some food." He kissed me softly, then left.

I came around with some nausea, and put my hand on my stomach. "Leah can you hear me?" My moms voice was beside me. I moaned, "I'm nauseated." She held the basin, and someone raised the bed. I looked around, and couldn't figure out where I was. "Easy. You're in the hospital. It's about one o'clock in the afternoon. Hunter went to get lunch." I shivered, and Seth wrapped a blanket around my shoulders, "Hey stranger." I smiled seeing him. Chloe smiled, "I brought you some magazines. We also brought flowers." I smiled seeing them, "They're beautiful. Thank you." They both smiled. I felt it hit, grabbing the basin. At this point, I wasn't sure if dry heaving, or actual vomiting was worse. I heard beeping coming from the hall way, and the door opened. "She's awake." I threw up. "I have more Compazine. I will let Dr. Martin know." Kim stayed trying to offer comfort.

The weekend passed, and it was Sunday evening in the hospital. "Hi peanut. We need to get mommy feeling better. So what can we do?" Hunter kissed my stomach gently. "I stroked Hunters hair. "Tomorrow I will head to work from here, and then swing by the house, and grab new clothes." I nodded, "That's fine." He looked up at me, "I'm sorry baby." I smiled, "Your students need you." He nodded, "I can't wait til you're home again." I smiled, and then cringed. "What?" I shifted a little, "Cramps. My leg right now." He moved the blanket, and massaged my calf carefully. "Charlie and your mom will be here after I leave ok. Carlisle, and Esme are hunting. Alice wanted to talk to us." I tensed a little, "She suggested us eloping since this happened. It's up to you though." I looked at him, "I just want to be your wife." Hunter chuckled, "And you will be. I was thinking maybe we can bump the wedding up." I nodded, "Please can we?" I asked. He smiled, "Yes we can." I closed my eyes, grabbing Hunters arm. I put my head back. "What is it?" he stood up, and put the head of my bed down. "Very dizzy." He hit the call button.

Monday morning was here, and I had a new nurse. Caroline was her name. She was sweet. She checked in, just as Hunter was heading out. Charlie, and Sue sat down quietly. Dr. Martin came in, “So she had some dizziness last night. We’re still monitoring her heart. She was sick once during the night. We’ll take her down for another ultrasound around eleven. That way she can sleep a little more. My mom smiled, “Thank you.” He nodded, and stepped out. “I never knew this could happen. Bella was sick when she was pregnant.” Sue smiled, “She was lacking nutrients that Renesmee needed, blood. That’s what’s happening now. Leah’s lacking nutrients, and the baby needs them. They’re doing it through the Iv, and small small amounts of broth, or popsicles.”  Charlie sighed, and rubbed my mom’s stomach, “I’m glad you’ve not had to go through this. I can handle the pickle craving, with peanut butter.” My mom laughed, “At least it isn’t totally bizarre. I don’t eat them together. Charlie smiled, and relaxed a little. 


Friday morning, and we were leaving the hospital after a week. I was still shaky, and not feeling like myself. “So Monday, you have an appointment with Dr. Martin. We’ll take you if you’d like. Charlie, and my mom smiled at me.” I sighed, “Just let me get through the weekend please. I’m exhausted right now. I don’t have much energy left.” Hunter spoke softly, “Baby listen, tomorrow it doesn’t have to happen.” I clenched my fists, “I can’t do the whole dress thing. I don’t have it in me to do my hair. I’m just too tired.” He spoke calmly, “What if you wore your hair down, we did a photo, and that’s it?” I shrugged, “I’m just so afraid now.” He smiled, “I will be there, and so will the family. I know you just got out of the hospital.” I shook my head, “I want my hair down, no veil. I just want to get married, in the book store. It’s for us.” He smiled, and kissed me. Tomorrow we were going to be officially married, where we first met. 


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