Stop It

Brooklyn is an average teenager who likes something other people bully other people at the school about. Brooklyn has a girlfriend and shes kept it hidden for so long what will happen when one person in the school finds out.

(Im not good at keeping in the tenses)
Cover done by Loki's Queen


3. Help Alyssa

Help Alyssa

The lunch bell rang and I left my group of friends and headed through the school yard to my next class. Wait I know that girl… Alyssa. Why are Tiffany and Chloe harassing her. I hide behind a building near them.

“I see we have a Miss Les here. Do you have a huge crush on me or that small assed emo? Huh or are you just a Nemo and not know where you are or where your family is?” Tiffany said.

“Come on admit it you have a huge lesbian crush on Tiff. You love her huge boobs and her big ass. You just wanna kiss her.” Chloe started.

“I need my sister. I need Brooke she’s my sister not my lover let me go.” She was breaking I knew it I can’t let her break.

I walk out from behind the building and taps Chloe on the shoulder.

“Look Tiff it’s emo” Chloe said.

“Nice to see your back at school I thought the last time I slit your neck open you died but looks like I didn't I might do it again.” Tiffany said pulling a big knife out and putting against my neck.

“Run Al run to class tell someone I don’t know just please run and get someone.” I said.

Alyssa was about run but Chloe grabbed her.

“Sorry you’re not going anywhere you’re gonna watch her die.” Chloe said.

“You can’t do this she hasn't done anything wrong to you guys so why treat her like this.” Al said.

I felt the knife go across my neck and Tiff was pushing so hard I passed out.

*Al’s P.O.V*

“I can’t believe you did that to her you guys are so mean.” I say loudly.

They turn around and were about to hit me but I hit them both first knocking them out. I placed handcuffs on them. Wondering where I got the handcuffs my mother is a police officer and she gave them to me for protection. I grabbed my phone out and called 911.

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