Unforeseen Love

Esme Platt got away from a life that really had not brought her happiness. Born in Ohio, and moved to Washington by a drunk father, and a doting mother. She hadn't had the greatest life so far. She moved from Bellavue, Wa to Seattle at age 18, and started school. Bye age 26 she had a home in Seattle. She had a highly rated radio show in the city, with a huge fan base. She'd been married to her soul mate for five years now, and they had a daughter named Amy who was six months old. So, what happens when one day, because of someone's poor judgement, everything you've worked for; is gone in an instant? How do you move forward? In this story we see how friendships, crossover one another, and help Esme find true love again, and happiness. Because this is her Unforeseen Love.


13. Chapter Thirteen

He smirked at me as he looked at me across the room. The music was blaring, and I was getting anxious waiting for my drink. I was hot, and not temperature wise. Those blue eyes were locked on me. I couldn't understand why. I was not a super model. I'm a petite girl. I'm built with minimal curves, and small hips. A man needs something to hold onto while he fucks me. Oh no a lady saying she wants to be fucked. That’s not lady like. Well tough, I wasn’t created to be a Stepford Wife. See making love is great if you want all that sappy shit. I've been in the romantic relationship. Making love, and having sweet nothing's whispered in my ear, I might as well have taken a nap. I’m loud. I want to fucked until my brain is about to explode from the pressure, of an oncoming orgasm. I want to be spanked, bit, flogged. Another bit of advice, anyone who says they don’t touch themselves, they’re lying. Some people are too ashamed to admit it. Here I am. I have a raunchy mouth, and a dirty mind.

Anyways back to the beautiful blue eyed stranger. He'd moved. Shit where was he? I sighed then picked up my drink off the bar, and sipping it. "Beautiful lips you have. They sure know how to work that straw." I looked to my right, and raised an eyebrow. "They can work a lot more, then this weak piece of plastic." I looked him up, and down then winked. I had caught him off guard. He swallowed hard, unsure of what to say. "Ah you weren't expecting a witty comeback. You're quick with your mouth, but your brain is lagging a bit. You have to be quick to keep up with me." He laughed and, the dim light shining off his teeth. "Whoa calm down with the bleaching on your teeth. Those puppies are brighter then the lights at the ball park. He laughed even harder, then spoke, "Usually it's some "cute" guy, making a girl giggle like an idiot. Look though, here you are laughing instead. Is there something you’re hiding?" I raised an eyebrow in a flirtatious way, and then gently let my hand graze over his crotch. "Whoa, calm down there. You don't even know my name. If you trip over your toes, falling for me; you're going to be a sorry boy." I patted his crotch once more. He grabbed my wrist firmly, "I'm turned on by your smart mouth, and the innocence you carry. You're quite fresh, like Scarlet in Gone with the Wind." I swallowed, feeling the strength he exercised.

I swallowed, and spoke looking at him. "Sir?" I questioned. He smiled at me, and looked down at me, "I know you're not new here. Neither am I. I've been very intrigued by you. My dear your gracefulness, and demeanor have intrigued me. So do you play privately, or publicly." Shit, I've only been naked once in front of everyone. "Christ don't tell me you're a virgin." He looked at me, and I looked at him. "Well you can speak. I won't bite, at least not here. I do graze gently though." His eyes went dark. "You've never met a forward Dom?" I shook my head, "I'm sorry Sir. You've caught me off guard. I was always taught to respect a Dom." He smiled, "You were taught right. Something else has you perplexed." I nodded, "You're just so," I didn't dare say it. He was gorgeous, and looked amazing in his black suit. He wore a crisp, royal blue button up shirt. His tie was a lighter blue. "Nice to meet you?" Words failed me, and I stood there dumbfounded. "Pet, your name?" He smiled at me with excitement radiating along his skin, like something that had an electrical current. I smiled back at him, "Alice Brandon. Maryalice, but I don't use that name." He shifted, "Well Ms.Brandon, the pleasure is mine. I'm Doctor Cullen. Carlisle Cullen." I smiled softly, "I'm not a virgin like you thought." I looked at him, "I was in a long term relationship. We went our separate ways." His face showed interest, "Go on?" He guided me to a small private booth. It was circular bench made of black leather the groaned as you sat on it. There was also a table at about knee level. He ushered me in, and we sat down. "Please continue." I nodded, "Well we played well, then it almost appeared as though she had become bored with me. She let others," I stopped there. He looked at me, "You were used, and dumped. I'm so sorry that happened." I smiled, "Now I watch." Carlisle looked at me, "Would you care to play with me?" I shrugged. He looked at me, holding my face in his hand, "I'm asking you for an answer, not a shrug." I really was unsure. I couldn't rush into this again. I'd been hurt, and I didn't know if I wanted to play. "Alice you need to communicate. That's the first rule of playing." I inhaled, and then exhaled. "I'm bisexual. I don't want to be played with a Domme ever again." Carlisle nodded, "I understand, and respect that. We'll think it over, and here's my card." He pulled out this sleek business card with his name, and number on it. The black card, was embossed with silver elegant writing. MD was what stood out.

I smiled so who are you here with?" He looked around, "A couple of friends. You?" I shrugged, "Myself. My friend lives the married life happily." He nodded. "They're into public play. I'm into people watching, and drinking." He smiled. I smirked, "You need to get out and live." Carlisle looked at me, "I know how to live." I raised an eyebrow. “I go out and have a good time. Catch a few baseball games. See the latest movies.” His accent was magnetizing. I put my hands up pretending to surrender, “Oh dear me. I was so wrong about you.” I scoffed at his response. "What’s that supposed to mean?” He questioned I rolled my eyes, “You, “live” safely. I bet you would never skinny dip. Maybe go skydiving. Have sex in public. Get random piercing. Try different things.” He looked at me cocking his head to one side, “I try different foods. Skydiving, I’m not sure about that one. Piercings aren't my kind of thing. I've seen the infections they can cause. Tattoo’s actually, I have one.” He smirked, “Skinny dipping, and sex in public. Never have done skinny dipping. Too bloody cold. Sex in public. Does the club count? Guess I’m boring to you." My jaw had practically disengaged, and I needed to refocus. He smiled at me, his eyes twinkling, "How new are you to play?" He asked. I looked at him, "I was shy of eighteen. It thrilled me. I thought I was crazy for the turn on." He stroked my hand, and smiled, "You're quite normal my dear. I like to know a Submissive before I play." I swallowed.

He smirked, and intrigue lingered in his eyes. "So what do you do for work Pet?" He smiled caressing my jaw line. "I'm actually the owner of my own clothing boutique." I smirked, "So you run your own business. That's quite an adventure for someone so young." I shrugged, "I was in college. An aunt died, the owner was selling the shop, and I bought it. Profit has been amazing since I took over." He laughed, "Why Alice aren't you a go getter. I'm assuming you've graduated?" I smiled, "Yes I have my bachelors in business." He scanned the dance floor, and sipped his beer. "You drink your beer like a woman. That's not good." He set it down on the bar. "Really is that so. Well I guess I have a few things to show you." I smiled, "Oh really. Not much shocks me." He raised an eyebrow at me. He took a moment before responding. "Well you made it evident your fondness for that "unspeakable book" which is a number one seller." His eyes showed that there was a fire ignited, and there was obviously no water around to put it out. I laughed throwing my head back, "I devoured it." I decided at that moment to pick the cherry from my drink. I slowly placed it on between my lips, and gently tugged feeling the stem break free. Slowly I chewed the cherry closing my eyes. Once I swallowed it my eyes met his. "Are you having fun?" His grin told me, I'd aroused him. I slowly nodded acknowledging him. "So why are you single Dr.Cullen?" He shrugged nonchalantly. "Well? A beautiful lady such as yourself seduced me. She was amazing but decided she no longer desired what I did." I set my drink down, and headed towards the bathrooms. "Hey where are you off to?" I smiled, and took him by the hand. He followed quietly, unsure of what was going on.

I knew what was going on. I let my guard down. There was something about Carlisle that I could trust. I pulled him into the bathroom and locked the door. I climbed up onto the counter, where women could do their makeup. He stood in front of me, firmly placing his hands on my thighs. He gave a gentle yet playful squeeze. Fuck! He hit that nerve in your thigh, that's like a direct doorbell to every sexual organ that can be aroused.

His eyes were burning with passion. I felt my face flush. The electricity was intense. With every touch, little zaps ran over my skin. My delicate places, were alive and begging to be touched. "Hmm..." He eyed me. "Hmm what?" I asked. He smirked and gripped my thighs, spreading them apart. "The beauty of a skirt." I blushed, "Usually I'm in control Alice. I let you lead me here. Now I'm in control once again. I need to know if you're ok with this." I nodded, "Yes Sir." He squeezed my thighs again, keeping them firmly in place. "Well for now, call me Carlisle. We're not exclusive, so you don't refer to me as Sir sweetheart." He smiled at me, then spoke, "I will play where ever you want. However you want. Safe word?" Oh jesus, "Um," I was stuck. I couldn't respond. "Alice look at me. If you want to just fool around that's all. Even though I'm a Dom, in no way do I force anything. Now do you have one, or should we avoid play." I looked at him, "Conundrum." He smiled, "That's a first, but excellent. Conundrum it is." He smiled and looked around, We have a bathroom to ourselves. That door is locked." My soul was doing back flips, and throwing pom poms. "Are you ok with this?" Carlisle asked his eyes still burning with intensity. I nodded slowly. "Alice you need to be verbal. You know that." I spoke, "Yes." He slid his hands up my thighs closer, and closer to my honey pot.

He stopped right at my groin where my pantie line is. He hooked his index finger just under the elastic? "I could snap this against your skin. It would leave a perfect red line. The sting would excite you. I can already see I've aroused you. That beautiful long hair of yours. Perfect to pull on." He slid his hand up my back, and wrapped my hair around his hand. "Now should I snap this, or make you wait more. The longer you wait, the more you become aroused with anticipation." I moaned, "Carlisle please." He smirked pulling my head back, exposing my neck. He kissed right along my jaw line. He snapped the elastic against my skin. The sting made me wet. My breathing was shallow, and quick. "If I keep doing that," he snapped them again. A whimper combined with a moan escaped. "Might you come for me. I've never had someone come for me that quickly." Jesus Christ the man was in my body, and head. He whispered, "I won't let you drop." I felt myself relax more. He shifted the sheer lace of panties, so his hand cupped me, "Beautiful my little Pixie. I dislike degrading names. Pet is ok if I take over your care. That relies purely on what your wants, and needs are." He spoke softly sliding a finger inside me. "I take this as a compliment to my handy work." He let go of my hair and snapped my panties again. "Oh Carlisle." He smirked, "What Pixie? I know what I want, what do you want?" I looked at him, "Please allow me to orgasm. Finger me, and spank me hard." He grinned, "My pleasure pet." He yanked my panties off, and pushed my legs apart. The groan he made looking at me, made me moan, and push myself to the edge. He yanked me over, and pushed two fingers inside, and circled my rosebud with his thumb. I moaned and he smacked my thigh. The sting was amazing, "Behave now." He leaned down and took me in his mouth. His tongue replaced his thumb, and I tried to hold it back. "Share yourself with me now. Pixie I feel it." He smacked my thigh again. I couldn't contain myself, and floated away. My body convulsed under his mouth, and he continued to pump me, until I'd come down completely. He smiled and fixed my skirt, and returned my panties. "Well Pixie. You have my card. What you choose to do, is just that. I had a lovely evening. I should return for the show." He kissed me deeply, and then left the bathroom, adjusting his tie. I sat there on the counter, and ran my hand through my hair. My phone vibrated, it was Esme.

'Ugh tell me why I decided to have kids. Pregnancy sucks. I have 5 more months of this'

I laughed, and replied,
'because you found love.'

She replied quickly, 
'You're just a little sex kitten.'

I laughed reading her reply. That she was right about. This little kitten had a major decision to make.



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