Dying Planet

The 11th Doctor and Clara receive a distress call from a planet the Doctor has never heard of, but when they get there all is not as it seems. Was it a trap or a genuine call for help?


6. Leaving

    The Doctor sighed as he scanned the barren wasteland. The building Clara was waiting for him in sat off in the distance. He still couldn't find the TARDIS. He had been walking around for an hour at least. You'd think he would be able to spot it in a wide open meadow. If only he had his sonic screwdriver maybe then he would have found it a while ago, but he left it with Clara so she could keep herself safe and locked up against the monster. Where is it?, he thought to himself. Suddenly his eyes caught something off to his right. Maybe 100 ft. away stood his TARDIS. "Finally!!" he shouted gleefully, and sprinted towards it. "There's my sweet girl," he said as he hugged his precious space ship. He grinned, and pulled out his key to unlock it. The TARDIS made a series of chiming noises as if telling him off for being so late in finding her. "I know I know," The Doctor said as he walked up to the control panel. "Now let's go get Clara shall we?" Just as he was about to flip a lever a sudden warning beep came from the flight screen. "What is it now?" He pulled the screen down to study it. "Oh no," he whispered, "Oh no! Sexy, we have to get out of here now! I knew something was up with this planet it's too dead. The whole planet is dying, and its going to com-bust in 20 minutes!!" In a blind panic he started flipping levers and slamming on buttons. "We need to get Clara!"


    Clara and the monster sat quietly together. "Gollum" seemed exhausted it had collapsed to the ground and groaned in pain. She felt so bad for it. It wasn't a monster at all it just had wanted their help. Never again can I say I'm starving. Not after I have seen what real starvation looks like. "Um what can I call you? What's your name?" she asked. 

"Call me....... Enola," he groaned not even raising his head.

"Hi, Enola. Don't worry okay? Once the Doctor comes you won't have to starve anymore. You'll be okay," Clara said softly. Her heart ached for the creature in front of her. He was the last alive on his planet. She had no idea what that felt like, but she could understand losing a loved one. She wondered if it once had a family, and had watched as they all starved and died while he alone managed to stay alive. Tears spilled over and fell down her cheeks. She sniffled, and wiped at the tears. She didn't want Enola to see her crying. Suddenly the wheezing of the TARDIS filled the room, and Clara's heart soared. Enola startled and propped himself up. The TARDIS faded in and out of existence until finally coming to a rest. The Doctor swung open the door and ran out. "Clara, we need to leave now!" he shouted running towards her. He jumped back and gasped when he almost tripped over Enola. He glanced at Clara then back at Enola then back to Clara. "Uh what's going on?"

"Doctor, this is Enola. He is the one who signaled your TARDIS for help. He's dying we have to help him."

"The whole planet is dying, Clara. It's going to com-bust in fifteen minutes we need to get out of here."

"We will bring Enola with us then."

The Doctor crouched down, and inspected him. "Hand me my screwdriver, Clara."

She picked it up off the floor beside her, and offered it to him. "Here."

"Thank you." Enola screeched when the Doctor shined the sonic in his eyes. "Sorry about that you must not be used to the light." The Doctor took a step back, and looked down sadly at his screwdriver.

"What is it?" Clara asked.

He swallowed hard and looked away. "Nothing," he then turned to Enola, "Of course we will take you with us. Come into the TARDIS with us."

"Thank..... you," he groaned as he started dragging his body toward the TARDIS. The Doctor watched him go then walked over to Clara, and gently slid her into his arms. With a grunt he stood, and carried her into the TARDIS. He kicked the door closed with his foot, then set her down against the railing. "Let's go shall we?" 



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