Unforeseen Love

Esme Platt got away from a life that really had not brought her happiness. Born in Ohio, and moved to Washington by a drunk father, and a doting mother. She hadn't had the greatest life so far. She moved from Bellavue, Wa to Seattle at age 18, and started school. Bye age 26 she had a home in Seattle. She had a highly rated radio show in the city, with a huge fan base. She'd been married to her soul mate for five years now, and they had a daughter named Amy who was six months old. So, what happens when one day, because of someone's poor judgement, everything you've worked for; is gone in an instant? How do you move forward? In this story we see how friendships, crossover one another, and help Esme find true love again, and happiness. Because this is her Unforeseen Love.


20. Chapter Twenty

The plane is being battered by gale force winds, "Hey mack, how long til we land at Carston airbase?"   "About thirty minutes honey." Mack replied.   "I hate that word, just call me Ara," I ask the pilot, "can I come up front? I'd like to see the view from the cockpit."   He replies, "Sure thing ma'am."   "Thanks," I undo my safety belt and make my way to the cockpit. I shifted in my sleep again. My scars were exposed. Carlisle just looked on. He thought, "How could someone hurt someone else so badly." There were days the skin would become aggravated, and sting, sometimes mildly burn. He remained quiet, gently placing his lips against them. The pilot quickly put on autopilot. Oh, those blue eyes, shaking my head, "Hi, I'm Captain Ara Storm, not here long, just surprising my best friend." Dear god I sound like an idiot.   The pilot didn't have time to introduce himself, "Ma'am, you'll have to sit down, for your safety, we're about to land." The pilot told me.   I saluted and quickly went to sit down. I was scared, from what Lee had told me, Carlisle was on edge, maybe he'd changed his mind? If he had, it'll be ok, I'll find work elsewhere in the world. He quietly got up, and decided to take s shower. His thoughts were everywhere. He smiled thinking of Ara. I was a little nervous, Seattle was new to me, it felt like a jungle.   "Hey wait up." The pilot called, "I can take you to your friends place," he hesitates, "I'm Fred, Fred Jansen," shaking my hand, "maybe see you later? I can show you round Seattle?"   Awe, he's sweet, smiling, "Yeah sure, if you don't mind, um yeah ok, don't know where I'm staying yet." We get into his car. Carlisle laid back down after showering. He wore a pair of running pants, and a long sleeve t-shirt. He held me carefully, tracing small patterns on my arms. He felt so lucky to have me. There were still was a ball of nerves.   I quietly crept down the hall towards the kitchen, I notice a woman's coat hung up, "Must be Esme's." I assumed.   Grabbing pots and pans, switching the coffee machine on, I get to work making two surprise breakfasts, one for Carlisle and one for Esme. I put two slices of bread in the toaster for myself. I stirred, dreams started. This is why I avoided therapy. My heart started to race. I couldn't wake up from the dream. I swear I felt seeing pain. Carlisle gently rubbed my side where I was grabbing at, "Easy love." My nerves began creeping up on me, so to try combat them I put the radio on and pour the egg mix into the pan. I begin to him, looking I'm still in uniform, "I'll change later." Yawning and stretching I continue with my work. If Carlisle didn't want me here, it'd break my heart but I'd understand. He sniffed the air, and quietly crept out of bed. He made his way downstairs quietly. "Hello?" His voice questioning who would be in the house. Ah, he's up but sounds apprehensive, leaning my head into the hall I quietly call back, "Hello stranger." He looked absolutely bewildered, "Bloody hell you're alive!" He ran over grabbing her, squeezing her tightly, and hugging her. He hasn't lost her. "You look like you haven't seen me in years." I hug him back, it was an awesome feeling to hug him, I sighed. "I thought you were dead. I heard the explosion. Then Lee called." He was beside himself. Oh shit, I thought the phone was switched off, a single tear escapes my eye, "I thought the phone was switched off," my heart sinks, "the IED blew me on my arse, smashed my phone, oh, Lee was talking like that because I'm leaving after 15 years." I went back to tending to breakfast. His jaw dropped. "Wait so what will you do now? A doctor somewhere?" Smiling a little, "During my rest and relax week, I was here in Seattle, job interview, senior paramedic," I have to force the words out, "but if you aren't comfy me being here, I have other options, St Petersburg, Warsaw, Capetown, Honk Kong, I made sure there were other options for me." He grinned, "I have plenty of room. Esme I think could use us both." He kissed forehead. "So you pick a room, and unpack." Although my heart lifted, I had to tell him I'm not here long, "I'm only here three days, have to go back and officially sign off, then," sighing, "no clue, probably spend Christmas on my own in some hostel before flying out here on the 28th, then find a hostel," I didn't want to intrude, "until I find a place, the job starts mid January." I begin serving up. He shook his head, "No please stay. Esme I don't think will celebrate Christmas." He held her hand. "Frankly I don't know what she'll be like today." I'm too soft but he always held my soft spot, he knew I'd do whatever he asked, "Only if I'm not intruding, for once I'd like to celebrate Christmas like normal people do," I put his hand to my face, "I'm here until 4, a guy is picking me up and showing me the essential parts of Seattle," I rub his knuckles, "you have to take it as it comes, I know I've not had a relationship but I've observed, take the rough with the smooth." He nodded, "I need you to stay. The house becomes too quiet, and I refuse animals." He smiled, then it faded, "Ara I meant it when I said, you both have A LOT in common." Sitting at the table, "I'm only gonna be an hour or two, you used to love silence," my heart began racing, I'd buried painful memories, lifting my jacket and cami, the scar stares at me, shaking my head, "I refuse to talk about that time." I felt a lump in my throat. He nodded, "I know. She spoke to me. I think she's trying. Her husband, and daughter were killed several months ago in a  car accident." I didn't know if to turn hard like the army had taught me, or whimper like a lost soul, I put my face in my hands and took a deep breath, a news bulletin interrupted, the broadcaster said Charles Kingston and then my stepfather's name - Jonathan Cracknell, my head shot upright, pushing the thoughts to the back of my mind, "She has my sympathy, a tragic loss." My hands began shaking as I picked up my coffee. Carlisle carefully took it, and held it so her to  sip from. Remember I told you about about a car accident. Father, and daughter? All over the news?” I nod, words are trapped deep in my throat. "That was Scott, and Amy. Esme walked away with pins in her ankle, and some bruises" he hugged her carefully. "She's been wanting to meet you, well wish she could have." He smiled at his best friend.   Putting my hand to my mouth, I bit my tongue to stop from blubbering, looking at him, "Such a tragic waste," I eye him, "there's nothing special here." I try and smile, I can taste blood   He gently pulled at her mouth. "Please cry. Jesus let me know you're a human. Let me know you're alive." He stroked her cheek. I begin stuttering, half of me wanted to cry but the soldier in me didn't like it, for the first time since I was 17, with the exception of losing three of my team the tears flowed down, he didn't have to sound so cruel, the words are like knives to a fragile soul. Not that I'd tell him my soul is ready to break. He kissed her forehead, "What I meant was, don't be always in soldier mode." He wiped away the tears carefully. "Let's all of us have breakfast."   Taking a deep breath, "Gonna take some getting used to," running my fingers through my hair, "ok then, let's do this." He smiled, "So yesterday she was doing an appearance. They were collecting books for presents to promote children's literature. I donated in your name, as well as mine. "Ah, a DJ right? Awe you sweet thing." I smile. He nodded, "Esme in the afternoons. Or Ez as she goes on the air." He smiled, helping cook. "We were going to fly over there." Biting a piece of dry toast, "Nice, where? To London?"   He nodded, "Well now we don't need to. She'll get to meet my best friend. You know she wondered why we never dated." He chuckled.   Laughing, "I was never your type, back then you preferred blondes with green eyes, anyway, we had the brother sister connection rather than boyfriend girlfriend." Carlisle nodded, "Exactly. Esme though, she looks nothing like that. She's exceptional. Firstly, bashful. Blushes easily when complimented. Angry. Charismatic. Hard working. Honest, to a degree. Fearful at times though. She's just different."   Shaking my head, "She sounds perfect for you." I wink, so glad he found someone. "When I thought you were gone, I left abruptly." He sighed, "We didn't speak for roughly a week. She thought I was upset about taking it slow. All aspects. I explained what you meant to me. Will that guard ever go away?" Shoulders begin to slouch, my stupid fault because I accidentally phoned him, "What guard? Her guard against you? Or your guard against me? Or even against yourself?" He thought quietly, "I guess all three equally. Her ex, is still able to harass her, show up. He knows people. I've promised to keep her safe. Like I want to keep you safe"   Looking at him, "You mean the one who broke her? He's playing a game, messing with her mind. As for you, time to let go, turn the page and write a new chapter, me," sighing, "as for me, I'll be good." Carlisle looked at her, "I need you. As for him, he raped her back in October. He's free on bail until the trial."   Internally I shuddered, "He did what?" My voice was so dark, "you mean the guy named on the radio?" Breathing a little fast, "that creep is scum and of course, I need you too but you can't protect me forever." I smile. He nodded, "Yes Charles. He showed up yesterday, spooked the hell out of her. Luckily I caught it, and took him outside." Carlisle looked at her, "It been quiet until her husband died."   "If my mind is on track, after her husband passed away, he saw the perfect chance," burping, "you're not telling me the entire story." He spoke quietly, "He's repeatedly raped, beaten, and even scarred her." Scoffing, "For anyone to do that is weak." I had a feeling he still hadn't told me the whole thing but I didn't push. I spoke again, "He drugged her. Tied her up. He and two friends raped her any way possible."   I felt as if I was going to be sick, no words came out, rather the kitchen began spinning. Old memories bubbled at the surface. He held onto her quickly. "He bit her repeatedly scaring the side of her ribs. I'm not sure if he clawed, or cut her. Honestly Ara, you're someone for her to look up to." "Savage," I growled, "I have suppressed my memories, I'm no role model." I inhale deeply. I stood in the doorway, "I tried to kill myself. You fought for a country. I hid. You are a role model." Carlisle looked over at me, "Esme this is Ara, Ara this is my love Esme." I stand up, "You face the world each day, I went into service to get away, I loved it, the thrill of not knowing what the day would bring," saluting to Esme, "pleased to meet you." I smiled, "Like wise." I offered my hand. Carlisle smiled, "Love I filled Ara in on your story. You say two times?" I nodded, "One scar I haven't shown you. The others you saw on my wrist." I looked down, "Feeling horrible introducing myself to Ara this way I shake her hand gently. I listened to the conversation, when she looked down I had to give her a hug, whispering, "Better than seeing me run naked into the Thames." I chuckled and let her go. I smiled, hugging her back, I backed up, lifting my shirt on the left side. "Between the two ribs. I tried to collapse my lung. Mom being a nurse. I knew where to," I couldn't finish it. I hurt my mom, and Harry so much. Leonard made it worse, "You fucking idiot. If you're going to do it, do it right." I started to tear up, then Charles. He pretended to care. My neck tingles, "It's ok, breathe, I get you," the tears slid down her face, I looked at Carlisle then back to Esme, taking a deep breath, I lift my jacket and cami up, exposing the ten inch scar that ran north to south. Carlisle moved carefully, gently holding my hand. "Ara explain yours if you want." I felt myself, start to burn. It was all over my body. This was an anxiety attack. One from hell. I nod, then look at Esme, "You need to sit," pulling my cami and jacket down, "that scar was thanks to my stepfather, the only thing I ever did for self harm was drink bleach," I look at Carlisle knowing he never knew, "Carlisle was out, think he was sorting things out for his big move, I got how after the reading of my mum's will, he was waiting and had been drinking," inhaling deeply, "it was quiet, walked into the kitchen, I didn't have time to blink before he shoved that knife into me, he twisted it then drew it upwards, for a few seconds I didn't feel anything, he walked out I slid to the floor." I could barely breathe, the memory was so clear. Carlisle sighed, "I'm so sorry." He patted her cheek. Carlisle held onto me, "Ara her pulse is racing, she's been on a low dose Adivan." Breathing, "Panic attack, that's what she's having, keep her calm, your a doctor, she might need oxygen."   Carlisle helped me sit down, "I know Hun. In her bag upstairs, she has Kolonopin. She puts it under her tongue. Can you grab one please?" I felt my chest tighten, more, and more. Nodding, I quickly race upstairs into the bedroom, seeing the bag I look for kolonopin, finding it I race back down and hand the box to Carlisle. Carlisle pulled one out, and slipped it under my tongue. "Come on Hun. We'll sit on the couch, and relax." He carefully lifted me, carrying me out. I curled up beside him on the couch. I felt like the odd one out, wandering into the room, "You two need time alone, I'm gonna change and go for a run." I walk out grab my bag, head upstairs change and come back down, "don't know how long I'm gonna be." Carlisle motioned me over, "She's asleep. Let's eat please." Sighing, "But she needs you, it makes me slightly un-comfy intruding on your time." Carlisle smiled, "can we talk? You and I? There's something I need to talk to you about." He quietly stood up, letting me lay down easily, and covered me up. Now I feel uneasy, "Okay then, lead the way." Carlisle walked quietly into the kitchen, and started working on serving the food. "Have you ever heard of BDSM?" I sat at the kitchen table, "Yeah, Lee is into that kind of thing." I tensed a little, and reached for her hand, "I, I was sort of into that. Not extreme, but liked to watch a little. Well yesterday evening, Esme asked to go. I took her. That's when she came out, and told me about Charles." My eyes searched his, "Is that what you were afraid to tell me?" Kissing his hand, "because you exposed a part of you, she thought she would do the same." I nodded, "It's deeper Ara. Two years ago, I met a girl, fooled around with her. Turned out to be her best friend. Esme was married at that time, and Alice never told her. Well last night, her friend was there." I stand up slightly confused, "You mean you've played the field? But you didn't know," hesitating, "nothing is easy, sometimes our darker selves just appear, there's no way to help what we do." I shook my head, "Alice was perfect, but she seemed to be, adventurous. Not one to be tied down." I held her hands in mine, "Esme takes those feelings away. The impulses are gone." He looked into Ara's eyes. "I just needed to be honest with you. It was after you were hurt. I had to work it out. Backing up, "So he caused your mind to snap?" I have to get out, I have to run, get it through my mind, he was hurting or had been because my stupid damned step father was a tyrant and more. "I didn't snap. I needed to control situations. I wanted women to have someone who was safe, who needed that. I did more watching then anything. I stopped after Alice. Work took over." I was dumbfounded, "Safe? Like that?" Oh dear god I wanted to run, but I was planted to the floor, "fair play to those who do but for me, it's like dredging my mind for memories I long since tried to hide." I headed for the front door. Carlisle nodded, "I just want to know, I'm forgiven. We make decisions, and they are a part of our lives. They were women who wanted to be watched, amongst other things.   Opening the door, "There was never anything to forgive, you never ever judged me." With that I head out of the door into crisp damp air. I stirred, and didn't feel good. "Bathroom." I stood up quickly. Carlisle hurried, helping me. I just barely got the seat up, before I was sick. He rubbed my back. Out in the open air, jogging in a place I barely knew, who cares? Looking around I had already run a mile, "Okay, breathe, it's not as if he made you watch or anything, he worked out his issues." I kept telling myself that as I switch my MP3 player on. Carlisle grabbed a wash cloth, wiping my forehead. "Let's have you lay down." He helped me to bed, and I curled up. It seemed peaceful in the place I was jogging, decided to take a back road rather than sticking with the main drag, need to get to know little shortcuts. He covered me, and let me sleep. He took my dirty clothes downstairs with him, and washed them for me. He cleaned, and made sure the plate was still there for Ara, if she were hungry. I must have run close to ten miles, turning to my right a guy is running alongside me, he is maybe 5ft 11, brown curly hair, his features remind me of a snake, the  hairs on the back of my neck stand straight.   "Hello." The stranger says.   "Morning." I tried to sound as gruff as possible.   "Haven't I seen you somewhere before?" He asked.   "No," I shake my head and stop, "just flown in for a few days to see a friend." "Oh," he replies, "my name is Carl."   Okay this is weird, "Ara."   We shake hands which makes me shudder internally.   "Do you have time for a date? Maybe tomorrow?" Carl says.   I say the word bluntly,  "No, you're not my type, I don't lead people on."   Carl looked taken aback, "I've never been turned down before, but thanks for the honesty," turning round, "I hope to see you again sometime."   "Maybe." I sigh and start running as fast as possible towards Carlisle's home.   Coming in through the door I'm out of breath, meeting that guy made me think I had just met the devil, it gave me the creeps. Carlisle walked out, wiping his hands. "You ok?" Still puffing, "I think so, do I have a sign above my head that reads, hit on me?" I smile. Carlisle smirked, sauntering over, "Hey there beautiful." I playfully slap him, "Be honest, I'm not your type." I'm ready for bursting out laughing. Carlisle smiled, "You're extremely attractive. No I don't see us moving further then brother and sister. " Smirking, "I should bloody hope not," giving him the eye, "average thanks," sighing, "anyway I have an apology to make, I'm sorry about before, I'm leaving behind the only life I know to start again, bloody scary." I grab a glass of water. Carlisle nodded, "Same here sis. I want to make sure you're ok. I love her, and this job. I want to be with you as my best friend. Be close. "Given time I will be, your priority is Esme, completely understand that," sighing and smiling, "I will be around as long as you need me, you mean like we used to be?" Those were some of the happiest days of my life. "I need those. Ara my anger boiled over last night. I don't like being angry. You help me. You're part of us. You'll make new friends." He smiled I wrap my arms around my big brother, "On one condition? I will stay, be told what to do, get spat at by drunk people who cut their heads open, I'd even go through hell but only on one condition." "What's that?" He grinned "I find a place of my own, I don't want to be the odd one, spoiling the fun." I look at him, "I'll stay here if you wish until I find a place but Wednesday I have to go back, if I don't sign off I can be court marshaled for desertion." Carlisle nodded, "Can I go with you? I don't think she's moving in. She has her own place. Stay here please. You're no intruding." Puzzled, "You have Esme to look after, a job you love, why would you want me to stay here?" He's starting to scare me. He sighed, "Because I need company. She's not moving in. I've been to her home a few times. She's very, secluded." Sighing, "I love seclusion, silence, peace, you've never needed company before, are you sure there isn't an underlying issue?" He rubbed the back of his neck, "I thought you were gone. I need you." "You and I also need to turn the page and write a new chapter," he looked scared, "if I did live here, I wouldn't be here often, it's gonna be hectic but," I kiss him on the cheek, "fine, I'll live here but if the time comes I'm moving out." He nodded, "I understand." I woke up quietly, and heard them talking. I nod, "Good," coughing, "I didn't notice anyone was running with me until I turned round." I needed to change subject, he really was starting to scare me. I listened quietly. "Who Ara?" He asked handing her a cup of tea. "His features resembled that of a snake, or so I thought," taking a sip, "his name was Carl, probably 5ft 11, quite muscular, brown curly hair, not sure about the eye colour." Carlisle stood up straight, "Charles? Where’s Ara? Exact spots?" I heard the name. It fit him too well. Why do I feel like I'm on trial? Taking a huge gulp of tea, "About ten miles away, I think it was a back street, huge green field, Harvard square I think, he said something weird though." I didn't see the problem. I was up, and out the door. I had to get to my car. I left all my clothes. I had my wallet, keys, and phone. I needed to get my car quickly. I watched Esme as she looked like a rabbit caught in car headlights. Carlisle, "Shit. You met him." He quickly grabbed his iPad pulling up the article. "is this who you saw?" He handed Ara the pad. Looking at the article, I have a quick read and look at the photo, "Oh yeah, that's him alright," looking up at Carlisle, "he asked me out on a date and said that he was sure he'd seen me somewhere before." Whatever it was didn't click into place. Maybe because my brain was tired? Carlisle sighed, "Fuck. I dropped my phone. He saw me with Esme. He saw your photo on my phone." Nonchalantly, "Oh, so that's why he said he'd seen me before." I still wasn't clued in. He shook his head, "Ara don't you get it?" Shrugging, "I was asked out on a date by a snake?" My mind slowly gears up, flipping back through the article, oh dear god, I'd met the monster, no wonder I thought I had met the devil himself, "ewww, damn it, it's him isn't it?" I wasn't worried, not for me anyway. Carlisle looked around, "Where is she?" "Gone to her truck, I think." Carlisle shook his head, "It's not here. Shit. If he's figured out the area, he'll be looking for her." Standing up, "You go get her, I'll patrol the area," patting him on the shoulder, "he maybe smart but not that smart." Carlisle spoke, "He raped her with a condom so no fluids were found." He quickly headed outside looking around around. I was half way down the street. I followed him, "Want me to go and escort her to wherever she's going? I was always the faster runner." I wink. He smiled, "She's running. Well moving. She's fearful. I want to get her back to the house. She's still sleepy probably." "I'll go, you do what you need to and tell her you'll pick up her truck later." Smiling I took off. I was wandering. I felt sleepy from the Kolonopin. I was a bit confused. What street had I come down. I tried looking through my phone. Leonard had  to call now. "Hello Leonard. How can I help you." He spoke, "I'm your father baby girl. Listen Charles and I were going to grab some lunch later. Would you like to come?" I was at top speed and gaining quick, she looked to be on the phone, "Esme." I call as gently as possible, I didn't want to scare the living daylights out of her. I whipped around. "Leonard no. Please don't talk to him. He's not who you think he is." I listened, "Baby girl, please give him another chance." I snapped, "No you, and him can go to hell. Leave me alone." I hung up the phone, and knelt down on the sidewalk. Something wasn't right, I knelt down beside her, "Hello, come on, back to the house, we can pick your truck up in a bit, can't stay here, we'd look odd." I looked up at her, "He doesn't get it," Carlisle pulled up. "Steve dropped your truck off at home." He climbed out, walking around. "Leonard is my biological father. He, and," I swallowed, "they're having lunch together. They invited me." "Because he has him wrapped around his finger, it's a normal tactic," looking at Carlisle, "take her home." Carlisle nodded, "Our place?" I  spoke softly, "Um, can I leave my things. Just in case. I have other meds at home." He nodded, "Of course ok. You need some sleep. I nod, "Your place, she will feel safer there," standing up, "I'm gonna do a quick check, make sure he isn't near by," sighing, "if he is, I will deal with that if it occurs, go, she needs sleep." Carlisle nodded, "Ara can break his neck you know. Accidents happen." He winked at Ara. I held onto Carlisle. "It's the medication. It's a strong dose. So back to the house. You'll sleep." I nodded, and looked at Ara. White would suit her. She was an angel. Rubbing my hands together, "Oh yes, oooops sorry I thought he was coming at me," winking back, "go on, I'll be fifteen twenty minutes, then I need a shower I have someone coming to pick me up at 4." Carlisle nodded, getting me in the car. He put my seatbelt on for me, and shut the door. "Thank you Ara. I'm going to put her in my room." He kissed Ara's cheek, and climbed in the car, and we were on our way. I smile and watch them drive away before starting to jog. I knew who to look out for, if he was around. Carlisle stroked my knuckles with his thumb. I was quiet, and not feeling up to par. I just hated this feeling. "Darling you need sleep. The dose you were given is rather strong. I don't mind taking care of you." Sweat started to drip from me, I didn't mind, it was the body's way of cooling off. I was already going through certain things in my head, when I shook hands with him, physically he was probably 10% stronger than me, I turned right, as for smartness, possibly but he always liked being a step ahead, couldn't stand someone outsmarting him, as for him coming for me, very unlikely, not a decent motive. Carlisle pulled up, and helped me inside. He had me lay down in his bed, and covered me up. He put on a movie, and laid with me. "Just rest 75% perimeter run done, so far so good, "Shit, maybe I spoke too soon." I look over, there he was bold as brass, leaning against a car, stretching my arms I decide to go over and pretend I knew nothing, "Hi Carl." I wave.   "Meeting again so soon?" He smiles.   Shrugging, "Felt like a second run, need to keep in shape." He eyed me up and down, "Definitely keeping in shape," he puts his hand on my shoulder, "oooo," he croons, "always fancied a woman with muscle."   Oh crap, fine let's play it his way, "I'm a soldier, captain actually."   He pins me against the car, "You so want me."   Okay keep calm, timing is everything, "Like I said earlier, not my type." He looks me dead in the eyes, "I'm sure you'll learn, relationships aren't perfect."   He's getting angry but so am I, "Does the answer no way in hell help you?"   Before I can react he sinks his teeth in my neck. I so want to cry out but that's what he wants, I drive my knee with as much power as possible into his groin, he goes down like a sack of spuds, jesus, it hurts, "That will teach you, do not mess with a soldier." With that I jog off leaving him yelping and growling. Carlisle held me until I was sound asleep. He called my mom, and Steve. Let them know I was safe. My mom smiled, and took a rain check. She had to work. I decided that I would walk the half mile back to Carlisle's place, touching my neck made me flinch, I can poke a finger in, "Thanks you bloody animal."Luckily he hadn't done major damage but I thought maybe he would think twice before testing me again. Carlisle paced the living room quietly. He was anxious himself. Ara was strong, a Captain in the army. Still she was his sister though. Fifty yards to his house, I thought about Esme, how did she put up with him? She was stronger than she thought. Walking in quietly through the door, "I'm back, off for a shower." I begin ascending the stairs, my white cami is read orange as is part of my hoodie. Carlisle looked up, "You're ok?" Damn it, I turned round, I could still feel the blood dripping, it hadn't stopped, I nod, "Sweaty but good." I turn back round. "What happened?"   I sit on the stairs, "It was going good, until I saw him leaning against what I assume was his car," twiddling my hand, "I acted like I knew nothing, to cut a long story short, he said I wanted him I said no, he pinned me against the car, didn't like my answer, so he sunk his teeth into my neck, I kicked him in the balls," sighing, "I think he just missed the major artery." Carlisle moved briskly, and moved Ara's shirt, "Superficial. Wash it, some gauze. "Just as I thought too," standing up, "gonna clean it when in the shower, got a mini med kit in my bag." I kiss his cheek. He smiled, "I always have a medic bag in hand." Winking, "So do I, never know when you're gonna need it." With that I head for a shower. Carlisle smiled, and plopped himself on the couch, watching a movie.
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