The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


26. Chapter 25 - 8 weeks and 2 days

We were back in Port Angeles, and I sat nervously in Dr. Martin's waiting room. Hunter sat with me, holding my hand. "Breath baby. I can tell you're nervous." I nodded, "Sorry." He smiled, stroking my knuckles with his thumb. "Leah Clearwater?" A nurse was standing the doorway, holding my chart. I stood up, and Hunter followed me. We walked over quietly. "Hi there, I'm Denise. I'm going to just do your vitals today. Take down some information ok." I nodded. We sat, and went over everything. "Alright. Here's your gown. Everything from the waist down, needs to come off. Opening in the front. There's a sheet here for you. Dr.Martin will be in shortly." She smiled, and walked out shutting the door behind her. I quietly changed, and sat on the exam table. Hunter stood beside me, "You're so quiet, you're worrying me." I shrugged, "Just worried. I can't remember my last menstrual cycle." Hunter smiled, "Baby please, nobody always has an exact date. Now relax ok."

A knock on the door, and then it opened. "Hi you two. Great to see you again, and with good news." I nodded. Dr.Martin shook Hunter's hand, then sat down. So we're approximating six weeks. We'll get an ultrasound after your exam, and we'll talk after we have the images, I want. So any headaches, dizziness, vomiting, nausea?" I nodded, "Nausea, and vomiting." Hunter stood up, and rubbed my back. "Ok. Well your vitals all check out well. So let's have you lay back hun, relax ok. We'll do the exam, and get you over for the ultrasound. I also want blood work as well." I nodded, and laid back. Hunter looked at me smiling. A few minutes, it was over. "Ok. Everything checks out well. So get dressed, and they'll be ready for you over at the Ultrasound room. Then come to my office." He washed his hands, and patted my shoulder before leaving Hunter, and I alone. "So we get to see our baby." I nodded, and quietly dressed. Hunter opened the door for me, and we left the room.

I laid there quietly looking at the screen. There it was. "You're farther along then thought. The baby is measuring eight weeks and two days." Hunter grinned, "Two months already?" The ultrasound technician nodded. "Yep. Quite healthy. Heart rate is great. Size is right on track." I looked at the screen, feeling tears slide down my cheeks. "Hi peanut." I spoke softly, and Hunter kissed my forehead. "That's our baby." The technician smiled, "Yes that is. I will print some pictures for you." She wrapped up, and cleaned the gel off my stomach, and handed us the pictures. We thanked her then, headed to Dr. Martins office.

"Leah, Hunter come in please. He waved us in, and we sat down across from him. He smiled looking at the scans that were in my chart. "So eight weeks, and two days. That's great. So we'll have you do the glucose test for your next appt. We'll give you all the information when you check out. I just want some lab work done, and you'll be on your way. So I want to see you in a month. Congratulations." He smiled, and stood up shaking our hands, and we checked out.

Once the lab work was done, and we had our next appointment, and instructions; we stepped on the elevator. Hunter stood behind me, and placed his hand on my stomach. I smiled, and leaned into him. An elderly woman stepped on with us. "Hello there." She smiled, and pressed the button for the second floor. She saw my ultrasound pictures, and looked up at us, "Your first?" I nodded, "Yes ma'am." She smiled widely, "Oh I remember the first time I found I was pregnant, I was scared. You get better with each pregnancy. The nerves are still there. I had four kids. Nine grandchildren. Well now eight." Her face looked saddened, "My youngest grandson went missing several years back. College student. My son, and his wife papered the area where he was last seen, but nothing ever came of it. Riley Biers, he probably would have been around your age." I heard the name, and then it happened, everything around me started to spin, and my legs buckled. Thud! I hit the floor. Hunter quickly hit the emergency call button. "Is she ok?" the elderly woman stood over me. "Leah babe come on talk to me." The doors opened on the next floor, and people stopped not stepping in. "Someone help please." The elderly woman called out. I was aware of people around me. "She's eight weeks pregnant." Hunter's voice was there. I couldn't will my eyes to open. I slipped back into the darkness, there I was safe.

"Her vitals are good. Her blood pressure is better now. Probably dehydrated, and she's not eaten I'm assuming. We'll just watch her for a little longer." I recognized Dr. Martins voice. I stirred, and squeezed. "You scared the hell out of me." I squinted and saw Hunter, and the doctor standing there. "How are you feeling?" I tried sitting up. "Easy just rest. I'm putting you on rest for a few days. We'll see you in two weeks just to do some lab work. What happened?" I looked at Hunter, then Dr. Martin, "It just felt really warm in the elevator, then that's it. I thought I heard voices." He nodded, "Yeah you fainted. I think you were dehydrated, so you're receiving fluids through the IV. Scared your fiancé." I looked towards Hunter, "I'm so sorry. It just happened." He smiled, "As long as you, and Peanut are ok, I'm ok." I nodded. "Alright. Within the hour, I think we'll have you heading home. I'm serious, rest. Have a family member help out while he's at work ok?" I nodded. He smiled, and walked out. Hunter shut the door, and sat down beside me, "The name is what did it. It was so strange to hear that name. You're safe, and that's what matters. I called your mom, and dad. Esme offered to stay with you during the day." I nodded, "Sounds good. I need to put in for paid leave." Hunter nodded, "I already spoke to Heather? She said she'd do it for you." I smiled, "I owe her." Hunter smiled. I closed my eyes, and we enhoyed one another's company in the quiet.

When we arrived home, Travis was walking towards the car. "I called him, and asked if he could pick up the groceries for us. He's staying for a bit to help out. We're starting to clear out the spare room, and work on moving the furniture to his place." I smiled, "A nursery." Hunter nodded, and parked and shut off the engine. Travis had my door open, and was helping me out, holding onto me carefully. "Easy there mommy. Couch ok?" Hunter nodded, "Yeah that's fine." I held onto him carefully, and we headed inside. We walked to the couch, and I laid down carefully. Travis slipped my shoes off, and put them away for me. Hunter came in, and covered me up. "I luckily was able to get out early for the appointment today. Tomorrow I have to head back. Will you be ok?" I nodded, "I have Esme, and that will help." He smiled, "Well we're starting dinner, so rest." He kissed me, and headed to the kitchen. I gently stroked my stomach, and tried to fight the sleepiness that wanted me to cave so easily. I couldn't fight it.

"Babe dinner." Hunter called out. Travis walked out, "She's sound asleep bro. Let's wrap her's up. She's exhausted." Hunter smiled, "Sounds good." A soft knock on the door, caused me to stir. "Leah?" it opened slowly. "She's resting Fred. Come on in." He walked in, and over to Hunter. "Hey Travis, Hunter." He nodded. "She's exhausted, can I help you out?" Fred smiled, "Well from what I know, those two thorns in your side are gone. I spoke to my coven. They would like to come down, and visit with you if that's alright?" Travis looked at Hunter. "What is there a problem?" Fred asked raising an eyebrow. "Leah's pregnant Fred. She's eight weeks. She passed out earlier. We bumped into the grandmother of Riley Biers." Travis, and Hunter stood there for a moment with Fred. Vampires were already naturally pale creatures; however Fred turned a different shade of white. "Whoa." Hunter nodded, "Leah heard the name, and that was it. She passed out in the elevator. They gave her an IV of fluids, and want to see her in two weeks, instead of a month. Otherwise the baby is fine, and so is she." Fred smiled, "Well I'm happy for you both. It's something you've wanted for a long time. Hunter nodded, "We pushed the wedding up. Shoot. I was supposed to go over plans with Alice." Travis chuckled, "Go call her, and I can clean up." Fred nodded, "I will keep an eye on Leah. She's in good hands with us all here." Travis smiled, and left to make his phone call.

Hunter sat down in his office, and dialed Alice's number. "Well I've been wondering when you were going to call. Esme let me know what was going on. I hope she's feeling better." Hunter sat back in his office chair, "Yeah a little dehydrated, on top of you know." Alice sighed, "Yeah. Small world huh. So December 23rd is what we have for the wedding, correct?" Hunter looked at his calendar. "Sounds good Alice. She'd prefer no reception. She's just tired as it is. I don't want anymore added stress on her." Alice's sweet voice replied, "I understand completely. We'll just have some cake, and some sparkling cider. That sound good?" Hunter laughed, "Perfect. Remember low key. She want's simple, and even that's an understatement." Alice giggled, "That's Leah for you. I will be by later this week with final plans, and her fitting. Get some rest, and I will chat with you soon." Hunter smiled, "Sounds good. Bye Alice." He hung up, and sat back looking at the ultrasound pictures. "Hi little one. I'm your daddy. I promise I won't let anyone hurt you. I will protect you Forever.

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