Wild at Heart

18 year old Skylar Brekstar lives the life. She consistently partys with her band mates, Kirsten, Ivy and Bree. Not to mention going on tour with 5 Seconds of Summer! Ashton has his eyes on her, but so does Luke. While on tour is there some fiery romance? Or is there compation between the bands? (Cover made by the amazing Georgia.Russell!!!


5. Chapter 5

         Skylar's P.O.V 


       I sat on the cold stool, my guitar in hand strumming an new rhythm. Light tears filled my eyes. I sang a made up song.

What would I do without your smart mouth

drawing me in kicking me out

you got my head spinning no kidding I can't pin you down 

What's going on in that beautiful mind

I'm your magical mystery blood 

and I'm so dizzy don't know what hit me but I will be alright

My head's underwater but I'm breathing fine

your crazy and I'm out of my mind

(A/N I know it's the song All of Me not trying to take it as my own)

         I stopped singing when I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Hey, don't cry. She better now, she isn't hurting anymore." Bree said. I put down my guitar and put my head in my hands. Sobs escaped my mouth. I trembled. "Just leave me." I said coldly. Bree sighed and left. I lay on the cold cement in a pool of tears. I just found out my sister, my best friend, died of cancer. No! Sky! You are not suppose to feel emotion, remember! You don't deserve emotion! I told myself. I lifted the many bracelets and wristbands on my wrist and stared at those terrible scars. I used to cut while my dad abused me. And my mum left me at age 8. My sister and Bree was all I had. And I had lost one of them. I always hid my scars. Bree didn't even know. I sighed and stopped my sobbing. My heart was numb. I wanted to feel something. I didn't care if it was pain I needed to feel. I slowly crept into the bathroom.


           Blood and tears stained my skin. I grabbed a piece of tissue paper and cleaned myself up and hid my new cuts. When I walked out of the bathroom I bumped into Luke. "Hey, Sky I herd about your sister, are you ok?" he asked. I nodded then plastered on a fake smile. "Nothing can get to me, I'm always partying I should be happy plus I don't ever feel sad, no one has time for moping." I lied. Luke nodded not fully believing the lie. He looked at me as I walked away. 


         Luke's P.O.V.


             I knew she was lying, I knew she was truly hurting. She was hiding something I know it, but we don't have time for that, this is our tour it's almost over. We have to make it last and party while we can not worry about drama. I just bugs me that something is hurting Skylar. 








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