Unforeseen Love

Esme Platt got away from a life that really had not brought her happiness. Born in Ohio, and moved to Washington by a drunk father, and a doting mother. She hadn't had the greatest life so far. She moved from Bellavue, Wa to Seattle at age 18, and started school. Bye age 26 she had a home in Seattle. She had a highly rated radio show in the city, with a huge fan base. She'd been married to her soul mate for five years now, and they had a daughter named Amy who was six months old. So, what happens when one day, because of someone's poor judgement, everything you've worked for; is gone in an instant? How do you move forward? In this story we see how friendships, crossover one another, and help Esme find true love again, and happiness. Because this is her Unforeseen Love.


16. Chapter Sixteen

We laid there quietly. The rise and fall of our chests, were in sync with one another. Our hearts beating, and soft rhythmic breathing was the only noise. He held me snuggly against him. His nose was just below my ear, “You know I won’t let anything happen to you. Esme you’re my life now.” I nodded, and felt the tear slide down my cheek. “I’m sorry you’re dealing with an emotional, crazy person.” That remark, made Carlisle shift, so he was looking at me. “Don’t ever call yourself crazy. Esme you’ve been through such a tragic loss. To add to it, a traumatic event. Jesus Christ if you weren’t crying, I would be very concerned. Don’t apologize ok.” He kissed my forehead, and pulled me against his chest. I inhaled deeply, and let it out slowly. “Baby relax please. Your pulse is racing now. You’re getting worked up.” He stroked my back, and I clung to him. The last thing I remember was, him whispering to me, “I love you.” When I woke up, it was seven thirty in the morning. Carlisle was up. The bedroom was quiet. I contemplated getting out of bed, or staying here. I was staying put then. I didn’t have the energy to get up, and make myself look decent. Matter of fact, my eyes felt extremely heavy. I felt hollow, but sad at the same time. I should be happy, I had a great guy, and he was supportive. Then I knew this feeling, it was a gut feeling. My phone rang, “Hello?” Steve was on the other end, “Hey baby girl. How are you doing?” I sighed, and covered my eyes, “I’m fine why?” He laughed, “Aren’t you a ray of sunshine.” I grumbled, “I don’t wake up early usually. Now what is it?” I snapped. “Sorry hun.” Peter grabbed the phone, “Dinner. The kids want to see you. Our place, or yours.” I groaned, “No need to feed me. I’m not up for a visit tonight. Tell the kids I’m sorry.” Then the next thing I knew, their little voices were begging to see me. “Auntie Esme please. We miss you.” I rolled my eyes, and agreed, “Pizza’s. My place.” The kiddo’s cheered, and were yelling, “Pizza.” Steve took the phone back, “Alright we’ll be there tonight. We’ll talk hun. Sorry for waking you. Ciao.” The line went dead, and I dropped the phone into the waste basket beside my bed. I laid there, and tried to fall back asleep. Just as I was about to fall asleep, I was startled by that, half awake, half asleep dream where you’re falling. I startled awake, and took a few minutes to get my heart to calm down. I finally drifted back off to sleep.
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