Doctor Who: Downfall of a Time Lord

While travelling through the vortex, the Doctor and Clara bump into something quite surprising- another two TARDISes.
After landing in Edinburgh, the Doctors must work together to separate the TARDISes before its time stream collapses in on itself.
But that's not the worse of their problems...
Old foes return as they try to defeat the Doctor once and for all, and as the world around them gets stranger and stranger, it'll only be so long before the Doctors past and future catches up with him...


2. Travelling

The TARDISes time rotor slowly went up and down, up and down, up and down, while the groaning and wheezing whispered around the console room.

The Doctor sat down on the chair and put his feet up, making sure not to bump any of the buttons, levers or switches. The glow of the console made the Doctors suit look a sort of turquoise brown, rather than it's usual brown. The Doctor had dimmed the lights on the walls, and was trying to enjoy the peace, but it was hard to enjoy peace when you had just met two of your past selves, saved your home planet with every incarnation of yourself, found out where you're heading, and will forget it at some point in the far too near future.

He gave a long sigh, and got out of the seat. Peace wasn't one of his things, so he searched through his brain and tried to come up with an idea of what to do to pass the time. But he then he got an idea. An Idea which, in his mind, was a great way to pass the time. He got onto his knees, made a mental note to get round to giving the floor a less cheese grater effect, whipped out his sonic, and unscrewed one of the panels. He lifted it out of the way, and  looked at the circuitry below. He was pretty sure  there was a saying-'If life gives you wires, play with them to your hearts content'. Or did it have something to do with lemons and... first aid? He shrugged. It would come to him.

As he set to work, the TARDIS shook violently, a rumble that could have been passed of as a growl escaped the console, and the whole time machine groaned. Sparks flew from the console, like confused fire flies, the wires he was leaning on got extremely hot and smoke came out of the walls. Whatever had taken over the TARDIS, it wasn't anything good.

He leaped to his feet, and tried to make sense of what was on the TARDIS computer. All he could make out was some flashing, some spinning stuff and that it was bad. Very bad.

As he tried to take control of the TARDIS, a bell rang out and a scarlet light started flashing on the console. He pulled a lever, and the TARDIS rumbled again, and a peircing siren wailed. The Doctor fumbled at the switches, trying to remember which one was the volume control. Big blue button-the football. Red lever-disco ball (he wasn't sure when he installed that). Green switch-coffee machine, which was a nice surprise. Hammer-which-you-use-when-something-isn't-going your-way-so-you-repeatedly-hit-the-console: siren volume control. He made another quick mental note: install a siren volume lever.

The TARDIS shook again, stopping him day dreaming.

The cloister bell started up, making the entire room shake. The Doctor flipped a few switches, pulled a lever, pushed a couple of buttons, in the hope that would do something good, but instead the TARDIS went out of control even more, making it scrape the side of the time vortex.

The TARDIS' usual groaning and wheezing became more of a screaming sound, and the TARDIS console room started flashing red.

It flew through the vortex, and smashed into something. The Doctor wasn't sure what it was, but the shock of the impact split the TARDIS wall open.

The Doctor fell over and banged his head against on of the columns. The world began to look dark, and all the Doctor could do was sit while the TARDIS was screaming,the console spitting out fire and sparks, the alarm ringing, the siren wailing, the cloister bell echoing, the constant flashing, wires flying like angry snakes' tail, the lights lining the wall exploding, making glass scatter everywhere, the whistling of the massive hole in the wall, debris lying everywhere and oxygen masks dangling from the ceiling. The Doctor managed to grab one, so he didn't have to worry about lack of oxygen, what with the massive hole sucking it all out. The last thing he saw through the hole was the TARDIS smashing through a wall, and into some room with book flying, gas leaking, pipes hissing, sparks and fire, and the sound of something else smashing through another wall, and the familiar groaning sound, but this time as if there was more than one.

The Doctor had already experienced that...

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