Wild at Heart

18 year old Skylar Brekstar lives the life. She consistently partys with her band mates, Kirsten, Ivy and Bree. Not to mention going on tour with 5 Seconds of Summer! Ashton has his eyes on her, but so does Luke. While on tour is there some fiery romance? Or is there compation between the bands? (Cover made by the amazing Georgia.Russell!!!


2. chapter 2

      Skylar's P.O.V.


       "NO SPINNING NOOOOO!!!!" yelled Ashton as Calum spun him around in a shopping cart. We had walked around the small town till we found this abandon store. We messed around and pushed each other in the carts. Tonight we were going to a release party for the boys new album "Don't Stop". The party started at 8:00 so we had all day to fool around. We finished our shopping cart jousting wars it was only 2:00 so we went back to the bus. We all sat on the couch wondering what to do. Then Ashton spoke up. "Isn't there a lake near by?" We all looked to Ashton. "Yeah. There is." I said. I smirked at the memory of a few nights ago the girls and I while the boys were sleeping we went skinny dipping in that lake. I looked to the girls. Bree and Kirsten were smirking while Ivy was blushing. Ivy was always a good girl. She never broke the rules. I remember one time where Bree, Kirsten and I got suspended for super gluing pages of playboy in all the text books for math. Ivy bailed. It was hilarious! Who would of ever though boys could get such a boner from a text book. Yeah well we go suspended for two weeks. I was pulled back into reality when Bree spoke. "We could show you where it is. We could walk to it." she said. "OK everyone get ready we will leave in a half an hour." said Calum. 


       I got dress in the bathroom. I came out wearing a purple bikini. I put on my silver turtle belly bling and put on my black netted cover up. (Skylar's outift http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=133880380 ) I saw everyone was already dressed and waiting for me. Bree was wearing a black one piece with side cut outs, Ivy wore a pink bikini with orange lines around the top and bottom. Kirsten wore a blue bikini with a gold hoop connecting it in the middle. She wore the same belly bling I wore. When I walked out I saw Luke look me up and down. The boys all wore black swimming shorts. I couldn't help but stare at Calum's toned abs. "Ok girls lead us to it." Luke said. As soon as I stepped out of the bus I could feel a pair of eyes on my ass. I rolled my eyes and turned around. Luke and Ashton quickly looked up at my face. Ashton blushed a bit but Luke smirked. I walked in between them. "So how do you know where the lake is?" Ashton asked. Bree came running over. "Because we went skinny dipping when you were asleep that's how we know." she said than ran off. I giggled. "Damn I wish I was there to see that!" Luke commented. Ashton laughed but then nodded in agreement. I slapped his arm. The boys both laughed. Luke eyes dropped. "Like what you see?" I asked Luke. He nodded. "Well too bad you can't have them." I said and skipped away leaving Luke's mouth gaping open and Ashton smirking. "She's good." I herd as I skipped to my girlfriends. "Hey hey do the thot walk do the thot walk aye!!" sang Ivy and Bree and Kirsten walked with one hand down her ass swinging side to side letting her boobs bounce. I burst out laughing and sang with them. I couldn't help but notice Calum staring at Kirsten's ass as she walked. 


               We finally arrived at the lake. A rope swing hung from the tree. "Ok who is going in first?" Luke asked. I snuck up behind him and pushed him in. Everyone laughed. I grabbed a a hold on the rope and flung myself in with a backflip. Calum clapped. "I give it an 8 and a half!" I laughed, then I felt something rap around my ankle. It dragged me under the water. I reached for the hand on my ankle and pried it off. I surfaced out of the water and took a deep breath gasping for air. "Whoa. What the hell was that?" Mikey asked. Then Luke appeared out of the water laughing so hard he chocked. "That's what you get for pushing me in!" he yelled. I attacked him yelling "Luke!!!!"  Everyone laughed at us. I just glared at Luke. 

   After me attacking Luke we deiced to have a chicken fight. So we went somewhere shallow and the boys started to pick their partners. Micheal picked Bree of corse because they are like siblings they are so close. Luke picked me, Ashton picked Ivy and Calum picked Kirsten. All us girls hopped on the boys shoulders and the fights begain. Luke and I went over to went to Kirsten and Calum. I put my hands against Kirsten's and tried to push her off as the boys talked smack. "Hey Sky? Are you even trying?" Calum mocked. I kicked Calum in the stomach and pushed Kirsten off. "What was that Calum?" I mocked back. Luke cheered and high fived me.  I looke over at Bree. Sh had just pushed Ivy off Ashton. "Shit." I mumbled. Bree was too big for me. I was the smallest in weight wise in our band. So everyone called me the smallest. We were now standing in front of Bree and Mikey. Ashton came in between us. "Ok rules are now ball kicking or titty grabbing. Got it? Fight!" after Ashton's words we attacked. I pushed Bree but she pushed back harder. I was loosing balance. "Looks like Bree is too strong for Skylar. Oh Skylar is loosing her balance Oh!" He yelled as I was kicked into the stomach and fell into the water. I felt a strong pair of arms around my waist. Luke pulled me out of the water. We looked at Mikey and Bree. They cheered and high fived each other.


      By the end of the chicken fight Calum checked his watch and said it was 6:00. We had to head back to the bus.

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