The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


21. Chapter 20 - Seattle and Romanians all in one weekend.

Columbus day weekend. Alice dragged me to Seattle, said I needed to be pampered. I truthfully had no interest in this, but when Alice Cullen insists, you just do it. So I went along. She grinned as she had her nails painted, "Oh come on Leah. You need to get something done." I shook my head, "I told you, I really don't like this stuff. I'm sorry." She pouted, "Even a massage?" I shook my head, "No I really rather not." She looked at me, and scanned over me up and down. "Alice what are you looking at?" She shrugged, "Just trying to figure out what has you so wound up." I looked at her, and shook my head. Her eyes went wide, and she quickly stood up, and left money for her nails which weren't finished, "Let's go sweetie." She hooked her arm in mine, and we left the salon.

We walked down the street, and she looked up at me, "I can tell you know. Are you ok?" I shrugged, "I'm just not feeling great right now." She nodded, "We can go back to the hotel, and wait for guys there." I looked at her, on the verge of tears. She'd planned a fun weekend for us all, and here I was bailing. "Oh please don't cry." She pulled me over to a bench, and we sat down. "It's ok, I understand." I sighedm "Some months there's nothing, no discomfort, and then," She nodded, "And others, like now it's bad. Alright we can head home. I don't mind." I looked at her, "Alice it's Friday afternoon. We've been here since this morning. I can't do that to you." Just as I finished speaking, Bella, Rose, and Bella walked up. "What's going on?" Bella asked quietly. Alice looked up, "Leah here needs to head back to the hotel." Rose squatted beside me, "Which side?" She gently touched my stomach. "Right. It's always the right side, every other month. This time it's just more uncomfortable." She nodded, "Ok. We can stop and get a heating pad. Take it easy for the afternoon, until dinner?" I nodded, "Yeah sounds good." Renesmee looked at Bella, and Bella smiled.

I was laying in bed, and Rose came in and checked on me. "I let Hunter know what's going on. He was going to come back if you wanted him to, but I told him you were ok." I smiled, "Thank you." She smiled, "So you're just sticking it out, until after the wedding?" I looked at her, "We can't to fertility treatments. We'll see what happens. If it happens, it happens, and if it doesn't." I shrugged. Rose smiled, "You're really sacrificing your comfort for this. You truly deserve to be happy." I smiled, "It's every other month, some months I'm fine, I don't notice it. Other's like this month it's decided to rear it's ugly head. Dr.Martin he's amazing." Rose smiled, "Well get some rest, and we'll figure out dinner." I nodded, and slowly dozed off under the warmth of the heating pad, that was on my stomach.

The rest of the weekend passed with ease, and was quite enjoyable. We saw a movie, did some sight seeing, shopping, had lovely dinners, then headed home Sunday afternoon. I was throwing our clothes in the washer, when Hunter yelled down from upstairs, "Babe you need to come up here." I started the wash, and headed back upstairs. Two familiar faces stood in front of me. The blonde haired vampire with red eyes, and the dark haired vampire stood looking at me. A smile, that was almost a grin spread across their faces. "Ah the wolf girl. How are you?" The Romanian accent licked every word Vladimir spoke. Stefan grinned, "Your fiancé' let us in to speak with you. Do you mind if we speak in private?" Hunter looked at me. "Hunter I'm ok I promise." Stefan smiled at Hunter, "I promise we will not harm her. We just would like to talk. It's more difficult with a human around, tempting our thirst." Hunter turned red, and clenched his fist. "Hunter give me five minutes. Just call my parents, and let them know we're home." He moved carefully, and reluctantly passed me, and I could tell he was scared. He went to his office, and I could hear him talking.

"Spit it out you two. Right now. Why would you come to my home, and risk being seen. Why aren't you going to see the Cullen's. They looked at one another, and grinned, then turned their gaze back to me. "Well you see," The accent of Stefan was thick. "We need your help. The Volturi, well they seem to fear you." Vladimir grinned. "This is a good thing for us. We want our power back. They stole it from us. They force us all to live in fear, of their rule. When we ruled, things were, what you say?" Vladimir spoke, "Humble living situation." I felt my chest tighten up. "So we know there are others of you. We would like to ask for your help. We would need to lure them away from Volterra, and take them out. If we break up the guard, well then it leaves the others vulnerable." Vladimir grinned, his red eyes terrified me, but I wouldn't let it be shown. Stefan stepped closer, "Well wolves, and a hybrid child are amazing." I swallowed, "You will not use my niece as bate to lure those creatures here. Go fight your own battles. There are others that will help you take the Volturri down. I want nothing to do with it." That's when Vladimir's smile turned into a serious scowl, "Then you leave us no choice. We'll get them here, trust me. It will be on your niece's head, they'll seek. The Cullen's they were such a nice coven." I growled, and stood up straight, "Don't you threaten my family like that. The wolves will not help you. We all live in peace now." Stefan, and Vladimir looked at one another again, then at me, "Then it will be on you." They turned, and were gone.I tried to catch my breath, and the gasps were loud. I couldn't get enough air into my lungs. I banged on the floor. I was left with a threat, and I had no idea what it would lead to.

Hunter was beside me cradling me, "Breath Leah. Come on." I choked, and then finally was able to breath again. "Call Carlisle NOW!" Hunter got up quickly, and grabbed the phone, and dialed him. "Here babe." I took the phone. "Hello Leah." I quickly spoke, "Vladimir, and Stefan were just at my house. They've threatened me, and Renesmee, and the whole coven." Carlisle was calm, "Leah hold on a second ok." I heard muffled talking, then he returned. "Listen we're all coming up there right now. We'll be there soon." We hung up, and I looked at Hunter. "Leah talk to me please." I looked at him, and started to cry, "They said it will be on me. Hunter they're going to claim some threat to the Volturi, and bring them back here. They threatened my family, my niece." Hunter placed both hands on either side of my face. "Leah look at me. You're safe, and the family will be safe. I promise you that. The wolves will protect us once again. If the Volturi are smart, they'll see what those two fools are trying to start." I looked at him, with tears streaming down my cheeks. He gently wiped them away, "No matter what happens, I will be with you. I'm never leaving your side, do you understand me." I nodded, and he pressed his lips against my forehead, and kissed me.

I was curled up on the couch, in Hunter's lap, and had dozed off. The soft chatter of questions, and growls nudged me from my sleep. "Shh calm down everyone ok. You're waking her up." Someone stroked my cheek, and it was a cold hand. "Sweetie I'm sorry they woke you. Are you up for talking?" I opened my eyes, and was greeted by Esme's warm smile, and soft caring eyes. "Yeah I can." I went to move. "No you're fine. Just talk to us. We're all here." That's when I heard a voice, I thought I'd never hear again. "Leah I've come with Paul, and Jared." Sam's deep voice, shocked me. I'd not heard it in what seemed forever. "Hey wolf girl." Paul smiled. "We miss seeing you around the res'" Jared smiled. I smiled back. "So what happened exactly? Sorry not trying to cut catch up short." Bella interjected. "Vladimir, and Stefan showed up. They want us to go against the Volturi, break up the guard so they can take over power again." Carlisle's calm voice broke the eerie quietness, "So they've threatened us?" I sighed, "They threatened you. When I told them to leave you alone, that's when." I couldn't utter the words. Edward spoke, "They threatened to have her head instead." Emmett grunted, and Rose shifted. Renesmee looked at Bella, "They're coming again for me." Alice looked at her, "Sweetie no." Jake's eyes locked on mine, and that's when I noticed they were filled with tears. Seth yelled, "The hell they're going to hurt my sister, or my family for that matter." I pulled myself out of Hunter's lap and stood up. "Listen, I took this on. I will do everything in my power to keep you all safe. They don't know I don't phase anymore. So what I'm thinking is, if the Volturi found out they lied," Emmett chimed in, "Then they'd kill Vladimir, and Stefan." I nodded, "That's what I'm almost positive of." Carlisle stood, "We need to just keep our eyes open for anything. We owe Leah for this. She's no longer a phasing wolf, and has taken on a great danger for all of us." Renesmee buried into Jake, and started to cry. I wasn't sure what to say, or do at this point. I remained quiet, and walked into the kitchen.

Someone hugged me tightly, a cold body. Esme was standing there with me, gently stroking my back, "We'll figure this out. You'll be safe, we all will be." I inhaled deeply, "I was doing laundry, and they appeared I guess. Hunter just called for me from the basement. If you guys have to run, I understand." She pulled back, and looked at me, "We're not running. Not now. You know with time, we'll have to move. You can choose to come with us. Alice luckily has managed to fine tune her makeup skills, but that only lasts for so long." I nodded, "I understand. You'd come back and visit right?" She nodded, "Of course sweetie. Don't worry about that." I smiled, and closed my eyes.

That night our house was full with company. The wolves had headed home after some good conversation, and dinner. The Cullen's were hanging around, just incase the Romanian duo decided to show back up. I sat at the kitchen table, and just stared off for some time. "You'll give yourself a headache stressing. I'm trying not to eavesdrop." Edward sat down at the table. "I know you're scared. I can hear your thoughts. I want to thank you personally, for defending the family, and Renesmee." I nodded, "That's what aunt's do right." He smiled, "You've always meant the world to her. Bella as well has always admired you since the, battle. She never knew of your backstory. I did fill her in." I nodded, "Read like a trashy romance novel." He laughed, "Sorry that was funny." I smiled, "Well as long as I've provided some amusement for the night." He smiled, "I'm sorry for everything you're going through with this. Trust me, we'll make it through." I nodded, because that was true. They'll make it through this, but would I?

The week passed, with no interruptions, or unwanted visitors. Travis stopped by, and we talked. “So you dated my half brother. That’s so weird, what a small world.” I laughed, “I remember the first time I bumped into you, and Hunter.” Hunter smiled, “I told you I was going to marry that girl, and now here she is.” I smiled, and Travis laughed, “Jeez two shape shifters, and a psychic. We should open up a side show at the circus.” I shook my head, “No one shape shifter. I don’t have anything anymore.” Travis looked at me, “I can still phase. That’s strange.” I shook my head, “Carlisle, and I were talking. He thinks for me, it might have almost been like a puberty phase. Now I out of that stage, and back to being a full human.” Travis thought about it, “That’s quite interesting. “Speaking of interesting, I found out something.” Hunter, and I looked at Travis. “It’s a smaller world then we ever realized. I thought your friend, Jake’s last name sounded familiar. I’m not trying to start stuff, but I put two, and two together. Sarah Black?” Hunter looked at Travis, “That was the lady who was hit by my dad.” Travis nodded, “Yep, she left three young kids behind, Rachel, Rebecca, and Jacob.” My jaw dropped, “Oh my god.” Hunter looked at Travis, “Whoa.” Travis nodded, “I thought I would tell you. I didn’t know if Jake knew.” I shook my head, “No.” Just then, Jake knocked then let himself in. “What didn’t I know?” I sighed. 

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