The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


24. Chapter 23 - Two Pink Lines

I dreamt of Vladimir, and Stefan cornering me in my house. Separating Hunter, and I. Then the Volturi were there. I could see the grin on Aro's face. They held Hunter, and he looked at me. I knew what they were going to do. I couldn't stop them. I pleaded with them, "Please let him go." Caius scoffed at me. I heard the breaking of his bones, and the ripping of his limbs from his body. I screamed out in horror. "Wake her up now. She's having a nightmare." I thrashed in the sheets, and startled awake trying to break free. "Calm down. You're safe." Jacob was looking at me. "It was a nightmare. Nobody's here except the usuals. Nobody has come here. Hunter called shortly after you dozed off. I spoke to him. He knew something was up when Travis called. He's going to drive down in the morning, and sends his love." I pulled my knee's up to my chest. "I can't keep doing this." Jasper stood in the doorway, "You know, it get's easier. If you can relax a little." He smiled, and I felt a sense of relief take over. He just nodded, "I know the fear. The nightmares last a long time. Those eyes, you never forget." I looked up at him, and smiled a little. "Lay back down, and try and get some more sleep. It's 2am. You're running on nothing." I laid back down, and stared off. Sleep wouldn't come easily, but it would come eventually.

It was ten o'clcok in the morning, when Hunter arrived with breakfast for Renesmee, Jacob, and Leah. "Hi there. Glad you made it here safely. Any problems?" Esme smiled, and took the food. "No quiet on the roads actually. She still asleep?" Jacob came down, nodding, "Yeah. She had a nightmare last night. It took Jasper calming her until she finally dozed back off." Hunter sighed, "She didn't even call me." Edward walked in with Bella, and Renesmee, "I suspect it's because they ambushed her. She had no idea." Hunter smiled, "Thank you all of you. Travis called me, and the way he spoke tipped me off." Jacob smiled, "Thanks for breakfast." Renesmee walked over hugging Hunter, "Thanks Uncle Hunter." She moved on kissing Jacob's cheek, and Edwards fist clenched. Emmett laughed, "Ha! Still get's to you huh." Edward looked at his brother, "Enough Emmett." Renesmee glided over to her uncle, and sat down with him, "He still twitches when I mention marriage one day." Bella smirked, "Or kids." That's when Edward scowled. Jacob snickered, and went to the kitchen to eat. Renesmee quickly followed. Edward turned on his heel, and Bella intervened, "Play me something please?" She smiled, trying to afford the two some privacy. Edward shook his head, and stalked over to the piano, and sat down. Bella sat beside him, as he started playing.

The day had passed, and it was three thirty in the afternoon. I stretched, and yawned a little disoriented at first. "Hi baby." Hunter leaned down, and kissed my forehead. "Glad you finally slept. I brought food for you, just need to heat it up." I smiled, and curled up under the covers. "I can't come up with anything for my wedding vows." Hunter smiled, "Baby we still have several months until the wedding. Don't worry about it ok. Just relax. You're stressing about small things." I closed my eyes, feeling the sleep hanging on the edge. "If you want to sleep, go ahead. I have papers to grade anyways. I will heat your food up, when you wake up." I shook my head, "I need a shower, and to visit." He smiled, and kissed me. "I can't wait until we're home." He smirked, kissing my neck. Emmett's laugh thundered through the house. "Shut up Emmett." I called out. That's when Edward, Jacob, and Jasper joined in on the hysterics. Esme shook her head, "You boys need to behave. She is your sister." Emmett grinned, "Yeah, and she still blushes. Sorry Bella you're not as fun." He winked at her. Bella smiled, "Said who. Ask Edward." Emmett's jaw dropped, and Edward smirked. Rosalie laughed, "Oh Emmett Cullen, I think you were finally put in your place." Carlisle laughed.

I finally made it downstairs in sweat pants, and a t-shirt. My hair was wet, and up in a messy bun. Alice shook her head at me. I smiled sheepishly, and headed to the kitchen to eat. I sniffed, and looked at Jacob, and Renesmee who were eating ice cream. I quietly backed out, and left the room. "That was weird." Renesmee spoke softly to Jacob. "Baby I thought you were hungry." I shook my head, "That smells repulsive." Alice smiled, and Rosalie smiled as well. I sat down quietly in a chair, and curled up by the fire. Hunter knelt down beside me, "You ok?" I looked at him, "It just doesn't smell right." Hunter gently placed a hand on my thigh, "Ok baby. Just take it easy." I smiled faintly. Alice came over, and draped a blanket over shoulders. The snow is starting already." I looked out the window, "It's beautiful here, and peaceful." She smiled, "So everything wedding wise is all on track. The only thing left is invitations." I nodded, and felt it hit quickly. "Leah?" I quickly pushed out of the chair, and ran for the bathroom. I just made it to the toilet, and got the top up, before I vomited. "Baby?" I groaned, and threw up again. Hunter walked in, and rubbed my back, "I'm here." Alice knocked on the door, and slipped in. She set a small rectangular box on the counter. "You might need this." She smiled, and walked back out. I closed the toilet, and flushed it. Hunter helped me to my feet, and I rinsed out my mouth. Hunter looked at the box, "Want me to leave, or stay?" I looked at him, "Stay please." He smiled, and nodded.

Three minutes passed. I sat on top of the toilet, and my head rested against the counter. "Baby you're pale. Just go lay down ok." I nodded. "Ready?" He asked, and I nodded nervously. Was I ready at this point. It had been something I was sacrificing my body for. The pain all these months. His jaw dropped, "We're pregnant." I looked at him, "What?" He teared up, "Look!" The pink lines showed up in the little display. He set it down, and kissed me. I couldn't believe it, we were pregnant. He threw away everything, and we walked out. Alice was beaming. "You knew?" She smiled, "Sweetie I had a vision. You are the only one who can become pregnant around me." I smiled, and she hugged me. "So don't worry. I ordered your dress, but it will look great if you want it larger, or we can push the wedding up." I smiled, "Larger dress is fine." She grinned, and rubbed my stomach, "You've made your mommy, and daddy very happy little one." I smiled. Carlisle walked over quietly, "Congratulations." He hugged me gently, and I hugged him back. Everyone else came over, and congratulated us. "So when will you tell your mom, and dad?" Rosalie asked, "Well they're doing dinner tonight right?" Bella nodded, "So then I will." Bella smiled, "I'm going to be an aunt again." I nodded. I was exhausted, and wanted to sleep. Who cared if I wore sweats to dinner, at least I showed up. Plus I had an excuse, I was eating for two.

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