Wild at Heart

18 year old Skylar Brekstar lives the life. She consistently partys with her band mates, Kirsten, Ivy and Bree. Not to mention going on tour with 5 Seconds of Summer! Ashton has his eyes on her, but so does Luke. While on tour is there some fiery romance? Or is there compation between the bands? (Cover made by the amazing Georgia.Russell!!!


4. chapter 4

         Skylar's P.O.V.


         We walked down a red carpet. Not THE red carpet though.... Photographers surrounded us flashes blinded us and we were swarmed with questions. "So, do 5 Seconds of Summer and American Runaways have a thing going on?" A reporter asked. "Yeah! I mean it would be perfect! Luke and Skylar, Micheal and Bree, Calum and Ivy and Ashton and Kirsten!!" One yelled. "There is nothing going on." Luke told the press. "We are just friends touring the world together." Ashton said. We walked into the nightclub and saw, stainless steel tables, comfy red velvet chairs, purple and blue lights flashed on the dance floor just wait for us. I herd some excited gasps from Bree and Kirsten. Ivy clung on to Ashton. She never liked night clubs. They aren't for her. She would stay sober while we all got drunk. I stayed next to Kirsten and Bree. Apparently Ashton and Ivy had like a thing. I though Ashton suited her. They were so cute together. People welcomed us and Kirsten and I went straight to the bar. Kirsten ordered some alcohol. The bartender put two shots out in front of us. On the count of three we threw back the shot. It oozed down my throat and burned. But it felt good. Luke came up behind me. "Don't get too drunk, guess who is here."he said then I turned around to see the band "The Wanted" walk through the door. All the boys were now at the bar talking. 5SOS have a rivalry with The Wanted. They met a while ago and it didn't go well. The wanted is full of a bunch of stuck up perverts. (A/N I love the wanted this isn't true about them so no hate) They walked in our direction. "What are you doing here?" snarled Luke. Tom eyed me closely. I glared at him. This wasn't going to end well. "We came to congratulate you" said Siva. "Well you can leave now." said Calum. "Nah I think we will stay and enjoy the party." said Max. Just then I dropped my phone. I turned around and bent down to pick it up. "And here to enjoy the veiw." Nathan said. I got up and shot a death glare in Nathan's direction. "Oooo someone's feisty. I like a little bit of a fighter." Nathan commented. Luke pushed me behind him. "And who are you to say that to Skylar." he snapped. "Um, I'm just a normal man. Look dude she's hot I'm going to hit on her." Nathan replied. I stepped out from behind Luke and spoke. "See this?" I asked the boys spanking myself. Nathan and Tom literally drooled. Siva nodded. "Well it's not yours." I said then stuck my tongue out at Nathan. "Better put that tongue back in your mouth before I bite it." flirted Tom. I rolled my eyes. "You guys are so immature." I told. Ivy and Ashton joined my side. The boys looked Ivy up and down. "I always liked blondies." said Max walking to Ivy. Ashton glared and him. "Why? Is it because you have no hair yourself?" Ivy said and Max backed away. She smirked please with herself. Bree, Micheal, Calum, and Kirsten joined us. "Ugh what are they doing here?" asked Micheal. Jay finally spoke up, "Here to get some chics and we found some." he said eyeing Kirsten. She winked at him and he licked his lips. I felt tension between the bands. The boys of 5sos backed off and went to get some drinks. I went and leaned against a wall by my self my head throbbing already. "What's a pretty little thing like you doing alone?" I herd Nathan ask. I opened my eyes and looked at him. "Looking for a good time?" he asked. "Not with you no." I said "We I am." he said grabbing my arm. I shot him a death glare. "Let go of me." I warned. "Come on there is a room not very far." he said. I tried to pull away but his grip was too strong. It hurt. "I said-"  I was cut off by a very angry Luke. "Let go of her Nathan!" he said. "Or what? We just want a good time now don't interrupt." taunted Nathan. I started to protest but Nathan's grip just got stronger. It hurt really bad this time, I could already feel the bruises forming. Luke pried Nathan's hand off me. "Leave or I will call security." Luke threatened. I looked to my now bruised wrist. Nathan coward away. 


         The rest of the night was summed of me, Bree and Kirsten being drunk swaying on the dance floor and hitting on random guys. The only people that stayed sober were, Ivy, Calum and Luke. The rest of us were yelling out random this and tripping over nothing. When Luke announced that it was time to go, we all yelled protests. I wasn't leaving I was having fun. 

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