The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


25. Chapter 24 - Thanksgiving dinner I'll pass.

We arrived at Charlie, and Sue's. Jacob, and Renesmee went on their own. Hunter, and I rode over in Edwards Volvo, with Bella. "So how far along are you?" Bella asked. I shrugged, "I have no idea. With work I hadn't even realized." Edward spoke, "Approximately 6 weeks. Just about a month and half." I looked up, "Thank you." He smiled, "I could tell you were struggling. Sorry if I invaded." I smiled, "No with all the stuff at work, I just assumed it was stress." Hunter rubbed my belly, "Well now we have our family." I smiled, "Maybe we should push the wedding up. I just," I started to cry. Hunter held me, "Baby don't cry. What's going on?" I couldn't formulate the words. I felt so stupid. Finally I was able to spit it out, "I want to push the wedding up. Nothing big. We could do our honeymoon while you have break from school." He smiled wiping away the tears, "That's fine. Baby we can have it however you want." Edward spoke softly, "Alice just wants you happy. She'll do whatever you want." I sniffled, "Christmas. The night before Christmas Eve. At the bookshop." Hunter smiled, "Baby that's perfect." Bella smiled, "That will be so romantic." I nodded. Hunter smiled, and Edward pulled out his phone calling Alice. They spoke to one another, and Hunter entwined his fingers with mine.

Once we arrived Edward had hung up, "Alice said no problem, and she'll get it set up." I smiled, "Truthfully I just want the family there. Maybe Sam, Emily, and Billy." Hunter smiled, "Nobody from work?" I shrugged, "I just want it for us. I know some people like big, and spectacular I want simple. That's how I've lived." He stroked my cheek, "That's fine. Reception?" I looked at him, "Honestly I don't want to talk about it right now." Bella looked at Edward, and he shook his head. I closed my eyes, as the car continued down the road. When we pulled up at Charlie, and mom's house. There was another car here. Sam, Emily, and Billy were inside the small house. I swallowed, and climbed out. "She's extremely tense." Bella whispered. Edward nodded, "Yeah she's running on nerves. Stefan, and Vladimir have really screwed with her. Being pregnant doesn't help either." Bella nodded.

I walked inside, and Seth greeted me, "Hey stranger." He hugged me, and the smell of his cologne, triggered my nausea. I pulled away, and darted for the bathroom. "Is she ok?" Seth asked Hunter, and he shook his head. Bella, and Edward walked in, and shut the door. "Did I hear Leah, and Hunter arrive?" my mom walked out and was beside Seth. "She ran upstairs to the bathroom. I'm not sure what's going on." My mom looked at Bella, and Edward. "I will be back, Bella can you watch over your dad. Can't trust him in a kitchen." Bella smiled, and walked out. There was a knock on the bathroom door, "Sweetie?" I emptied what ever my stomach held. The door creaked open, and my mom squatted down. "Hun what's going on?" I tried to speak, "I," then another round of vomiting ensued. "She's pregnant. Roughly six weeks. Last night she was ambushed by two obnoxiously unwanted visitors." my mom rubbed my back. I slowly backed up, and closed the toilet flushing it. She had me sit down, and checked me over, "You're pale. Don't worry about eating. I understand, and so will your dad." She grabbed a wash cloth, and ran it under the cold water for a few seconds. Carefully she wiped my face off, "Go lay down on the couch." She kissed my forehead, and headed back down. Hunter, and I walked down quietly.

"So when do we tell them." Hunter asked. Seth walked over, "Congrats. I wasn't sure, but mom said you weren't eating, and I put two and, two together." I curled up on the couch, and Hunter covered me. "Thanks. I'm sorry about that." Seth waved his hand, "I know how pregnancy works. Take it easy ok. If you want, you can stay at the house." I shook my head, "I'm going back to the Cullen's." Seth looked at me, "Ok?" Edward looked at Seth, "Stefan, and Vladimir sprung a surprise visit last night at their home. So Fred is watching over the house, with Travis." Seth nodded, "Does Sam know." I shook my head, "It just happened, and Alice saw it. That's the only reason why I wasn't alone." Seth sighed, "We need to tell Sam." I snapped, "No WE don't. It happened to me. I'm a human now. I live in Port Angeles, and that the end of the story." Edward cleared his throat, "I understand what she's saying. The more who know, the more of a problem it could possibly become. Right now, we're trying to find out how valid the threat was." Seth nodded, "Alright secret is safe with me." I smiled, and closed my eyes. Hunter looked at me, "Care if I go eat?" I shook my head. Bella sat with me, and kept me company.

The evening progressed quietly, with the chatter of life. I was on the quiet side. Everyone was thrilled to hear about our news. Sam smiled at me, and something in me just felt a bit of anger still. It wasn't that he broke my heart. That I'd moved on from. He'd lied to me, and wished I'd disappear before. Those lingered, and remained dormant until I would see him. Emily smiled, "So your wish finally came true. I'm so happy for you." She smiled at me. I nodded, rubbing my stomach gently. "We're supposed to be meeting our foster child Monday. A little boy who's three. There's a possibility we could adopt him. Sam and I have been talking about it." I listened quietly, and started to check out. "Why don't you head home, and get some sleep. You're looking tired. We'll catch up no worries." I smiled, and stood up. She hugged me carefully, and I hugged her back. "Alright well you kids be safe. Maybe we can meet up tomorrow before you head back." Charlie smiled. Edward smiled, "Sounds good Charlie." My mom linked arms with me, and walked with me outside. "I'm a phone call away. Don't worry about me being pregnant, you're still my daughter, and I want to be there for you." I burst into tears, and hugged her. She smiled, resting her chin on my shoulder. Edward, and Bella walked out quietly, and started the car warming it up. Hunter walked over with Charlie, "Alright hun. We'll be up during the week to see you both." He hugged me, and my mom hugged Hunter. "Love you both." My mom smiled, and waved at us. We climbed in the backseat quietly, and put our belts on, before Edward pulled away from the curb.

I was quiet the whole ride home. Being away from my mom, this fear started to set in. I fidgeted with my hands nervously. "Baby what is it?" I shook my head, and choked up. Hunter held me, and I couldn't say a thing. My thoughts were literally at a stand still. "I'm always worried when I leave her. I'm not sure why." Bella spoke softly, "Well with everything going on, I think that could be part, and partially why. Plus she's pregnant, and she's not young. You're a nurse, so you know the risks associated with it." I nodded, and tried to calm down. I needed to relax, otherwise I was going to make myself sick.

We pulled up to the house, and everyone climbed out. I walked down to the edge of the river. Hunter sighed, and walked inside. Esme looked up, "Where's Leah?" Edward looked towards the windows, "Clearing her thoughts." Hunter sat down quietly, and gazed out the window. Esme got up from her book, and grabbed a blanket and walked out of the house. Bella looked at Hunter, "It's a lot I know. Just let her vent. She's held in too much, for far too long." Hunter nodded, "I just wish I could make her feel safe. I'm supposed to keep her safe. That's my job." Edward interjected, "Ah but you are keeping her safe. You have her with family. You're best friend went to watch over your home. Just because you don't have a brick wall around her, doesn't mean a thing. I couldn't protect Bella the way I wanted to, but I did keep her safe when I needed to." She smiled, and held his hand. Hunter nodded, "You have a point." Edward smirked, "You learn a thing or two after walking around the earth as long as I have."

I shivered in my coat, with my arms crossed. Esme came beside me, and wrapped the blanket around me. "I don't need my daughter becoming ill. Come in sweetie. I can make you some hot chocolate if you'd like." She rubbed my back, and looked at me smiling. "I should be happy, and I'm terrified." She smiled, and rubbed my arm, "That's natural. Your body is changing. Your life is changing, but talk about it. We'll listen, don't ever worry about that." I nodded, "I'm really scared of those two. I can't have anything happen." Esme looked at me, "Nothing will happen to you, or the baby. Come inside, and relax hun." I nodded, and she wrapped her arm around me, and we headed back to the house.

She had me sit down close to the fire, and Hunter moved over, "You ok?" I nodded, "Hormones, and emotions are all over the place." Carlisle walked out, "That's typical. I just want to make sure you take it easier at work. I'm not kidding. We don't know how the pregnancy will affect you." I looked at him, "I'm human." He sat down on the edge of the table in front of me. "Leah, you have a human body. For several years, you phased, and carry the wolf gene. I don't know how that will affect the pregnancy. I'm hoping since you're not phasing, and are no longer triggered, we're in the clear. I won't know for positive." I closed my eyes, and bit my lip. "Relax, I'm not saying anything will happen, I'm just not sure." I nodded. He looked at me, "Just have Dr. Martin check you out, and let me know what he says." Carlisle smiled, "I'm happy for you. I want you to to know that." I smiled, "You'll be a grandfather again." Carlisle's eyes twinkled when I said that. "I can't wait until that day."

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