Dying Planet

The 11th Doctor and Clara receive a distress call from a planet the Doctor has never heard of, but when they get there all is not as it seems. Was it a trap or a genuine call for help?


3. Trapped

     "Umm is that a dead body?" Clara asked.

"Yep!! These boxes are actually coffins." the Doctor replied grinning as he opened up more of them to inspect the bodies.

"If they are coffins why aren't they buried?"

"Maybe there was no one left to bury them."

"What could have happened here?"

"I don't know, but I plan on finding out. Look at these bodies, Clara. None of them look like that creature that's waiting outside the door. Is it simply a monster or did something happen to it to make it look like that?" 

Clara stared at the bodies. She wished she could get a closer look, but her leg wouldn't allow it. The bodies looked like they had been dead awhile, but they looked okay considering they were dead. They looked like humans except that on each shoulder they had a long purple tentacle, and their mouths stretched to their ears. They must look so creepy when they smile, Clara thought. "What should we do, Doctor?" He ignored her, and continued to inspect the bodies while muttering to himself. "Doctor!"

"Oh hmmm?"

"What are we going to do?"

"Right! Well to start we need to bandage your head and your leg," he walked over to her and gingerly inspected her leg, "It's not broken, but the bone is definitely bruised. A lot of the skin got ripped up, and your forehead doesn't look pretty. We need to clean the wounds, and bandage them before you lose too much blood." 

"Is there any boxes in here that aren't coffins? There might be medical supplies."

The Doctor got up and looked around, but there really wasn't much of a point in that since he could clearly see the whole room from where he had been sitting. Suddenly, he took off his jacket, and started ripping it into long strips. "Now, Clara, I fully expect you to get me a new jacket when we get out of here, but for now we will use it to bandage your wounds." 

"How will you clean it?"

"Without any water here we simply can't. We just hope for the best." He bandaged her forehead first; slowly and gently wrapped the cloth nice and tight to stop the bleeding. Then with what was left of his jacket he bandaged her right leg. "There! Not to shabby given what we're working with. Here," The Doctor offered her his hand, "Try to stand up."

Clara put all her weight on him as she rose to stand. "Ah!" she yelped as she shifted some of her weight onto her bad leg. "The bandage is good, but my leg still really hurts. I need to sit down I'm getting dizzy." 

"Okay just take it easy.", The Doctor replied gently as he helped her to sit down again.

She sighed. "We're stuck here! We have no food or water, and we can't get past that creature while I'm injured!"

"Calm down calm down. I always have a plan."

Clara smiled, "Oh good! What's your brilliant plan?"

"No idea!" Her grin was quickly replaced with a frown as she glared at him. "Just give me a minute!" He paced around the room thinking. He paced and paced and paced and paced. "Doctor, stop pacing already!. Do you have even an inkling of a plan?" Clara asked.

"I would, but then I have to think of your leg. This would be an easier problem to solve if you hadn't gone and hurt yourself."

"If my leg wasn't hurt what would be your plan?"

"Easy. We run out of here."

"Run to where?"


"Right the TARDIS. The TARDIS that is two miles away! Besides aren't you burning with curiosity? Who sent the distress call, where are all the people, what's wrong with the land, how is that thing alive, and what is it?!"

"I might as well actually be on fire by how much my curiosity is burning me alive. But if we run back to the TARDIS we can just fly back here with supplies and science-y equipment to figure out what in the universe is going on."

"We could still try and run. You could carry me."

"Even though it's dragging itself across the floor it's fast. If I carry you we might not make it out of here." 

"Then I could try to run."

"HAHAHAHA no. It would be right on top of you in seconds. Your leg is causing you too much pain and when you stood up your head injury made you dizzy."

"Why don't you just leave me here? Leave me your sonic, and you make a run for the TARDIS. You can just fly it here into the room."

"Excuse me IT is a she. "


"I don't want to leave you here alone though." he said as he shot her a worried look.

"Doctor, I will be safe in here! This is our best shot."

He pondered this a bit, and then sighed. "Okay," he handed over his sonic, "Just point it at the door and press here. Once I'm out and I shut it behind me press it again okay?"

"Got it! Good luck."

"Stay in here no matter what, Clara, and don't open the door." He squeezed his torch tight in his hand turning it nervously on and off, "Press it now." She aimed the screwdriver at the door, and heard a satisfying click as it unlocked. The Doctor ran at the door, and heaved it open. He scrambled outside as quickly as he could. He could sense it coming. Already it was dragging its body towards him. He slammed the heavy door closed. Even though the creature was coming, he waited till he heard the door lock until he took off. His torch light waved wildly as he darted through the dark building. He couldn't tell if it was still following him or how closely it was to him. Nope no way was he slowing down to find out.                


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