Wild at Heart

18 year old Skylar Brekstar lives the life. She consistently partys with her band mates, Kirsten, Ivy and Bree. Not to mention going on tour with 5 Seconds of Summer! Ashton has his eyes on her, but so does Luke. While on tour is there some fiery romance? Or is there compation between the bands? (Cover made by the amazing Georgia.Russell!!!


1. Chapter 1

    Skylar's P.O.V. 


     It was our time to preform. So we walked out on stage. I held my electric guitar in my hands as I walked to the platform. We stood all in our places. Me in the front. Ivy to my right, Bree to my left. Ivy held the bass and Bree held a guitar similar to mine. Kirsten was behind us getting ready to drum. I started to play the tune to Neon Tress' "Animal" The crowd cheered and roared. I started off singing.  

                               "Here we go again, I kinda want to be more than friends, 

                                  so take it easy on me, I'm afraid, your never satisfied." 

   Right as the chorus came We all jumped off a stool we stood on and landed in front of a mic. The crowd screamed. I flipped my hair as I played my guitar. 

                                  " What are you waiting for??!!" 

I finished the last guitar riff and jumped. "Hello Vegas!!!" I said into the mic. "We are American Runaways!" I yelled. Everyone cheered. We walked off stage tired and sweaty after three songs. We set our guitars down and high fived the 5sos boys as they walked out on stage. I sat down on the couch in the dress room and the girls joined me. By the way Hi. I'm Skylar. Im lead vocalist of the band American Runaways. And with me is my band mates, thats Ivy. The tall one with the blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin. She the bass guitar. And the crazy one with the pink hair? That's Bree. She is guitar. The last girl is Kirsten. She is the other blondie but the one with tan skin, and she is the shortest. I'm the only one with brown hair. I'm the second tallest and pretty tan. We are some pretty crazy girls. Party girls. Most of us are high school drop outs. Except for Ivy. Right now we are on tour with 5 seconds of summer. We open for them. They have helped us gain popularity. 


         It was 12:30 the concert was over. We all head to the tour bus and crashed. Even though us girls wanted to party. We didn't because the boys were pretty tired. 


        I woke up and walked straight to the shower. After I was done I changed into some high waisted short shorts with rips on the thigh, then a belly shirt with the Nirvana logo on it. ( Skylar's outfit http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=133487273 )  I kept my straight long hair down and applied light make up. I walked out of the bathroom to see everyone awake. Bree wore a black shirt with a skull on it and some pale blue shorts. Her pink hair was curled. (brees outfit  http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=133487874 ) Ivy the girliest one of us, wore a black skater skit with a purple tank top and purple lip stick. ( Ivy's outfit http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=133488470 ) Kirsten wore a American flag crop top with some high waisted ripped jeans. (Kirsten's outfit http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=133489740 ) I sat down next to Luke and put my legs on his lap and leaned against Calum. "What should we do today?" said Mikey with a smirk. 

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