Stop It

Brooklyn is an average teenager who likes something other people bully other people at the school about. Brooklyn has a girlfriend and shes kept it hidden for so long what will happen when one person in the school finds out.

(Im not good at keeping in the tenses)
Cover done by Loki's Queen


2. School



One last bruise to cover before school. The last but the hardest to hide it over my fingers on my right hand so how am i meant to write. Why does my dad always do that when a girl refuses to see or date him. Why am I always the one who gets hit im over it. I wipe a tear away and slide on my blue summer dress and step into my blue shoes as i grabbed my phone bag and keys before walking to school.

"Hey Brookie, great to see u.” Alyssa said about to kiss me but I moved.

“Alyssa we can its not right anymore.” I reply.

“Brooke what’s wrong your never like this around me. Do u not love me anymore?”

I watched Al’s face go sad so I pulled her around the corner where no one can see and kiss her softly.

“Al we cant kiss or act like we’re together. The people at this school are different to your old school babe okay but I'm thinking of talking to a teacher about something but ill see u around okay babe”

I kiss her head and left walking towards my first class. I could feel her emerald eyes follow my ass.

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