The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


19. Chapter 18 - So what's the plan?gles, and thrills

So my mom was pregnant. Typically one would be overjoyed. However my mom was no spring chicken. I just felt jealousy. I was too old to be acting like this. I was sitting quietly when Charlie sat beside me. "I know you're angry. I'm sorry. Your mom was so excited." I looked at him, "I shouldn't have reacted the way I did. So much has gone on. I'm just being nasty." Charlie held my hand, "Between us, you're a mother. I see it everyday. The way you protected us, during whatever happened. You always look out for others. You treat Renesmee like she is your daughter. A mother doesn't have to have given birth. Your actions alone, show much more. Hunter will love you no matter what. I'm so sorry that right now, thinks are chaotic. Trust me, when it's time, I will be a proud papa. A little cub for me to protect." I swallowed the lump, that had rapidly appeared in my throat. Charlie was my father. I smiled, and just sat with him quietly. Meh quietly flipped on a game, and exhaustion took over.


My dad looked up at my mom, "She's ok. Just tired. So we talked. She's happier now." My mom smiled, "She had me worried. I was talking with Hunter. She's been going through a lot with work. They're revamping the ER, and she's plagued with questions. She's been busy. Her suggestion was taken seriously, and the hospital loves it." Charlie smiled. "She's an amazing person. She'll go far, no worries there."


Sunday evening everyone had left. Hunter was reading, and I was watching a movie. I was so wrapped up, the whisper scared me half to death. "Don't say a word ok." I nodded and turned looking at Fred. His eyes were a warm golden color. "Relax ok. I've been traveling. So there's been a slew of new vampires popping up again. Not as rapidly as Victoria's were, but they're spread out. One is in Port Angeles. I was able to catch the scent. So I needed to forewarn you. Just incase you might phase." I sighed. "Babe come here now please." Fred looked at me. "Stay." He nodded and sat in the chair to my right. Just then Hunter walked in. "Whoa surprise visit." I reached for his hand pulling him to sit down.


The mood in the room suddenly changed. Alarm was painting the walls, and Hunter looked at me. "Fred has been traveling. There are new vampires being born. There's one in Port Angeles.” Hunter looked at me, then Fred, “Are you kidding me? This has to be a joke.” Fred sighed, “I wish it were. I’ve been all over the country. Most recently in Ohio, there’s a small coven converging in Cleveland. I’ve spoken with Carlisle, and the rest of the family. Jasper was contacting Peter, and Charlotte to see if anything was going on in their neck of the woods. Esme is going to travel to Ohio. She said she’d be back in a few days. The others are staying within the area. Jacob is concerned about new wolves again. He’s gone back to La Push, and his speaking with Sam.” Hunters face drained completely. I turned and looked at Hunter, “Listen to me, we’re safe.” Hunter looked at me, his hand held mine tighter then he’d ever had. “We’re getting married in 10 months. There’s a rogue vampire roaming around Port Angeles. My fiancé who phased before because of a vampire, could possibly phase again. She could be infertile. She could have to go into another battle again.” Hunter’s eyes started tearing up. Fred looked at Hunter, “I came here as your friend, and to warn you. I know the risks involved. I only felt I owed it to you both. Please don’t become angered by the information. If nobody has gone missing, and she’s not phasing then it’s not a threat.” Hunter snapped, “Maybe it hasn’t come close enough to affect her. Did you think of that Fred. Oh right, she’s a shapeshifter, she’s meant to destroy these vampires. This is my life with her we’re talking about. It’s ok right. I can lose her and move on.” Fred sighed, “That’s not what I said.” Hunter’s voice thundered, “Then what the hell are you saying?” I teared up hearing Hunter yell. I zoned out as the conversation progressed around me. I slowly stood up, and left the two men alone in my living room. 

I grabbed my keys, and my wallet and walked out to my car, and got in. I backed out of the driveway and left. I drove quietly, the music of Norah Jones - Come Away With Me played in the background. I just drove with the windows down. I got on the highway and headed towards La Push. I saw something out of the corner of my eye, running just within the tree line. It was a blur, and I ignored it. I pushed the gas pedal, and picked up my speed. I was driving to get away. I was running away. The questions was, what was I running from? Fred had only known of one that one vampire in Port Angeles. It could have just been passing through. I pulled up to First Beach, and parked. I climbed out, and locked my car up. I left my wallet, and phone. I didn’t want to be bothered. I shoved my keys in my pocket of my shorts, and started up the path to the cliffs. 

Hunter sat at home with Fred, and hatched out a plan. “So if she hasn’t phased yet, then I’m assuming it’s not a threat, or she just no long has the ability to phase. We’re all kind of perplexed. So Esme will be taking off tomorrow. She wants to know what’s going on with Ohio. She’ll be back by the end of the week I’m assuming. If this were something major, the Volturri would be snooping around.” Hunter shook his head, “How long has this been going on?” Fred shrugged, “It’s honestly hard to say. See when vampire’s want to grow a coven they can move rapidly. They can also move slowly. The Cullen’s grew slowly, and remained small. Same as the Denali’s. Small coven. So this could be a rogue vampire. I just keep my eyes peeled when I see new vampire’s created. I literally watched a whole army be built. I was supposed to be part of that army. I just decided I couldn’t kill innocent people, vampire’s for that matter. I never saw the Cullen’s as any threat. That’s why I’m cautious before jumping to any conclusions. That’s why we’re all taking a proactive approach, and just seeing what’s going on. I don’t want to stir up trouble, over nothing.” Hunter looked, “What if it is something?” Fred looked at him, “Then we’ll prepare. Until otherwise, relax and plan your wedding. Now where’s your beautiful fiancé?” Hunter called out, “Babe come here please.” There was no response. He got up and looked outside, “Her car’s gone.” He grabbed his cell calling me. “Voicemail. She shut it off.” Fred stood up, “Where would she be?” Hunter shrugged, “I’m not sure anymore.” 

Hunter was on the phone with my parents, “She left, and her phone is either dead or off.” Charlie sighed, “Ok, calm down. I will call down to the station, and reservation.” Hunter turned white, “The Cliff’s. She’s beyond upset.” Charlie sighed, “Alright I will call down to the reservation. She wouldn’t do anything stupid.” Hunter looked at Fred, “Charlie I don’t know. She received some unexpected news.” Charlie’s tone changed, “What news Hunter?” Fred took the phone, “Hi Chief Swan. I’m a friend of Leah, and Hunters. Right now there may be a problem. It’s as you refer to it, on a need to know basis.” Charlie became concerned, “Is my daughter in danger?” Fred weighed his response, “Currently no. There’s something going on, and well we’re watching it.” Charlie became angry hearing this, and you could hear grumbling on the other end. “Let me go. I will meet Hunter at the reservation.” He hung up, and Fred turned looking at Hunter. “He’ll meet you at the reservation.” Hunter sighed, grabbing his keys and, locked up the house. Fred took off on foot, and hung back in Port Angeles. 

I sat at the top of the cliffs. I just watched the waves below. I could remember coming up here in my wolf form. “Well if I didn’t see you with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it.” Jacob sat down beside me. “You never come here anymore. So what happened that drove you to the cliffs.” I sighed, “Vampire’s are being created. Last time,” I stopped speaking. Jacob nodded, “I know what you were going to say. But there’s no reason for an army now. It could just be a coincidence.” I sighed, “Jacob come on. Your reproductive organs aren’t affected by vampires. I want a family. Six years now. I think I deserve something I’ve waited for so long. Now new vampires are threatening that.” Jacob put a hand on my shoulder, “Leah everything will be alright. Please trust me.” I felt the tears waiting behind the flood gates. I just couldn’t do this to him. He’d not signed up for this. We sat for some time before, we made our way back down the trail. 

“Where the hell have you been?” Seth stood there, his hands on his hips. Chloe was beside him. “What? I was up on the cliff. Jeez you’re not my father.” Seth looked at me, “Charlie is at my house. Actually Hunter, Mom, and Billy are with him. What the hell happened?” Jacob looked at me. “I took off for a drive. I needed to clear my head. So I came down here, and went up tot he cliffs.” Seth’s tone was stern, “Well Hunter called Charlie, and the whole reservation, and I think police department were on the lookout for you. Why didn’t you answer your phone?” I looked at him, “For starters it’s off. Second I left it in the car with my wallet. I needed some time away.” Seth yelled at me, “Time away? Jesus Leah you took off. Nobody know’s where the hell you were. You could have been hurt. What if something happened and we needed to get ahold of you?” I looked at him, “Don’t yell at me.” Seth snapped, “I have every right to yell.” Jacob stood beside me, “Seth calm down. She’s ok. I know it’s stressful right now.” Seth looked at Jacob, “You don’t know. You don’t have a wife, and kid on the way.” Jacob looked back at him, “And what’s that have to do with everything?” Seth held Chloe’s hand, “This is extremely stressful on everyone when she disappears.” I snapped, “I didn’t disappear. I’m a grown goddamn woman. I chose to go for a drive to clear my head.” Seth snipped at me, “We don’t all get to run off, and clear our heads.” I swallowed it back, “You have the perfect life don’t you. You’re pretty little house with three bedrooms. You’re happily married, and expecting your first child. Look at mom, she’s expecting also. Sam, and Emily are expecting, and happily married. Then there’s me. Do you not realize the world going on around you? No you mustn’t. It must be great to have it all. So here’s the deal, you’re not my father. So get off my back. If I choose to get away, then let it be.” Seth stood straight up, towering me, “I won’t let it be. Charlie is beyond worried. Mom doesn’t need the stress.” I snapped, “Vampires are popping up different places now. One in Port Angeles. You had no idea, but go ahead and just assume. That’s what you all have ever done. Well guess what, I am the bitch you all call me behind my back.” I stormed past Seth, knocking my shoulder into his. “Leah,” Seth called after me. “Dude let her go. You just needed to stop.” 
I continued getting in my car, and headed to my mom’s house.

I pulled up in front of the house. Charlie’s cruiser was in the driveway. My mom’s car was in front of mine. I climbed out, and walked inside, “MOM?” I yelled. Charlie came from the kitchen and walked towards me, stopping me by the front door. “She’s upstairs resting. Where have you been?” I looked at him, and the tears started flowing. “Oh Leah come on.” He never gave hugs, but today he knew I needed it. “Relax ok. Talk to me calmly.” I sobbed, “Seth and I had a fight. I just needed time.” Charlie just patted my back, “Calm down, come sit on the couch.” I walked in and sat down. He handed me a few tissues, “I know something is going on. Your friend said it was a need to know situation.” I nodded, “There’s just too much to talk about.” Charlie looked at me, “Why not just relax, let things cool down between you and your brother.” I curled up on the couch, and slowly dozed off. 

“She’s ok. She came here looking for her mom. Sue’s resting, she’s not feeling too good. Yeah just come to the house. Alright see you soon.” Seth looked at Charlie. “Hunter’s on his way.” Seth sighed, “I had no idea what was going on. Leah didn’t explain.” Jacob spoke, “You never gave her a chance honestly.” Seth sighed, “I was just so angry. She’s run away before.” Charlie spoke, “It’s scary when someone you care about just disappears. Yelling at her isn’t going to help the situation.” Jacob looked at Charlie, “At this point it’s a waiting game now.” Charlie nodded, “I’m glad you filled me in.” They looked in the direction where I shifted on the couch. “She is just stressed beyond belief. Everyone needs her for something, or wants her for something.” Charlie spoke. My mom came down the stairs, “Mmm what’s going on.” Charlie looked at my mom, “A lot. We’ll talk about it later.” 




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