The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


17. Chapter 16 - Surprises aren't always a happy moment

Travis pulled up to his mothers house, and shut the car off. He climbed out, and shut the door behind him. Quietly he jogged up the porch stairs, and the horn honked; as he locked it remotely. “Mom?” He called out walking inside. “Kitchen.” He walked in, and she was sitting there with photo albums, and several binders. “What’s all this?” He motioned with his hand. “Sit down, and I will explain.” He pulled out the chair beside his the one his mother occupied, and glanced over everything. “Alright let’s talk now. You need to know your history.” Travis looked at the photos, “Who’s that mom?” She smiled, “Your father when he was much younger.” Travis studied it carefully. “So who’s, who?” His mom took it, and carefully started naming off people. Travis spotted my mom, “That’s Sue right there.” She nodded, “Sue is your father’s cousin.” Travis nodded, and looked at the family tree. “Whoa Leah, and Sam are distant cousins?” His mom nodded, “Yeah hun why?” Travis ran a hand on the back of his neck, “This is crazy.” He pushed away from the table, and stood up. 

He started pacing the small kitchen. “Travis please we should talk.” He shook his head, “You’ve kept this for how long?” She looked at him, “Please let’s talk.” He shook his head, “I would never have known. Did you and dad ever marry?” She shook her head, “No. We decided to just be in a committed relationship.” He clenched his fists, and was furious, “Sam Uley is my goddamn half brother. You’re just telling me now. My best friends fiancé, was dumped by him in high school. He imprinted on her cousin Emily.” Travis’s mother stood up to approach him, “Please,” He held up a hand, to hold her at bay, “Listen, I can only handle so many secrets. Shit the wolf thing still throws me. So I’m expected to Imprint on the right one? Wow mom, thanks so much. Guess Joshua really took his secrets to the grave.” That was a low blow, and he’d realized it. With a trembling voice she spoke, “I’ve never wanted to hurt you, but keep you safe.” He whipped his head in her direction, “Hurt me? Oh no, you’ve just betrayed me. My trust is gone. So now I’m taking all of this stuff, and leaving. You don’t need it.” He walked over scooping it all up, and left. “Travis please talk to me. I know you’re angry.” She followed him outside. He unlocked his car, and leaned in putting the books on the passengers seat. “I will call you when I’m calmer. Right now, I don’t want to see you, or speak to you.” He climbed in, and shut the door. She stood there silently watching him. “It was your father who didn’t want me saying a word.” Travis shrugged, “He’s dead, it didn’t matter. You chose to keep this secret.” He started the car, and shifted into reverse. “Bye mom.” He backed out of the driveway, then threw it in drive, and was gone.  


Hunter came in, and sat down with me. “Hi baby.” I smiled, and looked at him. “You’re awake?” My smart mouth started, “No my ventriloquist is doing this. I’m sound asleep. Pretty cool huh?” I smirked. “Smart ass is what you are.” He gently rubbed my legs, “So how are we feeling?” I shrugged, “Tired of laying around like I’m broken.” He tapped the tip of my nose with his finger, “Well you tend to over do it. So healing is important.” I smiled, “Well I’m feeling much better. Sleep appears to have helped the process as well.   I will take it easy over the weekend.” Hunter smiled, “Good. Monday we see Dr.Martin.” I looked at him, and nodded quietly. “I don’t have to go if you don’t want me to.” Hunter spoke, gently running his thumb across the back of my hand. “I’m just nervous about what the ultrasound will say." He took my hand in his, "No matter what happens, I'm staying by your side." A wave of comfort took me, and the anxiety disappeared with the undertow. We dozed off on the couch together.


There was a buzzing noise that, woke me up. "Hello?" A sleepy Hunter answered his cell. "Dude there's some messed up stuff." A slurred voice was on the other end. "Travis where are you?" Hunter sat up. "I'm home. I'm not completely drunk. I'm also exhausted, and utterly disgusted with my mother." Hunter moved my legs carefully, and got up going to his office. I listened half awake, half asleep. "Travis what happened?" There was a deep inhale on Travis’s end. “Bro your fiancés ex-asshole is my half brother.” Hunter was quiet, and processing what he’d just heard. “I can’t even wrap my brain around this. How did you find out?” That was when Travis’s truth had to come out. “Listen I need to be honest with you, and you need to be honest with me. So who should go first?” Hunter was quiet, “I think you should, because I’m not sure where this is going.” Travis sighed. 

It was quiet except for the, “Well... You see... Um...” Travis wasn’t sure how to come out about such a big secret. “Travis if you’re gay, it’s too cool. I still think of you as a brother.” That got Travis on track to talking, “Whoa no not gay. I like the ladies, just work has taken up a lot of my time. Ok here it goes. So Sam Uley is my half brother. I’m assuming you know more, then you’ve ever told me.” Hunter straightened up in his chair, his heart started to thump louder, then it ever had before. “Listen, I know more then you told me now. Tonight when you said Leah Imprinted on you, I called my mom. I wish you told me sooner. I’ve been hiding this secret for six years now. I’m part Quileute, and well,” Hunter spoke, “You phase?” Travis laughed, “Yeah bro. I never told you because I worried. I never talked to Leah about, because I never knew.” Hunter let out a sigh of relief, “Well that’s a load off of both our shoulders. Leah no longer phases. Actually hasn’t for about five years now.” Travis came out of his half buzzed state, “Did she just choose to stop?” Hunter sighed, “No it just sort of happened. Listen there’s a lot to talk about, and I rather do it in person.” Travis closed his eyes, and flopped back on his bed, “Tomorrow morning. Breakfast at your place.” Hunter laughed, “Bring the coffee, and bagels.” Travis laughed, “Perfect. Be there at nine sharp. See ya later.” He hung up. Hunter sat there at his desk, and things started to make sense about Travis now. Random trips for days at a time. He must have been phasing, and trying to gain control. Hunter walked back out, “Travis has to talk to us tomorrow.” I looked at Hunter, “Ok.” I said eyeing him. That was the end of our discussion. It was then when Hunter suggested we get some sleep. We headed upstairs, and I succumbed to the sleep that I desperately needed. 


I’d finished my shower, and was choosing an outfit for the day. I decided on a short summer dress. It was sleeveless, and not too low cut. It had an empire waist which I loved. I grabbed a simple pair of sandals to go with it, and went downstairs. My hair was down today, and Hunter smiled. “Here she is.” He pulled me into his arms, and kissed me softly. “Mmm you smell amazing.” He whispered against my lips, and kissed along my jaw, to my neck. I chuckled, “You have company babe.” Travis faced the counter, “I’m not looking no worries.” Hunter laughed, “Later then.” Travis groaned, “Dude.” I laughed, and grabbed a coffee, and sat down. “Hunter told me how you like yours.” I smiled, “Thank you. It’s a nice treat.” I relaxed, and pulled the paper over, just scanning the front page. The boys looked between one another, then sat down. 

Travis smiled, “So Hunter wanted me to come over and talk with you.” I looked up, and set the paper down. “Hunter told me you Imprinted. I know what that means.” I stiffened, and looked at Hunter, “You told him?” He looked at me, “I only said that.” I shook my head. “Whoa relax ok. Listen don’t go killing him. I need to talk to you seriously. I had no idea, until last night.” Travis inhaled deeply, and looked at Hunter, and then me. “You ex-boyfriend Sam, um...” I looked at Travis, my stomach knotted up. I felt queasy at the sound of his name. “Sam’s my half brother. Joshua Uley is my father. See I had no idea because, well my parents never married. My dad died back when I was in high school.” Travis nodded, “Suicide. Not something I talk about too often. My mom just put away the photo albums, and didn’t speak much of it.” I felt bad for Travis. He was nothing like Joshua. He tried to overcome what had been handed to him. “I had no idea, you and I are sort of related. Your mom is like a cousin, and you’re a cousin. I guess there’s another couple in there.” I half smiled, and half chuckled, “Yeah it’s a lot to grasp. There’s my Uncle Lucas, and my brother Seth.” Travis smiled, “Cool. See my mom’s side, really no family there.” I nodded, and could understand that. “So does Seth phase?” I nodded, “Yep, and quite often. He says, “Look at me, I’m free. It’s when he starts with the mental show tunes, that the others want to bite him.” Travis laughed. “The time he started to mentally sing, “I Feel Pretty” from Westside Story, they almost all fell over laughing. Hunter burst out in a fit of laughter, and Travis joined him. 

I explained what happened between Sam, and I. Travis was quite bothered by it, “So are you ok with him now?” I shrugged, “I still think he’s a horses ass, but he makes my cousin happy.” Hunter pulled me back against him, and gently rested his hands on my stomach, “He’s tolerable. Not to speak ill of your brother dude.” Travis shrugged, “Sounds like my dad. Selfish, obnoxious, and a know it all.” I nodded. “Well I should meet him at some point I guess. I just don’t know what to do.” I thought about it for a moment, “Emily is itching to see me. She wants some Kumbayacrap to happen. All of us be happy, and pretend that nothing ever bad happened between us.” Hunter laughed, “Oh God.” I smiled a devilish smile, “I’m not trying to put you on the spot, but how about meeting here. Neutral ground. Just no phasing in my house.” Travis straightened up this time, “Why would you say that?” I smiled, “Um, weren’t you in Seattle a ways back?” He nodded, “Let me guess when the killings in Seattle were going unsolved.” He nodded again. “I know. My family caused my turning. Now they’re no longer a threat to me, or anyone.” Travis was clearly confused. “The vampires, whom I consider my family live on a vegetarian diet. They only survive on animal blood.” Travis looked at me, “Whoa. So they like hang out with you?” I laughed, “Yes. It’s a long story. You’ll meet them sometime. They look like you, or I. They’re eyes are what’s different from other vampires.” Travis was clearly trying to process all of this. I continued, and explained everything in more depth, and detail. 

About two hours later, Travis was relaxed and smiling. “So can I meet them? The Cullen’s that is?” I nodded, “Alice is planning our wedding I assume. Jacob who’s the Alpha of a pack, well he’s imprinted on a hybrid. Renesmee is half human, half vampire.” Travis raised an eyebrow, “A what?” I smiled, “A hybrid. Her mother fell in love with a vampire. Well her mother became pregnant, and she carried Renesmee to term. Bella was changed right after her birth. The pregnancy was accelerated to say the least. Renesmee aged quite fast. She’s at her full growth now. We don’t know if she’s permanently immortal. The Hybrid we met is 150 years old. By age seven he’d grown to full maturity. Well Renesmee is now soon to be seven. Her growth has slowed, and or stopped. I don’t see her everyday.” I shrugged. Travis looked at me, “That’s quite impressive.” I smiled, “It’s hard to believe, what your taught is just myth.” He nodded, agreeing with me. I left the guys to talk amongst themselves. 

I wandered out of the house, and down to the bookstore. It was quiet, and closed. I wandered around downtown, and window shopped. That eerie feeling of being watched, crept up on me. I surveyed the area around me, but nothing looked out of place. I continued with my afternoon stroll through downtown. I simply brushed off the idea. Fred would have called me if he were around. I tapped the screen on my phone, brining it to life. Nothing. Maybe it was just after everything we’d discussed today, I was a bit on edge. This was a major secret. When secrets needed to be covered up, well that’s when they appeared. If there were anything Alice would have told me right? Then again, she couldn’t see me? I quickly brought my phone to life once again. I slid my finger across the screen unlocking it. I fumbled trying to located the name I needed. Once I landed it, I hit the phone icon, to call. Her chipper voice answered, “Hi Leah? How are you?” I quickly spoke, and softly, “Alice I need to know right now, can you see me at all?” She was moving, to talk more privately. “What do you mean?” I looked around, and then looked down again, “Can you see my future at all? I’m technically human.” She spoke softly, “What’s wrong? Where are you?” I sighed, “Downtown Port Angeles. I’m just being stupid. Never mind.” She quickly spoke, “I don’t see anything Leah. What sparked this phone call. Don’t take it the wrong way, but you’ve alarmed me.” I walked along, looking around every so often, “I was told some news today. It’s rather a major shock. Since the news, I felt like I was being watched.” Alice sighed softly, “Shock?” I exhaled, after not breathing in a normal continuous pattern. I found myself holding my breath, while waiting for her responses. “Hunter’s best friend, well he’s Sam Uley’s half brother.” Alice was quite. “Alice?” She spoke, “Um wow.” I sighed, because there was nothing to say. “He wants to meet the family.” She smiled, “Well I will tell Carlisle. For now try and relax. If anything should change, I will call.” I closed my eyes, and stood there, “Ok. I will talk to you later.” She smiled, “Bye.” The phone went quiet. 

“Good thing it’s cloudy.” I spun around to Jacob standing behind me. I slapped him in the arm, “Jerk. What the hell? Why would you creep up on me like that?” He rubbed his arm, pretending to be hurt. Renesmee came bouncing down the street, with a bag in her hand. “I just came out of the shop. I saw you walk by. What has you all bothered.” I glanced around, and shook my head. Renesmee came up beside Jacob, and interlaced her fingers with his, “Hi Auntie.” I smiled, “Hi sweetie.” Jacob leaned in closer to me, “What’s going on? Spill now!” I rolled my eyes, “Maybe you should sit down before I let this wolf out of the bag.” Renesmee smiled, “Are you?” I shook my head, “No. There’s another wolf. I just met him.” Jacob’s jaw could have cracked the cement that made up the sidewalk. “What? You’re kidding me.” I shook my head. “Sam Uley has a half brother. Travis Michaelson, Hunter’s best friend. Joshua Uley is his father. Renesmee’s jaw joined Jacob’s. “Listen roll your jaw back up. Since I found out, while walking I felt like I was being watched. I don’t think it’s Fred, he’d have called me.” Jake nodded, “Well we can head back with you. Renesmee drove here.” I smiled, “Yeah let’s go then.” We walked back to her car, and headed back to the house. 

Once we were back, I grabbed the house phone, and called Fred. “Hi stranger.” I spoke quickly, “Where are you right now?” He took a moment to respond, “Uh Alaska. I’m with the Denali coven. Why what’s wrong?” I sighed, and spoke, “Some weird stuff is going on. News that’s come as a shock. Then that feeling of,” He quickly interjected, “Don’t be alone at all ok. That’s not good. I can be down there soon if you want?” I spoke softly, “I don’t want to take you away from anything.” He laughed, “Yes studying, it’s going to be so detrimental to me. I can pack a bag. I will be there soon. Be careful.” He hung up after that. Jacob looked at me, "Fred's coming?" I nodded and swallowed, and walked into Hunters office. I sat down on his couch. "Want to talk?" I nodded, "Fred's coming down." Hunter leaned against his desk, and held onto the edges of it. "That's a bit random." I shook my head, "Someone was watching me." Hunter let go of the desk, and sat beside me. "Ok so no idea who." I shook my head, "I called Fred for that reason." Hunter whispered, "Leah you're worrying me now." I sighed, "Could be a newborn, or a nomad." Jacob stepped in, "The Volturri. Ness is at the age of full maturity. They're watching." Hunter pulled me against him, "We just take this one day at a time." I exhaled, "Hunter if they suspect anything," Hunter looked at me, "If it takes me living forever, then so be it." My color must have drained, "Leah talk to me."


I came around, and I was aware I was on a soft surface. "Easy you're in bed. I'm sorry if that upset you. I can't be without you. You're  my life." I blinked a few times, focusing on Hunter's face. "I don't phase. My body is aging. Hunter you'd be immortal. One day I will die." He looked at me, "Then I'd be with you until death do us part." My brain just seemed to hum. As everything swam around like a swarm of bees. This wasn't a easy decision. "Couldn't you be turned since you're human?" Hunter asked. I shook my head, "I have the genetic makeup of a wolf. The venom could burn, or kill me. We were quiet. There was no compromise. Growing old together may not be an option.





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