Why One Direction have end ?

We will marry get children no directioners and in one day there is already no one direction .haters will laugh and say many thanks god but directioners will be half a heart without them will be broken why life you are bad like that.


1. Life without One Direction...


One day …….      

One Direction will come to an end.


One day …….      

In the future, my grandchildren will watch the news.

And ask me who is this guy(When one of them dies).

Then I will go to my room, take their CDs,their pictures……

All this memories…

And tears will slide down my face.

I will see one million magazines, their pictures, the papers which brought me somuch happiness.

I will watch videos, their movies …..

I remember when I…..

First saw them and heard there songs……

    I shall remember all the haters, All the directioners I meet on the internet….

So many memories,


So many memories will be awakwed on me…

And my grandchildren will come….

And ask me what it was?

I will laugh and say these were the first guys I have loved.

That taught me believe in dreams…

That friendship is most important,that we were all beautiful….

No matter how much pain, I will be happy because these guys are now in heaven, with the Angles, What are they were…… 

I will look out the window and say…

Goodbye Zayn,

Goodbye Niall,

Goodbye Harry,

Goodbye Liam,

Goodbye Louis.



I will always love you and I

Will never forget you.

One day …….      

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