Stop It

Brooklyn is an average teenager who likes something other people bully other people at the school about. Brooklyn has a girlfriend and shes kept it hidden for so long what will happen when one person in the school finds out.

(Im not good at keeping in the tenses)
Cover done by Loki's Queen


1. About Me

About me

Hey guys, names Brooklyn I'm in grade 10 well not yet im on summer holidays we starts school net week but i dont wanna go back to school. If people find out about my sexuality they will bully me more then they do now.

"Brook. Brookie open the door please i need to talk to you." Alyssa said through the door i open it slightly.

"Al what do u need im a bit busy at the moment." I say as she pushed through the door.

"Babe please we need to talk."

"Okay about what?"


"What about it?"

"My mum moved me to your school"

I kissed her passionately and laid her on the bed laying next to her.

"Thats amazing Sweetie"

I hear the front door open.

 "babe you have to go my fathers home go out my window ill see you tomorrow okay" I say kissing her lips softly.

I watched Alyssa climb out my window and run home and i start hiding all the picture of me and her kissing or anything that resembles my relationship.

"Brooklyn where's my dinner I'm hungry." He yells.

I run down the stairs and walk to the fridge grabbing out then giving him it.

"There dad do u want a beer to?"

"Yes please Brooklyn" I grab him a beer and gives it to him.

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