Doctor Who: Downfall of a Time Lord

While travelling through the vortex, the Doctor and Clara bump into something quite surprising- another two TARDISes.
After landing in Edinburgh, the Doctors must work together to separate the TARDISes before its time stream collapses in on itself.
But that's not the worse of their problems...
Old foes return as they try to defeat the Doctor once and for all, and as the world around them gets stranger and stranger, it'll only be so long before the Doctors past and future catches up with him...


4. Wandering

The Doctor walked up a street, bored. It was always boring without the Ponds. No one to have a laugh with, no one to tell how cool bow ties are, no one to take on adventures...


At least he was in Edinburgh. That was new. Scotland was a nice place. Bit cold, but nice. On the horizon, he could see the TARDIS, as blue as always. At least he didn't have to worry about her leaving him.


As he approached it, he heard a screeching noise from above. Looking up, he saw a flaming box falling at about sixty miles an hour towards him. That was interesting. But more dangerous.

When it was a little closer, he realised it was a, or the, TARDIS. One from the future. That couldn't be good. If there was one thing he had learned from meeting his  selves, it was that they weren't always nice.

He decided it would probably be a safe idea to stay out of this Doctors way, as he didn't want anything bad happening. He reached into his pocket to get his TARDIS key, only to find it was burning hot. It fell to the ground, and so he desperatly started clicking his fingers trying to get the TARDIS to open. The other TARDIS got nearer and nearer until...


The other TARDIS smashed into the ground, showering the Doctor in dirt. He looked at the damaged blue box.

He could tell this was going to be a long meeting.

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