Dying Planet

The 11th Doctor and Clara receive a distress call from a planet the Doctor has never heard of, but when they get there all is not as it seems. Was it a trap or a genuine call for help?


5. The Monster

     Clara sat quietly against the wall. The banging had stopped, but she had the feeling that it was still waiting right outside the door. The Doctor seemed to be taking his time coming back for her, but there was nothing she could do about that. With no watch she couldn't tell how much time had passed. Perhaps hours or just minutes. Maybe it's daylight outside now. I wonder what this place will look like in daylight. I wish there was a window in here, Clara thought. She glanced at her torch worriedly. How long will these batteries last? What if they go out? "Uuuuuuugh." She could definitely use a glass of water. Or food food would be nice. No don't think about food! Think about something else. Suddenly everything went pitch black. She might as well have been blind. Clara was shocked to suddenly be plunged into darkness. She banged the torch against the floor. That earned her a quick flicker of light, but then she was once again in the dark. Then she proceeded to try and rearrange the batteries. Maybe that would work it sometimes worked on her torches back home. Sadly, no result not even a flicker of light this time. Haha duh I have the Doctor's sonic screwdriver! I can just sonic it back to life!  She started searching her pockets blindly for the sonic. Where is it?! Where did it go!? After a brief moment of panic her fingers rested upon the screwdriver. She whipped it out, and felt it for the button she needed. She believed she had found the right one, but it was just trial and error at this point. She pressed it. The next thing that happened was not the torch flickering back to life. What really happened was 10x worse. The big steel door keeping her safe unlocked. "No no no no no!!" Clara whispered in a panic. She desperately started pushing buttons and aiming it at the door praying it would lock itself. The door did not lock, but did manage to turn her torch back on. "BLAST IT!!!" she shrieked. Just as she aimed the sonic at the door to try again it started to open. Slowly it swung into the room, and her torch light up her all too familiar visitor. She stared in horror. Her heart racing so hard it was hard to breathe, and her throat felt tight and small. It was too hard to swallow. Her only weapon was her torch, which she bravely shined in its face. It responded with a shriek and turned its head away. It obviously wasn't used to light. It must live in darkness. Despite the light in its face "Gollum" dragged itself forwards. "Stay back!!" Clara yelled. She wasn't feeling very brave at all. She was feeling terrified. Its mouth stretched all the way to its ears just like the bodies in the coffins. When it shrieked from the burning of the bright light its whole mouth seemed to swallow up the rest of its face. It used one arm to drag itself forward and the other to shield its eyes from her torch. Clara swallowed hard. She didn't have a weapon to defend herself with unless you counted her torch, but fighting it in close combat spelled out disaster for herself. She jumped when "Gollum" suddenly made an odd noise. It wasn't a shriek or a groan, but it almost sounded like it was trying to speak. It made the noise again obviously struggling. It must not have spoken in years. "Gollum" grimaced as it tried to look at her, but she didn't relent in taking her light off of it. This time she could just barely understand the pitiful noise it made. She could swear it had said stop. "Stop? You want me to stop shining my light at you?" It nodded. Clara frowned. It's trying to communicate maybe I should listen. Cautiously, she lowered her beam. It lowered its arm from its face, and seemed to stare into her soul. "Help me," it growled. 

"Help you?" Clara asked taken back by its ability to make out two words.

"Help," it groaned out as a reply.

"Um how can I help you?" She answered. She was curious at this thing's motives. 

"I......... called.... youuuu."

Clara gasped, "You called me? Were you the one that sent the TARDIS a cry for help?!" She leaned forwards. She was barely able to contain her excitement over this new knowledge.

"Yeesssss." it crawled closer to her. Its completely white eyes looked so desperate as it stared at her.


"I am..... dying. I..... am in.... great pain."

"How can I help you? How can the Doctor and I help you?"


Clara studied its pale naked body. It was painfully skinny. Its ribs threatened to break through its skin, and the skin itself was transparent. It hung like a piece of cloth draped over a tree branch. Just simply being there threatening to fall off any second. "How long have you been without food or water?"

"Months......" it hissed.

"How? How are you still alive??"

"I used to have great tentacles protruding from my shoulders. I bit them off and ate them to survive. I licked dew from these walls......."

She grimaced at the thought of this thing eating its own body parts to survive. It was horrid and nightmarish. "What about other people? Surely someone could have come with food and water to aid you."

"Everyone is dead."

"Everyone? What terrible things have taken place on this planet? What has happened here?!"

"I am not the only one dying. It's the whole planet."

"The... the whole planet?"

"Yesssss I had food and water supplies, but they ran out as this barren land continued to die and shrivel up."

"How did the planet get like this?"

"We were arrogant, and did not care about our planet. We abused our power over it, and paid for it dearly. A great cloud formed from our poisoning of the atmosphere, and it spread completely covering the sky and blocking out the sun. Without a sun we could not survive. Our food died out and our water dried up. People died from starvation and lack of sunlight."

Clara took in a deep breath. This was all so terrible, but it answered all of her questions she had previously had. "Is there no one left?"

"No...... I believe I am the last. Surviving only by destroying myself in the process. I am weak from lack of food and water. I can no longer walk. Without light I had to learn to get around in the dark, and I adjusted.The lack of the sun has turned me into the form of a monster. My people in these coffins could not be buried for I did not have the strength to do the task. I called to your sky ship with the only technology I have. An old transmitter." 

She felt like crying. This is so terrible. No person should ever have to endure this. "Don't worry. We will save you before your planet completely falls apart. We can nurse you back to health. When the Doctor returns with the TARDIS we will take you with us. I promise."


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