Doctor Who: Downfall of a Time Lord

While travelling through the vortex, the Doctor and Clara bump into something quite surprising- another two TARDISes.
After landing in Edinburgh, the Doctors must work together to separate the TARDISes before its time stream collapses in on itself.
But that's not the worse of their problems...
Old foes return as they try to defeat the Doctor once and for all, and as the world around them gets stranger and stranger, it'll only be so long before the Doctors past and future catches up with him...


1. Meeting

The TARDIS travelled through the time vortex, gently, as if it was in no particular hurry. Inside, the consle room shone a bright orange, due to the time rotor.  The top of the main consle swirled round and round, and the entire room was filled with the gentle wheezing of the engines, as if tired out by the effort.

The Doctor sat in his arm chair, obviously enjoying whatever it was he was reading. Clara wanted to ask him, but she really didn't want to disturb him, as she wasn't sure what the consequences of this action would be. She would have liked to have been able to read one of the many books that lined the walls, but either the TARDIS translator didn't work inside, or it (or she) couldn't be bothered.

Noticing Clara's silence, the Doctor quickly marked his page and put it aside, and half walked, half skipped, down the steps.

There was a moments silence, and then he asked "Is something wrong?".

"Hm? Oh, nothing, nothing." she replied.

"Sorry, it's just... you don't look it."

Clara desperately tried to think of a reply, but her mind was blank.

"Well," the Doctor suddenly said,"I suppose it isn't really my business. Where do you want to go?".

"Not sure, really, anywhere that's got something that doesn't want to kill us."

"Well, I'm sure I could-"

There was a sudden rumble from the console, the engines groaned, and the entire TARDIS shook. Sparks flew from the controls and smoke started streaming out of the walls. The Doctor leaped to the console, and tried to tame the sudden burst of... fear... that had taken over the TARDIS, and also tried to get a quick scan off the vortex with the monitor, but it was difficult. Suddenly, a crimson light started flashing on the console, and an alarm, not to dissimilar to a school bell, echoed around the corridors.

"What's happening!" Clara screamed over all the noise.

"The TARDIS has sensed something bad, which could lead to it exploding, and i've had plenty experience with that, and I have no intention of seeing it again!"

"Is that what the flashing light and school bell is warning you?"

"More or less, yeah"

Then, a loud siren screeched across the TARDIS, making Clara's ears ring.

She tried to ask the Doctor what was going on, but no matter how loud she yelled, the noise was just to much, but then she got an idea. She grabbed her phone out, and desperatly typed, then showed it to the Doctor, who took the the phone, and also typed something, and so they managed to have a brief conversation with one phone, which read:

What's going on

The TARDIS is having trouble stabilising

Why does it have to stabilise

There's something out there affecting it


The sirens quite loud, isn't it would you like me to turn it down


The Doctor turned a dial and the siren was much quieter, but wasn't gone.

And to add to all the noise, a bell started up, making the floor vibrate with each strike.

"Now what's going?"Clara screamed.

The Doctors face was a few shades paler than usual, and his voice had a slight shakiness to it. "The TARDIS is in danger, and since we're in it, we're in trouble as well."

This time, the entire consle room shook, and the groaning became more of a scream.

"What does this mean?"

"It means we have to hold on to something, 'cause the TARDIS is preparing for an emergency landing."

The entire console room started flashing red, and an alarm that sounded like to pans being smashed together blared throughout the TARDIS.

"Oh," the Doctor said,"that one's new."

The Doctor and Clara were forced against the railings as the console erupted into a fountain of sparks and fire, with books being blown of the shelves by a greenish-grey gas, pipes flying around as funny smelling air escaped them, oxygen masks dropping from the ceiling and swaying wildly around the pipes and books, the alarm ringing, the siren wailing, the bell chiming, the other alarm clanging, the entire room flashing blood red, the TARDIS screaming, the stairs collapsing under an invisable weight, and debris showering from both sides of the console room, as a familiar but distant groaning echoed around.

This is everything Clara could remember before the world went black...

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