Unforeseen Love

Esme Platt got away from a life that really had not brought her happiness. Born in Ohio, and moved to Washington by a drunk father, and a doting mother. She hadn't had the greatest life so far. She moved from Bellavue, Wa to Seattle at age 18, and started school. Bye age 26 she had a home in Seattle. She had a highly rated radio show in the city, with a huge fan base. She'd been married to her soul mate for five years now, and they had a daughter named Amy who was six months old. So, what happens when one day, because of someone's poor judgement, everything you've worked for; is gone in an instant? How do you move forward? In this story we see how friendships, crossover one another, and help Esme find true love again, and happiness. Because this is her Unforeseen Love.


10. Chapter Ten

Wendy appeared beside me again, “Sugar babe, you need to get home, and get some rest. I have my cook whipping up some food for you to take home. It’s on the house, because I want you to take it easy. I’m assuming you’re off tomorrow.” I nodded, “Yeah they gave me the day off since I covered so much today.” She smiled, “I will be back in a few minutes. Coffee, and dinner is on the house tonight.” She smiled, and patted my shoulder and went back to cleaning up. It was almost midnight, and she’d be done for the night. Then I heard the door open, “Well if it isn’t the pretty blonde doctor, with beautiful eyes. How you doing sweetie. Hungry.” I looked up, and standing there was Carlisle. “I’d actually just like a coffee to go. I’m heading home, and love your coffee Wendy.” She smiled, “Right on it Doctor Cullen.” I looked down, praying he wouldn’t notice me. Then I heard footsteps. 


“Mind if I sit while I wait for my coffee?” He smiled at me, motioning towards the seat. I stammered like an idiot, “I, uh, well.” I shut my mouth, and just nodded. He smiled, and sat down across form me. “You’re quite quiet. Everything alright?” I looked down, and couldn’t risk losing all control of my emotions. Jeez not in front of this guy especially. “Esme, I do remember you. If you’d like me to leave you.” I shot up, “No please.” My eyes were teary eyed. He pulled a tissue from his pocket, and handed it to me. “Are you alright?” I ran my tongue over my bottom lip. My heart was stammering in my chest, like it had run a marathon. Carlisle slid his hand across towards me, and held my hand. “Calm down, take a deep breath.” I swallowed back the sob, “It’s my first Thanksgiving without my daughter, and husband. I just didn’t want to be with my family.” Carlisle looked at me, “Nobody should be alone, especially when it’s a first.” He smiled, and it melted my heart. “So what are you up to after this?” I shrugged, “Heading home. Probably watch a movie, or read a book.” Carlisle smiled, “What if I accompanied you. Then I will leave you for the night.” I smiled, “I’d like the company.” He smiled, “Then we have a movie date?” I nodded. “Perfect. Shall we go?” I slid out of the booth, and put my coat back on.

“Here you go baby girl. Dr. Cullen your coffee.” Carlisle went to pull out his wallet. “It’s all on the house. You just get that sweet girl home safely.” Carlisle smiled, “I intend to Wendy. Have a good evening. Have a lovely weekend.” She smiled, “I sure intend to. I’m going shopping, and buying some new books for myself. I will see you all next week at some point.” She smiled, and hugged both of us. She whispered in my ear, “Sweetie, that’s the sweetest man I’ve ever met. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Remember you’re a strong woman, and God is always listening. He doesn’t care if you’re angry at him, he’ll love his child unconditionally.” I smiled, and hugged her a little tighter, “Thank you Wendy.” She smiled, and let go of me touching my cheek, “Rest this weekend. I will be speaking with your mother, and father.” I chuckled, “I will I promise.” She nodded, “You two get on out of here. I want to lock up.” I smiled, and we left. “So I will follow you? If that’s ok.” I nodded, and headed to my car. Carlisle walked over, and opened my door for me. “Thank you.” I smiled, and climbed in. Once I was in, he shut my door and returned to his car. Once he was in, I started up my truck, and we were on our way. 

We were at my house, and I climbed out of my truck. I slipped my bag over my shoulder, and found the key to my front door. Carlisle walked over, and took my bag for me. “Beautiful house.” I smiled, “Thank you.” He nodded, “I live in a more modern style, open floor plan house. It’s enough for me. I don’t have a lot. I want something one day, I can make my won. I prefer Victorian era houses.” I smiled, “We were torn between this house, and a beautiful Victorian. We didn’t have the money for the other house, and all the repairs at the time.” Carlisle nodded, with understanding, as I unlocked the door and pushed it open. “This is “home”, or what you might call it.” I flipped on the lamp, and hung up my coat. Carlisle walked in, and shut the door behind him. Carefully he set my bag down, and hung up his coat. “The details, and charm are breathtaking. Do you mind if I look around down here?” I shook my head, “Make yourself at home.” He smiled, and slowly made his way through the house. I headed upstairs to change.

I came back down wearing sweat pants, and a long sleeve shirt. Carlisle looked up at me. I’d thrown my hair up in a messy bun, and smiled. “Hi there.” He offered a hand, as I approached the last two stairs. I took his smiling, “Thank you. I needed to change into something more comfy.” Carlisle nodded, “Well you’re still breathtaking in anything you wear. I don’t see you for just the outside. I see the inner beauty as well.” I blushed, and gently pulled my bottom lip between my teeth. “Please don’t do that.” I looked up at him, “Sorry, I’m not used to compliments.” He nodded, “Well if I’m rushing anything, or if you feel uncomfortable, please let me know.” He approached me, and gently took my hand in his. “So a movie?” I nodded, “Valentine’s Day if you don’t mind.” He shook his head. We sat down on the couch together, and I turned on the tv, and dvd player and hit play. I curled up beside him, and he gently wrapped his arm around me. 

I woke up, and I was covered up, lying down on the couch. The tv had been shut off, and the sun was out. I checked my watch, ten forty five in the morning. I sat up quickly, and looked around, “Carlisle?” There was no answer. Had I dreamed the previous night. I got up, making my way to the kitchen. Sitting on the table was a note. 

Hi Esme, 

You fell asleep, and I felt uncomfortable staying the night. I covered you up, and shut the television off. I hope you have a great day. Hope to talk soon. 




I set the note down, and made myself a cup of coffee. “I hope you’re awake. We need to talk.” I looked up, and Alice walked in and sat down. “So we going shopping today?” I looked at her, “I’m in my pajama’s and just woke up.” Alice looked me up and down, “Oh you’re in the sweats, and long sleeve shirt pajama’s. That bad of a night?” She sat down on the barstool. “No just long. Carlisle came home with me.” That perked Alice right up. She practically crawlled across my breakfast bar, “Oh my god, he spent the night? Where is he now.” She dropped her voice to a whisper. I shook my head. “Read.” I handed her the note, and she smiled. “He’s a really sweet guy. Just give him a chance. Promise me.” I nodded, “I’m not jumping into anything.” Alice nodded, “I know you’re not. That’s ok. With time, we’ll be back out there together.” She grinned, and I just shook my head. 

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