You and I

This story is about a teen girl from america and just got accepted to her dream dance school in London. So she packed up and moved to London with her best friend ( who is also going to the school ). But when she gets to finally live her dream will a love triangle or square start to form. And will that ruin her dream or will it help her dream happen quicker. Read to find out. ONE DIRECTION IS NOT FAMOUS IN THIS STORY!!!!!!!


3. Friendly Faces

 ( AUTHOR"S NOTE: Sorry I haven't updated in a while but with school starting I haven't had a lot of time )


     Abbi's P.O.V.

BEEP!BEEP! I groaned and slapped my alarm clock and then slammed my alarm on the ground and got up out of bed. I went in my bathroom and showered. I went into my closet and got in this

After i got dressed I went and eat breakfast with a very peppy Emma and a curly haired and blonde haired boys.

" Hey looks whos finally up" Said Emma

" Its like 6:30 in the morning and we don't have to be to school for 2 hours" I said in my morning voice

" Um Abbi there is something to tell you"

" What did you eat all of the food........ Again"

No school got canceled because of a big performance" Said Emma

" WHAT I ugh I can seriously get 4 more hours of sleep" I whined

" Hey on the bright side you can hang out with us" Harry said while he put his arm around me

I groaned and fell on my face onto the couch. Then something heavy sat on me.

" Now I will get off of you when you apologize for being mean to me" said Harry

" Fine I'm sorry Harry it will never happen again"  I said 

"Ok" he said and pulled me up with him

" I just want food " Niall and i said in unison and we both died in laughter

" How about we go out to Nandos for some breakfast?" I asked 

" Sure but it doesn't open until 7:30 a.m." said Niall

" Of course you would know that" said Harry

" What are we going to do for another hour" asked Emma

" How about we invite the rest of the guys over and we can all go out to breakfast together" I suggested 

" kay I will call Lou and invite them over" said Niall

20 minuets later

Knock Knock!

I went to get up to get it but Harry beat me to it. There was a lot of talking when I felt a tap on my shoulder to see Lou.

" Hey can I talk to you?" 

" Sure"  I got up and walked upstairs with lou

" So whats up?" 

" Uhm I just wanted to know if you wanted to got out with Harry, Liam, and I, this saturday to a concert"

" Sure, why aren't Niall and Zayn going" 

" They don't like the bands"

" Oh, OK" 

" And I was wondering if you could ask Emma for me" Louis looked down shyly

" Louis why don't you just ask her yourself " I kinda laughed at him

" FINE " 

Emma P.O.V.

" Hey can I ask you something" I looked up to see those beautiful blue eyes

" Yeah what's up" 

" I was wondering if you would.... like to ...... go to a... uhm...... concert with Harry, Liam, Abbi, and I on Saturday" 

If the other three weren't going I would really think this was a date with how nervous he was. I wondering why he was so nervous. Maybe he likes me....... NAH!

" Sure, what time" 

" How about 6:30"

" Ok " 


Hey sooooooo Again I am so sorry for not updating. And I was just wondering if you wanted to have a little fight over Abbi between Harry and Liam OR Have Louis and Emma kiss! You can only choose one!!!!!!!!!!!!





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