You and I

This story is about a teen girl from america and just got accepted to her dream dance school in London. So she packed up and moved to London with her best friend ( who is also going to the school ). But when she gets to finally live her dream will a love triangle or square start to form. And will that ruin her dream or will it help her dream happen quicker. Read to find out. ONE DIRECTION IS NOT FAMOUS IN THIS STORY!!!!!!!


5. She likes me, she likes me not


Hey so I was just REALLY bored today so I just decided to do two chapters today. Here you go!


Abbi's P.O.V.

Where did Emma go I really need to pee. Don't judge we all know that girls travel in groups to pee, and i just don't know where the bathroom is. Also I don't want to be taken, I know that might not happen but this is a new country. I walked behind the car and saw her and Harry talking it kind of looked like Harry was pleading for something. Huh I wonder what their talking about.I was wondering until I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned around and saw Liam standing there.

"Heyyy Liam" I cheered

"Heyy little cutie" 

Liam's P.O.V.

"Heyy little cutie" I said

" Little cutie" she questioned

Oh no I just called her little cutie..... that's something I would call a girl if I was dating her. But what I said was true. She was little and she was incredibly cute. But I know Harry likes her, and he always gets the girl. ALWAYS. I was interrupted when a tiny little hand was waved in front of my face.

" Hey are you ok" asked a concerned Abbi

" Yeah I'm fine" 

" OK, so are you excited" I asked trying to get that nickname incident out of my head

" Yes I'm SO excited"she said hoping up and down

" Your so excited that your gonna dance 

" No I just have to pee, like really bad" she blushing

" OK I will bring you to the bathroom so you don't get lost" I said 

" OK" she agreed

" Let's go little one" 

" What happened to Little cutie" She asked with a sad look

" Why you like that name"

"Of course it has a nice ring to it"

" OK, then lets go Little cutie" I said holding out my hand hoping she would take it. Which she did.With that I brought her to the bathroom telling Louis where we were going.


When I turned around with Emma I noticed Liam and Abbi walking away hand in hand. My face turned red with anger. I have to think of a plan and fast to get Abbi to be mine.


Abbi and Liam got back about 5 minutes ago, I kept two seats open one specifically for Abbi not that backstabbing jerk.


Harry's P.O.V:

We just got back from Abbi's House and I literally have a huge crush on her and I have to make sure none of the guys like her. So I was going to go to Louis first but then I remembered he wouldn't like her because he kept staring at Emma ALL NIGHT, so I went to Zayn and Niall.

"Hey guys" 

"What's up Hazza" they both said

" I was just wondering if you guys like anyone right now" I said nervously

They both looked at each other and started laughing at me. What was so funny did I have something on my face... again.

"What is so funny" I asked

"Dude we don't like Abbi and if we did we wouldn't tell you because we would fight for her" said Niall

"OK good cause I really like her and I don't want to share her, WITH ANYONE" I said

"Then you better go and talk to Liam because I think he might have a thing for Abbi"said Zayn 

I wonder what he is talking about, does Liam like Abbi because if he does we're gonna have a problem. Wow I can't believe how protective I am over a girl I just met.

"Yeah I saw him staring at her a couple of times" said Niall 

"Thanks guys" I said before leaving their room and went and searched for Liam and I found him reading in his room

"Hey Liam" I said trying to hold in my rising anger if he likes Abbi

"Whats up Harry" 

"I was just wondering if you liked Abbi" I said getting straight to the point

"Um...No mate why" stuttered Liam

"Ok mate thanks"I said leaving

~Present Time~

Obviously Liam lied about not liking her that night because now it is kind of obvious that he does, I'm surprised that Abbi hasn't figured out that both of us like her yet. But soon I will know if she likes me or not.





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