Unforeseen Love

Esme Platt got away from a life that really had not brought her happiness. Born in Ohio, and moved to Washington by a drunk father, and a doting mother. She hadn't had the greatest life so far. She moved from Bellavue, Wa to Seattle at age 18, and started school. Bye age 26 she had a home in Seattle. She had a highly rated radio show in the city, with a huge fan base. She'd been married to her soul mate for five years now, and they had a daughter named Amy who was six months old. So, what happens when one day, because of someone's poor judgement, everything you've worked for; is gone in an instant? How do you move forward? In this story we see how friendships, crossover one another, and help Esme find true love again, and happiness. Because this is her Unforeseen Love.


22. Chapter Twenty Two

I'm checking into the hotel in DC, "Hi, I made a reservation, surname Storm, first name Ara." The guy behind the desk eyes me up and down before typing my name on the computer, "There you are," handing a piece of paper, "sign here," coughing, "you up to anything later?" Smirking, "Yeah, I'm cracking balls." I crack my knuckles. Quietly he hands me the key, I wander over to the lift and press the button. Carlisle maneuvered his way through Boston. He took photos of different sights. He'd wished I would have come, but things were just starting to become problematic at home. I also didn't feel like being a third wheel, to him and his friend. Yes I was the girlfriend, but she was the best friend. I wasn't jealous, I just didn't feel comfortable for some reason. A reason I couldn't place my finger on it. Putting my case next to the bed I look out the window on a new city, I hadn't spoken to Carlisle since our intense argument, not because I didn't want to but because we needed the space, sitting down on the bed I look at the ceiling. Carlisle received the text , "Not coming. Work is busy. Plus house sitting." Alice had gone to Biloxi. Her sister was down there, and she wanted to open a new shop somewhere else. Plus she hadn't seen her niece in almost a year. She'd be gone through Christmas. Work was busy, people wanting time off for the holiday. My parents, well they decided that Christmas Day they were leaving for Ireland. Two week trip. Leonard wasn't coming to my home, and that was my choice. So I was alone. I just sighed, and did what I needed to do. Walking out of the hotel I decided to go look at the United States Capitol building. It was quite a walk, but I didn't mind. The wind was brisk, and there was a chill in the air. My phone buzzed, Lee had sent me a text, "Missing you already, you've not been gone long. Lee x" Smiling I reply, "Time you found a girlfriend, but I miss you too. You have my number and address. We'll keep in touch, Storm xxx." With that I start walking. Carlisle and I spoke here and there. I just felt so off. I had to drag myself out of bed. I was exhausted. I drank too much coffee to wake up. I spent the latter half of the day trembling. It was Tuesday, and I was in the mall. A signing, and a final toy drive. Looking up at the building, if you were like me, you could feel and see history being written, this place was the place of congress, I could almost hear Abraham Lincoln giving speeches, taking a picture I send it to Carlisle with the following message, "Hey, it's Ara, this place is amazing, about to go inside, Ara x." Carlisle smiled, writing back, "Have fun." "Wait until tonight, gonna find some nightlife, let my hair down but not get ratted," sighing at the architecture, I carry on with the text, "this place is amazing x." Carlisle smiled and wrote again, "Same here. Ara I could live here." Holy mother, I quickly type back, "I could so live here, maybe some day x." He smiled, "I don't know if Esme would ever move." Smiling, "Only time will tell x" He wrote back, "True." I was working when I heard, Seasons of Love Start. I felt my heart start to break. I couldn't take it anymore. I had a great guy interested in me, but he was busy, and I was stupidly hung up on something. Smiling I text him one more time, "You wouldn't believe, been asked out on three dates so far by three different guys, I'm in my scruffs for crying out loud, my hair looks like static ha ha, anyway I won't bug you any longer, see you Thursday, if it's still on? X" Carlisle smiled, "I need it. Esme refused to come out. I'm a bit lonely. Anyways you're a good looking girl." Sitting down outside the Capitol building I reply, "Want me to come down there for a few hours? There's a train in twenty minutes. X." I hit send. He quickly wrote back, "No: you'll have to return there. I'm just concerned about her. She's very quiet." The wind whipped my hair around, making it hard to not eat my own hair, sighing I reply, "Okay. Maybe she's trying to work through things? I'm no psychologist so don't take my word for it x." He sighed, writing again, "Ara, she needs Vancouver." I did my job, and that was it. I headed to the station for my shift. "You two need Vancouver, I just need to vent anger lol, don't worry Vancouver will come soon enough x." I wander down the hill to a place called Biergarten Haus, a German pub which not only served beer but also served food. Carlisle chuckled, "You can share my suite. Two bedrooms here in Boston. Be careful." The station was quiet today, but I had no complaints. My shift would fly by. "Coffee my lady." Steve walked in, setting it down. "Thank you." I smiled taking it from him. He looked over the music set, "Getting tired of Christmas music yet?" I shrugged, "I can take it, or leave it." He laughed, "I'm on the leave it part of the scale. Peter is Martha Stewart crazy once again. The kids are eating it up." I smiled, and went back to setting up to talk. I read the text and realize I can't make it to Boston, it'd take six hours, so i reply, "The train would take too long, I'd never make it back here in time for Arlington, look have a great night, I'll catch the 5am train Thursday morning, which will get me there for 11am but I can then nosey round a bit before I meet you at 2pm, okay I'm off to a German pub, x." With that I head inside Biergarten Haus.   Carlisle wandered around, and thought about a lot of things. Most of all, me. I'd stopped trying with Alice for now. I even was quiet with Steve. He quietly sent a text to Peter, "She's eerily quiet. I mean she's not said more than two words to me, since I came in with coffee." The waiter found me a table by the window, "Anything to drink?" He smiled. I must look like a damned scarecrow, "Yes, can I have a pint of your finest German beer please? And can I have a menu?" I smiled back. He handed me a menu, "I'll bring your beer in a few moments." He winked and took off. Looking at my reflection through the window, yeesh! I finished my shift, and left without a word. A car sat in the lot, with its park lights on. I assumed it was security, and waved. I unlocked my truck tossing my bag in the backseat, and climbed in. I was back in the hotel room, taking a soak in the bath, getting out I walk out and put the radio on. I started the truck, and turned on nine inch nails the fragile album. The drive home, would be a pain in the ass. It was raining of course. What else could be better then traffic at seven o'clock at night, but rain on top of it. I was looking through my suitcase, I wanted something to wear, I wanted to be a different kind of me, just for once. I find a long black t-shirt with a silver skull on it, black mini shorts, leather jacket, boots with silver heel, quickly I throw them on. From my jewelry I chose my black choker with a black rose on it, my leather cuff, sword earrings. Now for basic make-up - Black and grey eyeshadow, black eyeliner and red Lipgloss. Looking in the mirror I definitely don't feel like myself, taking a photo I post it to Facebook tagging Lee, saying, 'This bitch is gonna have fun, missing my drinking partner.' I drove home, and parked. I was tired, and wanted to go to sleep. I crawled out of my truck, and made it to the front door. Envelopes filled the box in festive Christmas colors. "Ugh. Merry kiss my ass." I was Scrooge. I unlocked the door, and stepped in kicking it shut behind me. As I entered the hotel lobby, the guy behind the desk, his eyes lit up like a pinball machine, a few other men were eyeing me up but I didn't care, I was carefree and 33, time to let my hair down. Heading into the street I decide to turn left, I was on the hunt for nightlife. I had missed calls, and hit the speakerphone, and listened to the voicemails. "Hey sweetie. Hope your week is going well. Listen we weren't sure if you wanted to do Christmas with us? If not, that's fine. We're making plans. Be careful. Love you sweetie." My mom oh so doting. Next message. "Omg. Biloxi is different then Seattle by far. My niece is adorable. She's gotten so big. My parents are well. They asked how you were. I tried your cell, but no answer." It was quiet, "Jasper says hello as well." A male southern voice could be heard, and Alice squealed. "Listen call me back. Love you baby girl." Go figure. On to the next message. "Hi Love. I miss you. I will be home soon. Take care. I love you." His voice made me miss him. I just couldn't talk. "Hi baby girl. It's your dad. I was hoping we could talk. I needed to talk to you about some things." It went quiet, but I waited. "Lunch was good. Charles really misses you. His dad's upset with what's going on. Please give him a chance. I know it's a lot. He's a great guy. I love you." I felt my blood boil. That was it. I dropped my keys on the table, and left my bag on the floor, and hung up my coat. I took the envelopes over to t lie couch with me. Cards galore. One from the Organ Transplant team, telling me a generic message of how much help Scott, and Amy's organs have done. Then one of Steve, Peter and the kids. The next card, almost blew me off the couch. It was a photo shopped picture. It was of a couple, the couple was Charles, and I. He signed it. "We'll be together soon." Charles I dropped the rest, and quickly sprung to my feet. I locked the door, and scrambled for my cell. I tried calling Carlisle. "Hello you've reached Carlisle. Leave me a message, and I will call you back." Voicemail right away. Damn it. What could he do? He was in Boston. Next Alice. "Hey Baby girl. I miss you so much." I quickly cut her off. "Shut up. Charles sent a card. It's a photo of a couple, but he put our faces on it. The card read, we'll be together soon. Alice what the hell do I do?" She sighed, "Calm down ok. He's desperate. His divorce is going to be finalized soon. Relax you're safe. I will be home shortly after Christmas. I need to go. Love you sweets." I sighed. "Yeah you too." I hung up. I was anxious now. I looked around the house. I wasn't sure if I could stay the night. It was either my parents house, or a hotel. I decided to not let my nerves get the best of me. Fast approaching midnight, I found myself at a rock club. the flashing lights were annoying to my eyes, I was on my third pint of Guinness, chuffing it down I left the glass on the bar, the DJ dude asks if anyone has any requests, he stares at me, "How about you honey, any requests?" As I open my mouth I belch, quickly I recover, I walk up to him, "The Phoenix by fall out boy and nine inch nails - with teeth." I didn't know if it was my tastebuds but that Guinness didn't taste right, it could be that it was brewed somewhat differently here. The Phoenix begins blasting out, I head for the dance floor and let the beat take over. Just gone 1am, the snow is beginning to fall outside, wobbling along the street I grab my phone and text Carlisle, "Goodnight x." Putting my phone back in my bag, there's a takeaway shop open, the smell of fish and chips is too tempting to resist. I walk in, "Hi, can I have fish and chips please?" Looking outside a couple of creepy guys are stood outside, I felt uneasy, "is it okay if I eat in here?" I point to the guys outside. "Yeah sure, are you okay?" The guy asks. Nodding my head, "When they go I will be." "Want me to call anyone?" I didn't want to upset Carlisle, so I lie, "No, I'm alone, no family and my friends all live in England." The guy pats my hand, "I'm sorry." "It's okay, just feel a little vulnerable after consuming alcohol." I decided to head to bed. Carlisle wasn't answering his phone. Alice was too busy. My mom was most likely working. I decided to just shut off the lights, and call it a night. I tossed the cards on the coffee table, and made my way upstairs. I changed into pj's and put on Pride and Prejudice and curled up in bed. I dozed off twenty minutes into the movie. I couldn't stay awake any longer. I'd just finished eating fish and chips, the creepy guys looked to have gone, I walk up to the man behind the counter, "Thanks for letting me stay." I smile. He smiles back, "Anytime honey, anytime." He was quite handsome, he had an Italian look about him, with his olive complexion, dark hazel eyes and dark curly hair. As I head for the door I turn around, "The fish and chips were beautiful." I wave and exit the shop. Something caused me to wake up. Sounded like someone was in the house. I assumed it was my imagination. The wind was gusting outside, and still raining. I dozed back off again. I came around again, and my head throbbed. I had a headache, and it felt like someone had taken a sledgehammer to it. I groaned, and felt paralyzed. My body ached, but there was no reason why it should. I tried to look around, but it was so dark. I groaned, and gave up. It was sleep I needed. Probably some virus I was catching. This is what happened before when I had pneumonia. When I came around again, I was in so much pain, I couldn't move. I felt like I was having contractions. I was throbbing, and it felt like I had the crap beaten out of me. I tried to reach for the phone, but it was too painful to move. I whimpered, and cried myself to sleep. I had the flu, and nobody was around. Reaching my hotel room, I switch a little lamp on, turn my phone off, go to the bathroom, wipe all my make up off, grab a silk black nightdress from the suitcase and change. Thinking back, I realized why the last pint I drank tasted funny and why those men were following me, ignoring the tightening knot deep inside I brush my hair and climb into bed. I woke just after 7am, I was sweaty, clammy, had stomach cramps, nausea and a foggy brain and I don't think it was from drinking too much, crawling to the bathroom I get a glass of water, looking in the mirror, I nearly screamed, I looked a complete mess. Laid on the top covers of the bed, I'm trying to work out why I feel like I do, the only logical explanation that came to mind was withdrawal symptoms, but how could that be? Switching on my phone I do a google search, after a few moments my fear seems to have been confirmed, the drug that had been in my drink was just as addictive as morphine, even one dose was enough. I started crying myself until I felt tired. Carlisle quickly dialed Ara, concerned not hearing from her, and being unable to get ahold of me. My body was shaking, I was so hot I hang out of the window to allow the cool air to try and cool me down, I can hear my phone ring but I feel unable to move. Carlisle started to worry, and left a voicemail, "Ara call me back now please. Something doesn't feel right. Love you sis." After what seemed like an eternity I was able to crawl back to the bed, I slump to the floor and rest my head against it, my first thought is to ring and cancel Arlington. Fifteen minutes later I had cancelled the trip and rearranged it for May, a text comes in saying I have voice mail, slowly tapping the number I listen to the voice mail, "to return the call press 5." The computer voice says after I listen to it, I press five, I feel so dizzy. Carlisle quickly answered the phone, "Oh God you had me worried. Where are you?" My voice shakes and it sounds rough and weak, "Hotel room." I manage to say. Carlisle could tell something was wrong, "I can fly down there. It will take me a bit. Phone a medic. You don't sound well." "I'm so stupid." I whimper. Carlisle heard her voice, "I'm getting a flight now. I will be there soon. Get to a hospital if you need to." He quickly hung up, and was on his way. I was still shaking and boiling hot. Dialing 911 I explained to them what had happened, the phone dropped from my hands. Within ten minutes a crew is here and I am taken away in the ambulance. Hours passed, and Carlisle arrived at the hospital. "Captain Storm please." They brought him back to her room. He quietly walked in, setting down his bags, and slipping his coat off. The lights were off, and she was asleep. A doctor walked into the room, "Hi, can I have a word with you outside please." He asked, "You are Mr Carlisle Cullen?" "I'm Hayden Ford, doctor over seeing her treatment, would you like to sit down?" He looks at the notes. "Sure. I'm a ER doctor back in Seattle." The doctor shifts, "From what the operator was told, she had been given a date rape drug, the most advanced we've seen," taking a breath, "it was close to a lethal dose." He sighed, "She wasn't assaulted though right?" He rubbed his face. The doctor looks at the papers, "If she was, they left no evidence, we've had to give her beta blockers, her heart rate and pulse keep rising and dipping to dangerous levels," the doctor rubs his face, "she must be strong, usually the drugs take effect in minutes." He nodded,"Captain Storm of the British Army. Was just coming back from being discharged with honorable recognition." The doctor bows his head, "I'm sorry, we're not sure how long until she wakes, the blood results are back," clicking his tongue, "I'm amazed she survived, the drug contained such things as cyanide, arsenic, heroin, kettamin and a whole host of amphetamines." Carlisle sighed, "How long will she be here?" He looked at his watch, knowing they were supposed to be home soon. "We can discharge her tomorrow but would need looking after and monitored for at least ten days." "She lives with me. I can take time from work." He sighed, and still no response from me. The stress was starting to pile on. "Or we could keep her here and discharge her Monday? Anyway while you decide, you can go in." The doctor smiles. "Please as soon as possible. We need to be home by Friday. I can have a doctor set up, back home for her." Carlisle walked back in quietly. "Hey beautiful." My head is groggy, "Hi," my voice is raw, "the final drink I had tasted funny," rubbing my head, "thought it was my taste buds." I smile a bit. He smirked, "Jesus you must be immortal. I'm trying to spring you. Tomorrow it looks like. I'm here to help. I'm off for two weeks." I feel guilty, he should be on his way home, "Nah no one is immortal, I'm just stubborn," crying, "look you head back home, I'll be fine here." I needed time to come to terms with my stupidity, "felt fine until coming out of the club." Carlisle shook his head, "No I'm not leaving you. Plus we have the show Saturday." "What about you and Esme? You need time to work on things," a sudden fit of giggles takes over, "oh Jesus, I remember, two guys were following me, the smell of fish and chips, so went in asked if I could stay and ordered fish n chips," I'm laughing even more, "you should have been there, nearly had an orgasm eating the divine fish n chips." Must be medication talking. Carlisle chuckled shaking his head, "You're feeling better I see. Yes, you and your fish and chips. About Esme," he became quiet. If I'm correct, something isn't right, "I was dreaming earlier, fuck it was scary but it all fits." He looked at her, "What's that love?" He held her hand carefully. "Jonathan mentioned the delights he had in store for me, he means to put me through hell, I'm ready for that," my heart is racing, could I finish the sentence? "You know how analytical my mind is!" Carlisle nodded, "You're safe now." Looking at him, "I'm not and that doesn't bother me," sighing, "it's you I worry about," taking a sip of water, "anyway in the dream I was like a fly on a wall, Jonathan was released under bail conditions, he went straight to Charles, together they're plotting something," taking a deep breath, "I don't think Esme is well right now." Carlisle swallowed, "Please it was a dream. I will keep you both safe." Despite it being a dream, it felt too real, "Think about it, I was targeted, they knew what I looked like, what drink I had, they didn't bank on me being at a stronger resistance to the stuff," my head shakes a little, "I'm used to being on my own, looking out for me, just once I slipped up," kissing his cheek, "I know you do, but somehow they're keeping tags on us, how else would they know where I was?" He sighed, "Well we've not spoken. I'm not sure what to do." I sit up and slide out of bed, "You have to head home, today, I will follow on when I am discharged tomorrow," I put my finger to his lips, "they'll give me the papers I need, I was an army medical officer, so I can take care of myself." My feet touch the floor, my body is agony. He sighed, "Ara she's not spoken to me." Looking at him, "Ever thought she's out of it? Drugged perhaps?" He shook his head, "Assumed busy, or angry. Refused Boston." He tensed up, "Come now please." Standing up and wobbling, "I think otherwise, go where?" "Home. Jesus what if she's dead?" He started pacing, dialing quickly. Patting his shoulder, "Calm down, no she isn't dead, jesus, hurt yes, dead no," my heart flutters, "I'm in no fit state to fight but I've felt worse." I go into the bathroom and quickly change. I heard my phone, but couldn't reach my cell. "Ara voicemail. Trying her home now." His voice was strained. Crashing around in the bathroom, "She's probably too weak to get up from where she is," coughing, "calm down or I'll slap you." I managed to reach it, I answered softly. "Hello?" My voice was croaking. "Ara she answered. Esme are you alright?" His voice was anxious, and concerned. "At least you got through." I grab my bag and go to sign discharge papers. A few moments later you could hear my raised voice, "Jesus, I'm still living, my mind still works, I'm an ex army medical officer for god sake, it's my damned choice." Carlisle hurried down, "I will be taking over her care. I'm ok with her discharge." I hung up the phone, and curled up. I stand there, "If I die, it's my issue," I take the discharge papers and sign them, "I'm sorry I'm moody but it's urgent." My head pounds. Carlisle held onto her, "Easy tiger." Leaning against him, "I'm just so tired of all this shit." Carlisle spoke, "How did he make bond?" Walking outside, "Charles paid it," taking a deep breath, "I don't even know how I know all this stuff, it's almost like a sixth sense." Carlisle nodded, "She answers, then I think fell asleep." Not only do I not feel well, my secret is resurfacing, so I just nod. It's the last thing he needs right now. Carlisle, "You can, and need to talk to me." It is time, "Do you remember October 1996, half term? I had to go? We were told I was going on holiday?" We get in the cab and head for the airport. Carlisle nodded, "Yes I do." He held her hand quietly listening. My hand runs through my hair, "I never went on holiday," whispering, "I was in the hospital, I gave birth." I feel so ashamed and that's only part of the story. Carlisle, "Ara sweetheart. Where's the child?" Sniffing, "It was his kid, I didn't even know until my waters broke," I feel so annoyed and yet so sad, "the kid was stillborn." I rest my head in my hands. Carlisle pulled her against him, "Sweetheart, I'm so sorry." "It was so long ago, they took the kid, never saw it again," sighing, "I I I, nearly drowned myself in the Thames a day later, I couldn't cope." Carlisle hugged her, "I'm glad you didn't. I wish you'd have told me." "I jumped in there, I could feel myself sinking, slowly fading away," sighing, "your face flashed before me, somehow I climbed out," hugging him back, "he said if I ever told anyone my life would be a living hell, everyone I cared about would be dead." My life had been a living hell, maybe for a short time but so much had happened. He listened, and sighed, "I've contacted a high powered lawyer. There's a restraining order going into place." Shaking my head, "You shouldn't have, I'm sure I can handle whatever he throws at me." Carlisle, "Ara please. I need you safe." "And I need you safe and happy." I smile as the taxi pulls up. Carlisle kissed her forehead. I tried to call Carlisle and it rang. "Bloody hell. Oh it's Esme." He answered, "Love you alright? I tried to move, whimpering, "Flu," The noise of everyday life started making me confused, I couldn't focus properly, Carlisle was on the phone, I start walking fast into the middle of the road, I had to escape the noise. Carlisle quickly grabbed Ara, "in the cab now, here coffee." He spoke into the phone, "on my way," God I felt useless, I took the coffee to keep my hands warm. He helped her in, and climbed in afterwards. I hung up again, I was too tired. "Why do I feel useless?" I asked myself. Carlisle held her, "Rest ok." "Can I lean on you?" I asked looking at Carlisle. He nodded, "Of course." Snuggling against him, "Thanks, hate to admit it but I always feel safe with you." Carlisle smiled, "I'm glad. Sleepily I spoke, "When we land go see if Esme is ok." He nodded, "Promise". Smiling, "Good." My eyes were heavy. We were getting ready to land finally, I hated to wake Ara, but we'd be stepping off soon. "Sweetheart, time to wake up." I carefully stirred from an uneasy sleep, "How long did I sleep?" He chuckled, "The whole flight." "Now I know I'm getting old." I smile and stretch. He smiled, hugging her. "Coming with or going home?" Hugging him back, "Home, you two have loads to discuss, I'd only be in the way." He nodded, "I understand." "I promise to go straight home, I'll probably see you tomorrow." I feel sick. He nodded, "Alright. I will call you once I know more," Nodding, "That'd be good." Once settled, he sent Ara home in a car. No just a cab, but a reputable car delivery. He took one for himself to my house. The guy dropped me off outside the house, I gave him the money, after a moment of digging I find the keys and let myself in, "Welcome home." I smile and put a light on. I was asleep, and couldn't keep my eyes open. Carlisle had let himself in, and checked around. The house looked it usual self, everything out away. He spotted the card, "Shit." Quickly he made his way upstairs. "Esme?" He came to my room. He leaned on the door frame. In the kitchen, realizing that there's no milk, there isn't much of anything and I'm hungry, "There's a supermarket open," grabbing my mobile I ring for a cab, getting my purse I lock up and wait outside for the cab. He moved over, kissing my forehead softly. "Oh love." My forehead burned. He sighed, "Flu." The cab driver was a speed demon, I was loving it, he knew the supermarket well, "Loving this," I squealed, "can you pick me up in an hour?" He nodded, "Sure thing hun." He smiled and went faster. Carlisle called Ara, to let her know. I slept, my body ached. I was outside the supermarket when my mobile rang, "Hello." "Hi love. She's running a fever, and is sound asleep." He stroked my cheek "Make sure she keeps up fluids," sighing, "don't go mental but I'm in the city." "Look at that. A Brit navigating the American roads." He chuckled, and then inhaled deeply, as I turned moaning. "Bloody hell." "Took a taxi," my heart stopped, "what?" "Her eye is swollen, and she's bruising on her cheek." He gently touched my face, examining it. I was snuggled under all my blankets. He moved the blankets carefully, "She has bruises on her arms. On her torso." "Shit, damn well told you," looking round, "you need to keep her awake, stay with her." "I'm trying. She's groggy." He shook me gently. "Mmm my head hurts." I cringed. "Esme what happened last night?" He asked examining me, keeping Ara on the line. "I went to bed. I woke up, thought I heard some noise, and went back to sleep." I tried to sit up, and felt pain. I didn't like it, "Carlisle, some date rape drugs mimic flu symptoms, causing headaches fever etc." I crawled off the bed, dragging myself to the bathroom. The wall supported me, as Carlisle started to strip the bed. "She's been sweating a lot." I was using the bathroom, and severe cramps hit. I went to wipe, then there was blood. "CARLISLE." I managed to call out. He came running in. "Fucking tactitians," I heard her yell, "get her to ER, its either menstrual cycle or something else." I walked into the supermarket and grabbed a trolley. "I will call you once were settled. Love you sis." He hurried in, with a change of clothes. "Okay, thanks, love you too." Putting my phone in my pocket I start shopping. "Love let's go to the ER. Ara thinks it may be your cycle. She's concerned you may have had something slipped in a drink, or food." I shook my head, "I didn't eat last night, or drink. I came home, and went to bed. Middle of the night I felt like this." Carlisle nodded. "Lets get you checked. Might be nothing." He helped me stand up, and the pain was relentless. "Looks like you're starting your cycle again. Come love." He closed the toilet flushing it. I washed my hands. He picked me up, carrying me downstairs. "Extra clothes in your truck still?" I nodded. "Let's go Hun." we left. Looking at the newspaper articles, Jonathan had been released four days ago on bail, "Arse." I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight, looking round I can't see anyone but my gut instinct says, sniffing the air, Charles is lurking in here somewhere, this time I'm very much prepared, I carry on with the shopping. Two hours passed, "Alright thank you." He stepped into the hall, and called Ara. "It's her cycle starting. She's still sleeping. No to the flu. Her blood work was positive. She had nothing to eat, or drink. They're not sure. They did an exam, and that was clear, she's not been assaulted. Something caused all those bruises. Looking at Charles, "Or someone," inhaling, "call you back in five." Carlisle walked back in the room. I was curled up on my side, hooked up to an IV shivering. He covered me up with another blanket, and stood beside the bed in the emergency room. He sent a text to Steve, and let him know I would be out for the rest of the week. And he'd let him know about Saturday. Next phone call, to my mom. "So I assume lard arse sent you to see if I was still living." I put my phone inside and close the door. "I could use someone like you," walking over, "your fighting spirit and pure grit would be an asset to me." "Like I'd work for such a sick monster." I stand up, I can feel the adrenaline rush. "How about making a deal then?" He stopped. Shaking my head, "I'd rather drown than makes deal with you." Carlisle sat quietly, after hanging up with my mom. I moaned, being in such pain. "Easy baby. They have some morphine to help." I reached for him. His hand was so warm, "You're safe." The doctor stepped in, "Nothing is broken. Someone hit her." Carlisle sighed, "I hoped you wouldn't say that." The doctor nodded, "We're keeping her overnight. Also running some more tests." Carlisle sighed, "Thank you." The doctor stepped out, and Carlisle called Ara again. I'd just got home, a car had followed us all the way and parked over the other side of the street, dropping the shopping in the kitchen I go outside and light a cigarette, Charles climbs out of the car, my mobile rings, "Yep." Charles and I were inches from one another, "I can make your life a living hell." He spits. Yawning, "I'm bored of all this stupid drama," I can hear my phone ringing, "excuse me a sec," opening the door I answer, "Hello." Carlisle spoke, "She was drugged, and beat up. She has no memory. She thinks it's a flu. They have to keep her overnight. Please come, and be safe. I will have you fed. That or stay with Elizabeth, and George." "I'm good here at home, just about to settle down and watch a DVD." Charles smiles. Carlisle spoke softly, "Do I tell her? She has no memory." Sighing, "If she asks tell her, otherwise no." God I could knock his teeth out. He points to his watch and I stick two fingers up at him.   "Alright. I will be home later, need to wash up, and change. Once she's in her room, and settled I will come. Elizabeth is coming to be with her. See you soon." He hung up. "Okay, tell her I say hi." I hung up, put the phone back and close the door. "Do you like my handy work?" Charles sneers. Taking a deep breath, "No," I say bluntly, "you're a coward not to mention off your head." I see his right fist coming at me, I block it and swing for him with my left hand, he didn't see it coming and he stumbles back. My mom arrived, and so had Steve. "How bad is she?" Steve asked. "She doesn't remember a thing. Woke up groggy, chills, achy, and pain. We're not telling her unless she asked. She thinks it's a flu. They're keeping her tonight." Steve nodded, "I called Peter. I will stay. I know you just got back. Carlisle nodded, "I just want to get her some toiletries, and clothing. I need a shower myself." My mom nodded, "We've got it covered." Carlisle stroked my cheek, "I will head out once they move her. Then I will bring back some dinner." Charles and I were at loggerheads, going for one another in the middle of the road. "You maybe stronger than me idiot but I'm more dangerous than you could ever anticipate." He had me held to the ground, so I I hit him one. "I'm gonna have you, you're gonna wish you were never born." He growls. I was moved to my room, and Carlisle kissed my forehead gently, "I love you. I will be back soon. Rest well my love." He quietly left. "Oh hell if he proposed to her, and she said no; shit I'd marry him." Steve smirked. My mom chuckled, "He really is great for her. She's gone through so much. Luckily it appears he only hit her. He used her as a punching bag." She sat beside my bed holding my hand. Steve sat in the chair, and watched. "She'll be ok right? No side affects?" My mom shrugged, "Hard to say. Luckily her heart seems to be doing great. He's just an asshole. Money appears to talk. It's an ongoing battle. Feat doesn't seem to warrant a restraining order in this stupid city. George, and I are speaking with our lawyer. He's seeing what options we may have." Steve looked at me as I slept, "She's always fighting. That's what I love about her. She's a fighter." My mom had to agree. He had me pinned, I could hear the zip, a few yards away was water, using all my power I shoved him and jumped into the water, I knew it'd be freezing cold, Charles stands there cursing me before getting in his car and flooring it. Cold water saps your strength, I quickly get to the edge and pull myself out, catching my breath, hurrying inside I head upstairs and put the shower on. Carlisle was driving home, when he passed a car pulled over. He was about five minutes from the house. He pulled in the driveway, and headed inside. "I'm home." I was in the shower with music on loud, the house could blow up and I wouldn't hear it. Carlisle made his way upstairs, and opened the door, "Ara I'm home. Good thing I was careful, cops had someone pulled over. Probably speeding." "Hey," oh shit, my wet clothes are on the floor, "yeah I heard a call pull away at speed." Carlisle chuckled, "How are you feeling now? They have her settled." Shutting the shower off, "Not too bad, a little tired and achy," stepping out with a towel wrapped around me, "that's good." I smile, damn it hurts to smile. Carlisle had his back turned, offering privacy. "Doll, what have you been up to? You're very alert." "Oh a bit if this, bit of that," picking up my soaking wet clothes I stick them in a carrier bag, "feel like I could beat ten bells out of lard arse." I laugh, that hurts more. Carlisle eyed Ara, "The funny thing is, the car pulled over," he smirked, "Looked like Charles." Smirking, "Oh, really?" I go into my bedroom and close the door to. Carlisle leaned against the wall, "So strange Hmm." I'm dying to laugh, "Yeah, very weird." I slip into my satin Pjs and walk out. Carlisle was there with his arms folded. He pretended to sniff the air, "I smell bullshit. Now care to tell what happened? Elizabeth, and George are working with a lawyer. I pick up the carrier bag, "Fine if you have to spoil my bloody fun," I head down, "did the shopping, thought I was being followed," wandering into the kitchen I put the kettle on, "a car followed the taxi all the way to here, want me to carry on?" I grab painkillers from my bag. He smirked, "You kicked his ass?" Folding my arms, "Yes, crying out loud it's arse, I'm still British." I pour the water into a cup with coffee and sugar in, "want a coffee?" I say bluntly before shoving the painkillers in my mouth. Carlisle spoke softly, "If you'd don't mind." He was soft spoken. I swallow the pills, "Want me to fix you some food? I'm starved." I get a cup out of the cupboard. "I can cook for you Hun." He spoke softly. The two women he loved, both tied up in a mess of sorts. Smiling, "You stink and need a shower, I'll cook and it'll be ready when you get down, ok?" My voice was soft. He nodded, and headed upstairs to get cleaned up. I grabbed chicken fillets from the fridge, peppers, onion, fresh tomatoes and pasta from the shelf. I put a pan of water onto boil and chop the veg, washing the knife and chopping board I chop the chicken and season it with oregano and basil, taking a sip of coffee I put a pan on to heat up. Carlisle showered quietly, pain was heavy in his heart. All he ever wanted was to keep her safe, and he was failing. I added stock to the sauce along with garlic, supping my coffee I realize I need to get to grips with my temper, the last thing he needs is me blowing off steam, I may have found the perfect therapy for that - track days, hire out a track and drive like hell. His phone buzzed, and it was Steve calling. He was still in the shower. Sitting at the table I grab a book out of my bag and put some music on, Just one yesterday by fall out boy came on and I turned it up. Leaving the book on the table I get up and start singing and dancing in the kitchen. Carlisle was out, and dressed. Jeans, brown leather shoes, button down collared shirt, with an argyle print sweater over it. He ran a comb through his hair, and made his way downstairs. Smiling he kissed Ara's cheek. "Same to you," smiling, "just about to serve up," itching my nose, "sorry about my mood swings." Putting the kettle on I begin dancing again as I serve up, "there's excess in case you wanna take any for Esme." Placing the plate down I hand him a knife and fork. He smiled, "Thank you. She'd love that, if she can eat. She's so out of it." He swallowed, "I don't want either of you getting hurt." Sitting down I hand him the coffee eating a piece of chicken, "I hope she can, she needs to build up her strength," my hand reaches for his, "life is all about risk and this is coming from someone who knows." He looked at her, and nodded. "I think he's doing this because his wife filed for divorce. Now nobody wants him." Smirking, "Who'd want him? He's off his head, power mad and hates women." Carlisle shook his head, "Esme said, her cousin gave him a blow job, and from there it was love. Well I think he cheated on her, then the attack on Esme, drew the line." "Some people are blind," standing up, "he tried making a deal with me." I start running hot water. "Whoa. He's dumb as a sack of potatoes." Carlisle shook his head.   "You're telling me," stopping the tap, "he said my fighting spirit and true grit could be used to his advantage, haven't worked out the advantage, yet, have you done?" I smile. He shook his head, "Sorry he said advantage?" I nod, "Yeah he said advantage but to me it doesn't make sense." He shrugged, "Well most likely he'll be in jail tonight for something stupid. Anyways, so Saturday we have the concert. I want to dress nice, but not t-shirt look. Something like this ok?" "I bloody hope so," looking him up and down, "looks good to me," smacking my forehead, "clothes shopping for me tomorrow, ugh." I put the excess food in a tub. "I'm not exactly sure where she'll be going tomorrow. Her friend Alice, owns a shop in Pike Place. Go check it out. I will let you know. Should I stay the night there?" "I'll check that out next week, mind you might be a good idea," smiling, "of course you should." Putting the dish in the hot soapy water. That's when Carlisle's always happy side broke a little, "He got into her home. He sedated her, and beat her. I should have insisted she come." Hugging him, "Don't blame yourself, he's sneaky, even if you hadn't gone he still would've done it." He hugged her back, "What happens if we want to marry one day." "Don't cock up your lines." I wink. He shook his head, "Smart arse." Holding my hands up,"Always." He shook his head, "alright. I need to get back. They're watching her heart, making sure no damage is done. She's on anti anxiety medication as it is. Nodding, "B!imey, here take this" I hand him the tub, "go on." Smiling I kiss his cheek. "Thank you love." He kissed her back, and left. "Bye." With that I switch the kitchen light out and make my way to bed.
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