Dying Planet

The 11th Doctor and Clara receive a distress call from a planet the Doctor has never heard of, but when they get there all is not as it seems. Was it a trap or a genuine call for help?


4. All Alone

     It felt cold and lonely sitting by herself in the small room. The Doctor's quickly moving footsteps had long ago faded. Her throat felt tight and dry. The torch grasped in her hand was the only light she had, and it felt like the darkness was growing. She felt a creeping feeling of unease. In a sudden sense of panic; Clara scanned the room quickly with her light. It didn't reassure her when it revealed she was the only one there. She eyed the coffins uneasily. Dead people can't come back to life. Even if they are aliens, she reminded herself. "No one can come back to life." Clara spoke loudly. It didn't sound anymore reassuring out loud then in her head. Clara tried to ignore looking at the coffins, and continued to keep looking around the room in case something was going to magically appear. BANG Clara cried out filled with terror. She held back a sob and chewed her shirt collar nervously. She had so hoped "Gollum" would have chased the Doctor all the way back to the TARDIS, but it was back already. BANG "No one's home!!", she called back. She didn't want that thing to know how scared she was. Even though her earlier scream probably gave that away. I don't want to be this close to the door. She picked up her torch and started scooting along the wall putting distance between the door and her. Already her back bumped against the wall. The wall already? She looked behind her and jumped a bit. I am NOT going to sit next to the coffins. BANG "Go away!" She was really starting to get annoyed at how scary her current situation was. Pressing her hands into the concrete she crawled away from the coffins. Very carefully she dragged her bad leg after her. Her leg had other ideas, and hit the edge of one of the coffins. "Ow! Dang it!!!" Fresh blood started to stain her bandage as Clara held back tears. The top coffin was teetering dangerously until it leaned just a little too hard and fell smashing beside her. The lid fell off and Clara was shocked when the dead body fell on her. In a flurried panic she shoved it off, and pushed herself back until she was pressed against the door. Her chest heaved up and down. "Ewww a dead body just fell on me." she whispered to herself; not quite believing it. The feeling of its cold body so devoid of life lingered on her skin. The brush of its tentacles on her face reminded her of cobwebs. Creepy cobwebs. Cobwebs that were actually tentacles connected to a dead alien body. Clara shook herself. I'm not even going to think about it anymore. BANG "Oh!" She had completely forgotten that in her rush to get away from the body she had crawled even closer to the door. The one spot she wanted to get away from. "What do you want?!" she yelled. BANG There was her reply. It was kind of obvious it wanted in, but there was no way on Earth or any alien world she would be stupid enough to unlock the door and let "Gollum" in. Oh I wish the Doctor would hurry up. 


     The Doctor panted as he ran across the dead plain. After he was almost positive he had put enough distance between himself and the creature he stopped for a rest. He didn't think it had followed him, but you could never be too careful. The building was a good distance away, but he still had some ground to cover before he would reach the TARDIS. He set off on a brisk pace. Sometimes doing a quick spin round to see if anything was following him. He chewed on his lip nervously as he walked. Is Clara okay? Am I taking too long? , he wondered to himself. Have I walked two miles yet? Was it exactly two miles? Maybe it was three miles. He constantly searched the surrounding area with his torch. It would be terribly inconvenient if he walked right on past the TARDIS. "I really need to make a remote or something to teleport the TARDIS to me. That would make my life so much easier." the Doctor muttered to himself. He gazed up at the sky. It was so dark. It was impossible to tell if there was clouds blocking the view or simply no stars or moons hung in the sky. I've never seen a planet that was so far out there were no stars or a moon. I wonder where I am in the universe? He shined his light on his watch. It was still set on the planet Valenave's time zone. Pretty much useless since he was pretty sure he wasn't on Valenave anymore. I wonder if morning will be arriving soon?  He sighed, and kept searching the landscape. He tried to stay in a straight line so he wouldn't get himself completely lost. The TARDIS was still no where to be seen. "Don't worry, Clara. I will be coming back for you soon." he said out loud to no one. His words simply fell and faded into the dusty, dead ground. He hoped Clara was alright by herself. Although she had proven more than once that she was good in a sticky situation. 

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