Stop It

Brooklyn is an average teenager who likes something other people bully other people at the school about. Brooklyn has a girlfriend and shes kept it hidden for so long what will happen when one person in the school finds out.

(Im not good at keeping in the tenses)
Cover done by Loki's Queen


4. Hospital


*Brooke’s P.O.V.*

I feel a hand touching mine so soft so loving. I move my hand so mine and this persons palm are together.

“Brookie your awake I missed u.” Al says happily.

“Al am I okay my neck hurts all I remember was Tiff cutting my neck then it went black.” I ask

“You’re perfectly fine just the cut on your neck is deep so you staying her for a while and you’re moving in with me and my mom the saw the bruises.”

“Oh okay but all my things are at my house and I have school and I just wanna be at home with you” I lean up and kiss her softly.

“I’ll see if u can come home okay but no school okay ill get all your work u have missed and some of your friends.”

“You’re amazing Al I'm lucky to have you around but I wanna go to school let me go to school I'm fine.”

I get up and grab my clothes and get dressed then I walk to Al, hugging her, grabbing her hand but she pulls away. I wonder why I hope nothing’s wrong I better ask.

“Al everything okay?”

“My mum doesn’t know yet. I’m scared how she’s react so we cant act like we are together unless we are home alone.”

“Okay but can we leave now please?”

“Fine come on.”

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