Dying Planet

The 11th Doctor and Clara receive a distress call from a planet the Doctor has never heard of, but when they get there all is not as it seems. Was it a trap or a genuine call for help?


8. A Sunny Field

     The sun cast its bright glow across a field of wildflowers. A few grand oak trees stood like giants around the edges of the field. Birds sang their sweet songs as they flew over head past the bright, blue police box resting in the shade of one of the trees. Its owner and his companion stood in the center of the field holding shovels. They stared at the hole they had just finished filling in. His companion threw her shovel down on the ground, and yelled at the man, "It's not fair!! It's not fair!!" He let his shovel fall to the ground, and embraced the now sobbing young woman. They stood there together oblivious to the still spinning world around them. After awhile the girl broke away from his comforting hug. She started picking an assortment of flowers. Shooting stars, buttercups, and asters were picked by her hand. She held them together in a bundle, and placed them over the freshly dug grave. They both stood without moving or making a sound. The owner of the blue box stepped forward to grab the young woman's hand. At first she didn't react at all too him. But then she squeezed his hand tightly, and turned to face him. They walked together away from the grave, and the sadness they had carried there with them. He held the door open for his companion as she stepped inside the police box. He stood outside a moment longer gazing across the field. Then he let out a deep breath, and walked inside closing the door gently behind him. The blue police box started fading in and out of existence while making a weird wheezing noise. It finally faded out for good. The field was still as cheery and sunny as it was before the strange box landed there. But now it had a sadness connected to it. It was now the home to the grave of man that had lived a hard distressing life. Filled with pain and agony. Now though that man is at peace, and he has two new friends to miss him.



The End

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