Dying Planet

The 11th Doctor and Clara receive a distress call from a planet the Doctor has never heard of, but when they get there all is not as it seems. Was it a trap or a genuine call for help?


7. Goodbye

    Clara studied Enola curiously. He was staring wide eyed at his surroundings, and hanging on for dear life as the TARDIS threw them around. The Doctor remained oblivious, and continued jumping around having the time of his life. She really wished he'd fly it better there had to be a smooth flying button somewhere. He flipped one last lever, and the TARDIS came to a stop. He grinned at them as he leaned against the console. He's just showing off, Clara thought to herself smiling. "What did you think about your first ride in the TARDIS?" the Doctor asked. He didn't even wait for an answer as he walked past them toward the door, "Pretty neat huh? Some might even say fantastic." Enola didn't say anything as he lay on the floor propping his self up on his elbows. Clara bit her lip as she glanced at him, "Doctor, let's get Enola some help. He needs food and water. Better yet a hospital. Is there an alien hospital or something we can take him too?"

"Hold on, Clara. I think you two might want to see something." He opened up the doors so they could see where they were. They were drifting through space over a gray, sick looking planet. "This is your planet, Enola. I thought you might want to see it one last time before it bursts into flames and dies." 

Enola didn't respond, and dragged himself past Clara towards the doors. He wasn't moving fast anymore. He moved without enthusiasm or a spark of life. Tears came to her eyes. Why would the Doctor bring him here to witness the destruction of his own planet? He needs help not more sadness to burden himself with.  Enola looked out over his planet with an aching sadness that Clara could never hope to understand. With a sudden deafening boom the whole planet burst into flames. Leaving Clara momentarily deaf. The fire was bright and consuming. Destroying itself as its death light up the galaxy. Clara could feel the intense heat from where she was sitting, but she dragged herself closer to the doors. She had never seen a planet burst into flames and die. It was a one time opportunity. Sure in her future the Doctor might show her a planet or a star dying, but this was unique in its own painful sad way. "My.... planet is gone now.... I am the last. I've lived a remarkably long life given my hardships...... Now I stand witness to my planet's destruction. I am sorry I did not treat it better," Enola said. His voice was shaky and filled with sadness. Clara reached over and put her hand on his shoulder. She could see the terrible scar where he had bit off his tentacle to survive. What great lengths he had gone to live, and he been reduced to this. He wasn't a monster. Just a lonely survivor. He turned his head to look at her and smiled. The smile was a fearsome and disturbing one, but it was his smile. He was happy so he smiled. He let out a surprised gasp as his arms gave out and he lay exhausted on the ground. "Are you okay?" Clara asked concerned.

"I am now." he whispered. He gave her one last smile, and took one last breath. His chest exhaled deeply, and his eyes closed. Clara stared in shock. He was gone. Just like that his breath was stolen from him. Her mind couldn't process it. One minute he was smiling happily at her, and the next....... "No! Enola! Come back!! Please!!!" she yelled violently shaking his shoulder. 

"He's gone. He's dead, Clara," the Doctor said quietly as he stepped away from the door.

She turned around to glare at him all her emotion turning to a burning anger, "This is your fault! It's your fault he's dead!! Why did you bring him here to witness his planet's death?! If you had taken him straight to a hospital he might still be alive!!"

"I could have taken him straight to a hospital, but it wouldn't have done him a bit of good. He was on his last legs. I brought him here, because I thought he deserved to see his planet to the very end."

"How can you be so sure he wouldn't have made it?!!!"

He knelt down, and looked into her eyes, "When I scanned him with my sonic screwdriver I saw he had only minutes to live. I knew I couldn't help him. We couldn't save him, Clara. I'm sorry."

She closed her eyes, and took a deep breath tears were streaming down her face, "He called to us. He asked us for help, and in the end we didn't do him a bit of good." 

"Clara, I'm so so sorry. I wish we could have saved him. But we did do he some good. You became his friend. You cared about him. You talked to him. Who knows how long he's lived in solitude and darkness. You tried to help him. I'd count that as something, Clara."

She didn't answer. She couldn't trust herself to speak without sobbing. The Doctor walked past her, and eased the doors closed. "Let's go. We'll bury him somewhere beautiful with lots of light. He'd like that," the Doctor said. She nodded, and gently laid her head down on Enola's shoulder. "Goodbye Enola," she whispered. 

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