Dying Planet

The 11th Doctor and Clara receive a distress call from a planet the Doctor has never heard of, but when they get there all is not as it seems. Was it a trap or a genuine call for help?


2. The Thing Upstairs

     The Doctor pushed open the doors to the 4-story building. "I'll look in this room; you check out that one over there, Clara." She nodded walked through the doorway and looked around. It was a big space. Bigger then her apartment back on Earth. It had a staircase leading up on to the second-floor but no elevators. Alien planet with no elevators? I thought aliens were supposed to be ahead of us in technology, Clara thought. "It's clear over here! Nothing of any importance to us, but looks can be deceiving." the Doctor called from the other room.

"Empty over here too! I'm going up to the next floor!" Clara walked up the stairs cautiously. She had the freakiest feeling that something was up there. If there was she didn't want to startle it or have it startle her. A sudden low moan froze her on the spot. "Doctor?" she whispered quietly with a shaky voice. No answer. Okay stay calm. I need to investigate this. Quietly, she crept up the rest of the stairs, and surveyed the room. Her light traveled across the room searching for the owner to that moan. Another moan sent goosebumps crawling across her skin. The sound of someone dragging a body across the floor came from the next room. Clara shined her light on the doorway to her right, and stifled a scream. A creature dragged itself into the room. It wasn't using its back legs but completely relied on its front legs. It was pale almost see-through. With completely white eyes and long fingernails like claws. A few strands of silver hair hung from its shrunken skull. Clara clamped her hand over her mouth, and did the first stupid thing that came to her mind. She shut her torch off. Sure it couldn't see her now, but now she couldn't see it. It started shuffling and dragging its body across the floor towards her. Getting closer. Fast. Great just great it can probably see in the dark, Clara thought as she slowly stumbled backwards trying to find the stairs. She breathed a sigh of relief when she found the first step, and started to quickly descend. She made sure to keep herself facing the top of the stairs so she could see it coming. "Clara, I found something!!" the Doctor yelled from the ground floor. She froze. The thing upstairs stopped. They were both at a stand still; waiting to see what would happen next. Then the Doctor's beam hit her, "Clara, what are you doing?" The dragging noise suddenly continued. Now it sounded much closer. She looked up at the top of the stairs and looked into the the creature's glowing eyes. It felt like it was staring into her soul. "Doctor, run!!!" Clara screamed. She turned and bolted down the rest of the stairs. In her desperate rush to get down she missed a step and fell down hard on one leg crushing it under her body. She felt herself falling forward and put out her hands to stop herself. Of course her hands completely missed the steps and she smashed her forehead into the concrete. The Doctor stopped her tumble, and pulled her to her feet. "Ow ow ow ow." Blood dripped down from her forehead, and her right leg hurt like it was covered in thousands of tiny little paper cuts (Which in case you didn't know is very very painful). "What is that?" the Doctor murmured his eyes fixated on the creature. It stopped in its pursuit down the stairs when the Doctor aimed his light at it. It was even more terrifying to really stop and stare at. "It kind of looks like Gollum." Clara mumbled. It almost looked like once it had walked on two legs instead of four. It started to shriek so loud all the glass windows in the building shattered. The Doctor put his arm under Clara's legs and picked her up. "Oww! Watch my leg."

"Noted." He ran swiftly down the stairs and gingerly avoided stepping on all the shattered glass, which was hard since the only light he had to go by was his torch. "Gollum"  was dragging its body considerably faster now and from the sound of it crawling through glass. It was on the ground floor with them. "None of the rooms here have doors. How can we hide from it?", Clara asked. 

"Remember when I said I found something? Well that something happens to be in a room. With a door. Probably the only door here." He ran to the back of the building towards the left corner. A big steel door awaited them. They rushed inside. The Doctor shoved the heavy door closed with his shoulder then dropped his torch so he could pull out his sonic screwdriver. Aiming it expertly at the door, he used the sonic to put the door on maximum lock. BANG BANG BANG "It sounds like it wants in" Clara said as the Doctor lowered her onto the cement floor. 

"Don't worry. It can't get in this door is locked up tight, and besides it didn't look nearly strong enough to break the door down." 

"It could move pretty fast. It might be strong enough."

"Yes it could move fast couldn't it? But how?"

"What do you mean but how?"

"There is no food here I am certain of it. You saw the land out there. Nothing can grow here. There are no animals. So what has it been eating? Every creature needs food, and especially water! There looks to be no water either. That thing should be dead!" 

BANG BANG BANG BANG "I don't think it agrees."

"Never mind that right now. Ask me the question."

"What question?"

"The reason I brought you here!"

"Ohhhh right. Doctor, what did you find in here?" 

He grinned, and strode over to a stack of very large boxes against the wall. He pried the lid off one of the boxes, and carelessly heaved the lid over his shoulder. He lifted the box up a bit so Clara could see what was inside. Needless to say she was very surprised at the body she found herself staring at.

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