The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


15. Chapter 14 - A mouthful, and a handful of emotions.

I stirred feeling discomfort. “Baby what is it?” Hunter woke up, rolling onto his side facing me. “Nothing go back to sleep.” He looked at me, “You sure you’re ok?” I nodded, and got out of bed wincing. “That’s not ok Leah.” I had to cover, “Damn muscle. At work Thursday, I moved really fast and it happened then.” He sat up, and watched me, “Please be honest, you’re not lying right?” I shook my head, “I’m not. I’m just not working out as much as I used to.” That was the honest truth. I quietly crept to the bathroom and used it. Once I finished I washed my hands, and opened the door. Hunter was waiting there for me. He put an arm around my waist, and walked me back to bed. “Please just get checked. Talk to Carlisle.” I held onto him, “Fine. If it goes away?” He smiled, “Then I won’t be worried. We’ll be seeing them tomorrow.” 

Slowly I crept back into bed, then a wince broke through. “Tomorrow Leah, I’m not kidding.” I nodded. Hunter carefully covered me up, and joined me back in bed. I laid there, listening to the soft rain that started to fall outside. My body felt achy, and I stirred, “You ok?” Hunter whispered, as he was curled up behind me. “Yeah the rain is just making my body achy.” He kissed my neck, “Try and sleep.” I smiled, and looked at the window. He gently stroked my arm, causing goosebumps to rise all over my body. The feeling itself was comforting. My eyes would close, and slowly reopen. This happened for a few minutes, until finally they shut. Hunter whispered, “Sleep well my love.


I woke up the next morning, and it was drizzling. Hunter was already showered and dressed. I decided to do the same. I was dressed in khaki shorts, and a fitted black t-shirt, and my sneakers. “Looking good.” My mom smiled, and stood in the door way. I’d put my hair in a french braid again. “Thanks. Just wanted something comfortable.” My mom walked over and gently touched my stomach. “Leah are you sure you’re not pregnant?” I shook my head, “It came back negative mom.” She nodded, “Ok. Just making sure.” I looked down at my stomach, wondering what sparked her question. “Let’s eat. Grandma made breakfast for all of us.” I smiled I walked out with her and joined the others. 


It was time to head back to Charlie’s and spend the rest of the weekend there. We were going to visit with the Cullen’s later on in the evening. Once we arrived at my parents house, I went upstairs to the spare room, and laid down. “She ok?” Charlie asked my mom. “She’s tired. I asked her if she’s pregnant. She swears she’s not. the test was negative.” Hunter walked in, “She said she’d get checked, or at least talk to Carlisle.” My mom rubbed Hunter’s shoulder, “She’s stubborn, and we all know that. I want to keep an eye on her.” Charlie nodded, “I’ve never seen her in pain.” Hunter spoke, “She claimed it’s a muscle.” My mom raised an eyebrow, “A muscle? Leah is fit. Her pulling a muscle, isn’t sounding quite right.” Hunter sighed, “I know. I don’t want to push it, and have her angry.” The three of them headed into the kitchen, and started to work on preparing lunch. 

I dozed off, and woke up feeling chilly. “Lunch come on sis.” Seth stood in the door way. I pulled my hoodie on, and tried to warm up. “It’s so nice out, why are you wearing that thing?” I yawned, “Just a little chilly.” Seth shrugged, “Whatever. Probably because you’re not phasing.” I quietly mumbled, “Yeah probably.” I went to the bathroom, and shut the door behind me. I turned on the water in the sink, to muffle a noise I may made. I opened the medicine cabinet looking for a thermometer. Success, it was sitting there on the second shelf. I scarfed it off, and quickly turned it on. I slid it under my tongue, after putting the protective cover over it. I waited patiently until the soft beep, alerted me I had my results, 100.5. Damn it I had something, and this wasn’t helping me. How could I convince them it was nothing. 


I started down the stairs, and stopped. “Leah come on. Let’s go now.” Charlie stood at the bottom. I turned and ran back upstairs, and shut the bathroom door. “I’m on it.” Hunter came up, and rubbed my back, “Monday call your doctor. Get a blood test. I think you’re pregnant.” I sighed, “I think it’s a flu. No breast tenderness, no missed periods, no tell tale signs.” I closed the toilet flushing it. I moved to the sink to brush my teeth. Hunter stayed quiet, and gently placed his hand on my stomach. The warmth that spread through me, as he did it was absolutely astounding. “If you are, do you want to move the wedding up?” I looked at him, “We’d have to. I want to be married, before we have children.” He stood up kissing my cheek. “See you downstairs.” He left me alone to catch my breath. I rested my hand on my stomach, “Please God, I need some good news.” I let my hand fall, and went downstairs. 


We’d finally made it to the large white house. Laughter filled the Cullen home. Everyone was comfortable with one another. We were chatting, and just having a good time. Carlisle smiled, and walked over to me. “Come with me real quick.” I stood up and inhaled quickly. Eyes were on me. I ignored them and, followed him to his study. He ushered me in first, and shut the door behind him. “So still running a fever?” I shrugged, “No offense hard to tell. You’re all a bit cold, and it makes me chilly.” He chuckled, “Here.” He handed me a thermometer, and I slid it under my tongue. He held my wrist, as he looked at his watch. The thermometer chirped, “101.9. What was it before?” I looked up at his warm golden eyes, “100.5.” He nodded, “You’re pulse is within normal range." He gently touched my stomach, "You said the test came back negative?" I nodded again, "Yes." He gently pressed on my stomach, "Who's your ob/gyn?" I spoke softly, "Lucas Martin." Carlisle's eyes spoke louder, then his fatherly voice, "See him Monday. I think you're pregnant. At home tests only rely on a hormone in the urine. It may be too soon, unless the wolf gene is altering the hormones." I looked at him, "Menstrual cycle?" He thought for a moment, "When was your last one" I replied, "Almost a month ago." He nodded, "Have Dr. Martin do both a urine, and blood test. If anything changes, call me. We can have him paged." I bit my lip, "He's in Port Angeles. We’re going back Tuesday morning." Carlisle nodded, "I'm going to call him now, leave a message. This way he'll be aware of what's going on."


I stood quietly unable to formulate words. A soft knock on the door, "Carlisle?" Esme's voice came through the door. "Come in love." She stepped in the room, holding a mug. Steam poured off the top. "Ginger tea." She handed it to me. "Wait, how'd you?" She smiled, "Edward subtly let me know. Hunter let him know." Right thoughts. "Thank you." She smiled, "Sit and relax please." I sat down quietly. Esme smiled sitting beside me, "So is everything ok?" Carlisle looked at me, giving me my cue to speak. "Carlisle thinks I'm pregnant." Esme smiled, "That's a nice surprise." I looked down. "Leah what is it?" She asked gently. "I've had some pain." Carlisle stood up straight, "You didn't mention that. Where is it?" I gently touched the area, "Along here. It comes, and goes." Carlisle moved squatting beside me, and gently pushed. I inhaled wincing, "Fever, and abdominal pain. How bad is the pain?" I shrugged, "It's varied. Honestly it feels like I pulled a muscle. Then a cramp, to pressure." He gently pushed, "Oh ok that hurt a little." He looked at me. "Call out for any shifts you may have." I looked at him, "I'm off until Tuesday." He nodded, "Good. Rest for now." I was nervous at this point, and he could tell.


He stepped out, and left Esme and I sitting there. He walked back in about ten minutes later with Hunter. "I called Dr.Martin. He's on call tonight at the hospital. He can see you tomorrow morning, if nothing changes. If it does, we both want you at the hospital immediately up there." My heart stopped, and my whole body froze. "There are a several scenarios were thinking about. Our first concern would be an ectopic pregnancy.  You could also be in the beginnings of a miscarriage." I asked timidly, "Could it be a stomach virus?" Carlisle shook his head, "That's not as likely." I stopped him, "Appendicitis is the other possibility." He nodded, "Pain isn't constant, only the fever is. Let's try something to see if we can break the fever." I nodded, and pinched the bridge of my nose. Hunter squatted in front of me, "Travis is watching over the boat for us. I already sent him a text. I will be with you the whole time." I exhaled and quietly stood up, and winced and left the room.


Voices were swirling around the large room, I headed in the direction of the front door, "Hey wolf girl." Emmett's voice boomed out. I turned to look to see where he was. The room started to move in different directions. I forced myself out into the fresh air. "Leah wait up." A voice called out. I managed to get to the porch stairs and sat down. A cool hand was on my cheek, "Hey look at me please." Rosalie's eyes were filled with concern. I quickly stood up, and vomited into the bushes. "HELP!" She called out. Her stone body, was my crutch as I emptied the contents of my stomach, and slumped against her. Carlisle hurried out, speaking into his phone, "Lucas, she's vomiting, pale, and sweaty." I felt my body lose what strength I had. "Baby." Hunter was outside and scooped me up, hurrying inside.


I was lying on a bed, that was comfortable. Something cool, and wet was on my forehead. I tried to sit up, and cringed. "Don't move ok. Carlisle is talking with the doctor. " Emmett stood there. "Hunter?" Rosalie sat beside me, "He's filling in Carlisle." I sighed, "I need the bathroom." Rosalie helped me up, I quietly went to the bathroom. I finished and felt a sharp pain, then pressure. "Mom, mom." Rosalie knocked, "She's not here; may I come in?" I pulled up my pants, and flushed the toilet, "Yeah." I washed my hands, and sat on the toilet." Rosalie  came over, and she looked at me, "You're pale." I whimpered, “A lot, and pressure." I crumpled up on myself. "Emmett" he was in the bathroom, "Let me get you wolf girl." Carefully he helped me out  and back to the bed. Rosalie stroked my hair. Carlisle quickly came in, "He wants you at the hospital now. We're driving to Port Angeles. Your mom went home quickly with Charlie. They're packing to spend a few days if need be." Rosalie looked at Carlisle, "She's having sharp pain, and having pressure." He moved quickly grabbing a blanket and wrapping it around me. "Esme and, I are going to drive you up to Port Angeles. We’re going to stay, don't worry ok." I nodded tearing up. "Rose, will you come please?" She nodded, "Of course." Hunter walked in, "Hey baby." He sat down and held me.


Renesmee was in the living room, "Mom is Aunt Leah  ok?" Bella looked up, "I don't know sweetie." Esme glided out briskly, "We're leaving you in charge of watching the house, and Charlie and Sue's. Make sure lights are on ok." Seth stood up, "What's wrong with Leah?" Edward was on the couch. His forehead rested against steepled fingers, as he used his thighs to support his arms, "Carlisle thinks maybe a miscarriage. He's not sure though." Esme stayed quiet, "We're going to Port Angeles. Carlisle knows about her history, plus he works there when needed. Seth looked as though life had been knocked out of him. Chloe stood up, and rubbed his back, "Go ahead, I'm fine." Alice looked on quietly, "Chloe you can stay if you want, we'll drive up together?" Seth nodded at Chloe, "I'm going to go with my mom, and dad ok?" Chloe smiled, "That's fine." He kissed her gently, and rubbed her stomach then left.


Jasper walked in, "Car is all set." Esme smiled, "Thank you." Jasper nodded, and stood beside Alice. Esme waited quietly, and looked around the house. Alice moved quietly, and held Esme, "She'll be ok." Esme nodded. Renesmee shot up, "Auntie." Hunter carried me carefully out to the living room. I had curled up in his arms. Jacob held onto Renesmee, "Let me see her please." Bella moved and stood in front of Renesmee, "We'll drive up in a little bit ok. Let them get her there first. Grandpa is going to take good care of her. Renesmee pulled away and, took off into the woods. Edward spoke, "Let her calm down." He stood up, and walked over to the window. Carlisle spoke, "I will call when we know what's going on." He, and Esme walked out the door, closing it quickly behind him. Emmett sat on the couch, and Alice moved sitting on the arm, "I can't see her. That wolf gene is still in her blood." Jasper thought, "She's not actively phasing. Jacob, well he's here. Seth isn't with her." Bella looked at Alice,"If it happens that you can see," Alice nodded, "I will tell you."


Time had past, and I came around to a sharp cramp. A whimper echoed through the car. "Shh baby. We're almost there." Rosalie pressed a pillow against my stomach. "What is it?" Carlisle asked, looking in the rear view mirror. "Cramp." I whispered. Hunter kissed the top of my head. Esme started to hum softly looking back at us. Her voice was gentle, even when she hummed. With that I started dozing off. My breathing evened out. "She's asleep again." Rosalie spoke. "Good. About 30 minutes according to the gps with traffic."


We arrived, and slowly made it inside checking in. The waiting groom looked different from this angle. Those double doors looked intimidating from here. Carlisle whispered, "I know how patients feel now." I nodded agreeing. "Leah?" Sam walked out, "I thought they were kidding about you coming in." Carlisle shook his head, "Nope. I called Lucas Martin." Sam nodded, "He's down here, and has a room set up for her. We've paged radiology, and they have ultrasound all ready to go." Michelle walked over with a wheelchair, "Everyone is worried." Sam locked the wheelchair, and Hunter helped me sit down. Sam, “Dr.Cullen are you coming back?” I cringed, “They all can. I just need to get changed.” Michelle smiled, “Ok hun.” Hunter held my hand, as they pushed me back. 


Esme, and Rosalie came in and helped me change. Hunter folded my clothes carefully, and placed them in a plastic bag that said, “Patient Belongings.” I swallowed, and pulled the gown on, and carefully sat on the bed. There was a knock on the door, “Hey it’s Sam. I need to start an IV, and draw some blood.” I sighed and put my head back. Hunter had covered me up, “I’m sorry baby.” I bit my lip trying to stifle a whimper. Esme looked at him, and held my hand. “If it’s a miscarriage, I just can’t do this.” Hunter kissed my forehead, and placed his against mine, “Baby no matter what, we’ll get through it.” Esme patted the back of my hand, “Let’s just see what the results say ok.” Sam smiled, “Ok, left hand work?” I nodded. Hunter moved out of her way, and she quietly set up her table. “Alright small pinch hun.” I winced feeling the needle go in. I saw the vials of blood, and my head fell back. “Damn it. Leah stay with me hun. Michelle help.” Rosalie, and Esme moved out of the way. “Leah hun come on. You do this all the time.” Michelle quietly reclined the bed, and grabbed the oxygen. “What’s going on?” Dr.Martin walked in. “Giving her a little oxygen through a cannula. Sam started to draw blood, and she just decided to take a quick nap.” Slowly I came around, “There’s our girl. Dr.Martin is here Leah.” He walked over, and looked down, “How are you doing?” I shrugged, “I don’t feel good.” He nodded, and sat down pulling the stool up to the side of the stretcher. “So this just started suddenly?” Hunter spoke up, “She’s been a bit run down all week. Last night at dinner, she stood up and grabbed my shoulder. She said it was a muscle spasm. Woke up early hours of the morning today, whimpered several times. Then we were visiting with family in Forks, and it became worse.” He nodded, “Ok hun. You know the drill. Breathing, vitals, and then I want to do an exam. Esme, and Rose smiled, “We’ll be just outside sweetie.” They stepped out closing the door.


Sam drew the curtain, providing me with privacy. Michelle stood by my head, and held my hand, “Weren’t you at your grandfather’s funeral?” I nodded, “Yep.” She sighed, “Oh Leah.” I shook my head, “Please don’t worry about it.” Sam spoke, “Just bad timing.” I grumbled, “No bad timing is nothing new to me.” Hunter smiled, “Oh but you had perfect timing, when you bumped into me when we first met.” I smiled a little, “That’s true.” Dr. Martin moved the blankets, and gently felt around my stomach. “Does this hurt here?” He’d push. “A little bit.” He nod, and continue. “Shit stop.” I rolled on my side, and grabbing Hunter’s hand. “I’m sorry. It’s not appendicitis. We need to do a pelvic exam.” I just closed my eyes, and blew out what air was left in my lungs. I could hear Sam, moving around and different noises. A few minutes later, and I was whimpering. “Deep breaths hun.” Michelle spoke softly. Hunter leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I’m right here.” I felt like I was suffocating. Then it was over. I was allowed to move, and I curled up into a fetal position. 

Dr. Martin cleaned up, and washed up before coming over. Michelle, and Sam positioned pillows trying desperately to make me comfortable. “Alright were going to get something for the pain going. Then we’ll take you down for the ultrasound. Once we can see what’s going on, we’ll talk.” I looked at Hunter. He looked at Dr. Martin, “So any idea?” He sighed, “I felt a lump. Once I have the test results back, we’ll have a pregnancy result. I’m concerned because this is on your ovary. I’m not making a final diagnosis until we have the ultrasound. I’m admitting you for the night. You’re in no condition to go home.” Hunter sighed, “Thanks.” Dr. Martin nodded, and stepped out. I started to tremble. “Leah it’s ok. No matter what, I’m with you 100%.” I gasped, and then started to sob. A warm hand rubbed my arm, “Hi sweetie. Dad and I are here. He’s waiting in the family room right now, with Rosalie, and Esme. Carlisle is in the hall talking with your doctor. I can spend the night if you want.” I nodded, through the sobs. A soft knock on the door, then Carlisle came around and shut the door. “Hi. We have the test results. You’re not pregnant. Dr. Martin thinks it’s a ruptured cyst, and there’s another one as well. Once we have the ultrasound images,” I couldn’t hear anything after that. I saw lips moving, but I couldn’t hear it. I just closed my eyes. 


It seemed like forever, before I returned to the small room in the emergency department. “How is she doing?” Dr. Martin stood up asking Michelle, and Sam. “She cried herself to sleep. She’s in so much discomfort. They had to stop several times to let her breath. She’s short of breath, and her blood pressure is hanging around 147/95. I put her back on the oxygen for now.” He nodded, “Let’s see if we can bring that number down. She can have something for pain in about ten minutes. I don’t want her vomiting. She already has an empty stomach as it is.” My mom walked in with Charlie. “Hunter are you ok?” Charlie asked. “Yeah, just I’ve never seen her like this. My mom sighed, “She’s never been this way. Even when Harry died, she was angry.” A knock on the door frame, “Hi.” Seth walked in. “She’s sleeping right now hun.” My mom reached for his hand. “So is she ok?” Dr. Martin spoke, “Right now, I’m waiting on the results of her ultrasound. Her blood work came back normal. She’s not pregnant. She has classic signs of a cyst. My major concern is a Torsion.” My mom swallowed, leaning into Charlie. “A what?” Charlie asked. Dr.Martin spoke, “An Ovarian Torsion, is when the Ovary becomes twisted. If that were the case, she’ll need surgery. It’s a simple procedure, if she needs it. She’ll be home Tuesday at the latest. She’ll be out of work for a week, maybe two.” Hunter nodded listening. “Let me see if the results are back.” He smiled, and then stepped out. 

I stirred a little, and tried to shift. “Don’t move hun.” I shivered, and felt around. “I’m here don’t worry.” Hunter spoke. “So the doctor is just waiting on results ok.” Charlie smiled, “Hey kiddo. How are you feeling?” I croaked, “Cold, and tired.” Sam walked in, “As so to be expected hun.” She changed out the bag that was connected to my IV. “Dr.Martin is going over the images right now. He’ll be in within a few minutes.” She finished up, and stepped out. I closed my eyes, and yawned. A knock, then he walked back in, “So good news, and some bad news.” Hunter squeezed my hand. Dr. Martin sat down on a stool beside the stretcher, “So good news is, no torsion. Bad news, you have a cyst that ruptured. You also have another one that’s rather large. They’re benign. I want to keep you until tomorrow. We’ll check in, see how you’re doing. If you’re doing better, we’ll discharge you with pain medication, and good old bed rest. Then we’ll just follow up, and monitor you.” Hunter looked at him, “How does she prevent them?” Dr. Martin nodded, “Birth control helps with controlling them. It would regulate your cycle.” Charlie was red, and my mom looked at me. “Leah?” I looked at Hunter, then the doctor. “What if we’re trying to get pregnant?” He sighed, “Then I think this may continue to happen. There’s no definitive answer. This is why I want to monitor you closely.” I was just quiet, and closed my eyes. “So I’m going to admit you now. We’ll move you up, once we have a room for you. Any questions.” Hunter shook his head. “I will be back.” He smiled and left the room. “Leah, baby talk to me.” I felt my lip quiver. He stood up, and hugged me as I laid there, “We’ll get through this. That’s my promise.” 

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