Bursting through Empty Skies

When I am lost I am free


1. Prologue


When I am lost, I fly away. When I am lost, I escape. When I am lost I stay lost, I treasure a moment so rare, so precious. I run away with it, yearning for relief, a place with no boundaries. A place where anything is possible. In that moment, all is clear. When I sweep through the air, no rules hold me back. When I twist and turn in endless dance, all pain is forgotten. When I burst through empty skies, there is no reason to worry.

I lose myself, my heart and mind and soul, lost in winds that swirl around me. No troubles weigh me down as I soar, higher, further, reaching, grasping for hope. A hope that stays with me, after my flight is ended.

A warm uplift, I climb yet further, yearning for love. Love that stays with me, for as long as I live.

A strong tailwind, I push on, travelling faster, accelerating, chasing after strength. Strength that holds me up, pushing against the weight of fear.

The wind drops, I glide, spiralling downward, gliding, surrounded by peace. Peace that no one else will ever know, but that dominates my heart.

When I am lost, I am free.

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