Wild at Heart

18 year old Skylar Brekstar lives the life. She consistently partys with her band mates, Kirsten, Ivy and Bree. Not to mention going on tour with 5 Seconds of Summer! Ashton has his eyes on her, but so does Luke. While on tour is there some fiery romance? Or is there compation between the bands? (Cover made by the amazing Georgia.Russell!!!


3. chapter 3

            Luke's P.O.V.


      I pulled on my black skinny jeans then walked out of the bathroom. I walked past the kitchen I saw Ivy all glamed out. She talked to Ash. He smiled at her. I could already tell he liked her. I smiled to my self. Ivy did look pretty. ( Ivy's outfit. http://www.polyvore.com/ivys_outfit_chapter/set?id=134629481 ) She wore a tight pink dress with black heels. Her blonde hair was curled and to finish it off she added a pink flower crown. She batted her eyes at Ashton. I moved on and kept walking till I past a curtain and herd a zipper. I paused and looked through the little crack. My eyes widened as I saw Skylar wearing a tight red skit just barely zipping it up, her tan back bear. Turn around damn it  I thought to myself. She put on the top it showed part of her belly all the way around. She zipped part of it up but she could reach the rest. I saw her turn around then I moved back. "Luke?" She asked pulling away the curtain. I could see her fully now. She was beautiful. She wore a pair of black heels, a highwaisted tight red skit, and what was like a red bra. It was strapless and showed cleavage. A a silver moon pendent hung in between her breast. She coughed. "LUKE!" I snapped back to reality and looked into her deep blue eyes. The almost seemed unnatural. They glowed. Dark eye makeup made it so they were the first things you would see. "Yeah?" I asked. "Zip me up?" She asked and turned around. My heart thumped. I grabbed hold of the zipped and slowly zipped it up admiring Skylar's curves. "Thanks!" She said and turned around. "You look good." she said to me. "You're wow. Gorgeous Skylar. She turned a crimson red. "Thanks." She whispered. A piece of Sky's long straight  brown hair got stuck to her red lips. I chuckled lightly and moved it off her lips. My fingers lingering. She smirked at me. I got close as well as she did. I looked into those eyes. Our lips touched and I felt a surge of energy bolt through me. She did too. Skylar gasped and put her hands up in hair. My hands ended up on the bare spot of her back. I her warm skin warmed me. I felt her smirk against my lips. Then I herd Micheal clear his throat and we pulled away. "You picked a good one but I don't think I needed to see that." Micheal commented. Sky and I blushed. "Anyways. Dude go fix your hair we are leaving now." he said. I looked at Skylar and she gave me a faint smile. "OK." I said and ran off to the bathroom.


        Ivy's P.O.V. 


        After kissing Ashton we walked out into the family room were everyone was waiting on me, Luke and Calum. I saw Bree sitting next to Kirsten and Skylar. Bree wore a dark blue dress that didnt show too much, blue lip stick, a crazy eye shadow with greens blues and purples, and white heels. (Bree's outfit http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=134634240 ) Kirsten wore black dress. The top was see through so she paired it with a strapless black push up bra. She wore purple heels, purple eye shadow and nude lips. (Kirsten's outfit http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=134634240 ) My friends were hot! Luke and Calum arrived so we all left to the party.

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