You and I

This story is about a teen girl from america and just got accepted to her dream dance school in London. So she packed up and moved to London with her best friend ( who is also going to the school ). But when she gets to finally live her dream will a love triangle or square start to form. And will that ruin her dream or will it help her dream happen quicker. Read to find out. ONE DIRECTION IS NOT FAMOUS IN THIS STORY!!!!!!!


7. Plot Twist

Abbi's P.O.V.

I can't believe that Emma is going on a date with Louis today and I have to go to school. But in her defense she hasn't shut up about him since we met him. I am really happy for her. Looking over at my clock I decided to get up and get in the shower. I went into my en-suite and turned on my shower, grabbed my dance clothes, and put them on the counter. When I saw stem I hopped in the shower.

~Skip Shower~

I dried myself off and got into my dance clothes, while grabbing my duffle and heading down stairs. When I got down there I saw Curly. I dropped my duffle bag and jumped on his back. 

"Holy... ABBI you scared me" Harry screamed

"Sorry Harry"I said while getting down

"It's Okay"

"Hey why are you always at my house in the morning?" I asked

"Well I wanted to ask you something"

"Harry did you hear about this new invention called a cell phone maybe you should use it." I replied sarcastically

"Haha very funny"

" I though it was"

"Emma went to the grocery store, and said that your car was making weird noises so she called a tow truck"

"Just great how am I going to get to school now"

"That's why I am here, let's get you to school" Harry said while taking my bag

"Oh my God what is in this thing"

"A lot of clothes"

"How can a little girl like you hold all of this"

"I guess I'm just stronger"

"Oh no have you seen these bad boys" Harry said while flexing his very muscular arm

"No I think I have you beat" I said while holding up my less muscular arms

"Oh so can you do this" Harry said while picking me up over his shoulder


" I can do that" Harry said while holding his hand behind his back for the key.

I gave in and just gave my keys to him. After locking the house up he still help me over his shoulder.

" Harry when are you going to put me down?" I asked 

"When we get to my car" he said a bit cheeky like. He was enjoying this wasn't he, I guess the guys were to because I could hear them all laughing. We got to Harry's car and he put me down as promised. 

"How was your ride," Zayn teased 

"My belly hurts now from this guys boney shoulder" I said while lightly hitting Harry on the arm

"Sorry love"

" It's fine" i saw Liam coming out of the house and I smiled at him but he didn't smile back he just looked away. Well that hurt.

"We should get going," I said, "Don't wanna be late"

"Yeah of course " Harry said


When we pulled up to the prestigious dance school I looked over at Harry and said,

"If you don't have anything to do today do you want to stay and watch, the class is only two hours" I asked hopefully

"Yeah sure"

We got out of the car and Harry was still holding my bag, he is such a gentleman. I led the way to my dance studio, and showed Harry where he could sit and watch. Twenty minutes later the class started, and throughout the practice I kept looking at Harry. His gorgeous green eyes, beautiful curls, and just everything about him was amazing. I think I may be falling for him, but I can't because I already like Liam.


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