You and I

This story is about a teen girl from america and just got accepted to her dream dance school in London. So she packed up and moved to London with her best friend ( who is also going to the school ). But when she gets to finally live her dream will a love triangle or square start to form. And will that ruin her dream or will it help her dream happen quicker. Read to find out. ONE DIRECTION IS NOT FAMOUS IN THIS STORY!!!!!!!


2. Dinner for the boys


                     I was up all night thinking about Emma. Her blonde hair and blue eyes and that cute smile. And to top it of that cute accent of hers. Yeah thats right Harry isn't the only one who likes American girls. But anyways I have to look great for her maybe I could wear my best suspenders and my favorite red pants......... 


I jumped out of my thoughts literally. 

" Lou we're leaving in an hour be ready by then" Liam said 

Thats Liam for you always acting like the dad of us 5.

" I know I know dad I will be ready in an hour...GOD" I said 

He just laughed and walked out of my room closing the door behind him now what am I going to wear.


                      I can't wait to see Abbi again she was so much fun, funny, I bet she is really smart. I think I may like her but I dont even know her that well. But I feel like if I get to know her a lot tonight my feelings may grow but I will just have to wait and find out.


                     That giggle . I cant get that giggle out of my head. And those dimples oh don't even get me started on those dimples. just everything about Abbi I just love from her giggle to her accent....Oh my god her accent. Did I tell you that I love American girls. Well I do and Abbi is the perfect American girl. And I will love to get to know her better.


                    I can't wait to get to know the boys better especially Louis and Zayn I think that we would be really good friends. Wait no scratch that I think we would be best friends me and louis. But you know what I have to get ready they are going to be here soon. So I grabbed my shower stuff and turned on the shower. I waited until I saw the steam and i hopped in. 

After my shower I put on some dark washed ripped skinny jeans, white cropped sweater, and black heeled combat boots. After admiring my outfit in my mirror I started on my makeup. I just put on some mascara and nude lipstick. I just let my hair curl naturally. I then admired myself again and was satisfied with how I look. I then made my way downstairs and ordered a bunch of stuff from Nandos. 


                   I cant wait to see Lou again I think he likes me but I'm not always the best girl to tell signs with boys but you know what let me get dressed. I already showered so I just put on white converse, a white lace dress, and a light washed jean jacket. And I let my hair dry naturally . I finished of my look with just some mascara, and when I finished I heard a knock downstairs and I heard lou. So I did one last check and ran downstairs.


                 KNOCK KNOCK! I ran and opened the door to see 5 well dressed boys.

" Hey thanks for coming guys" I said kindly

" Thanks for having us" said Niall

                 I invited them in gave them all a hug. But was weird was Liam and Harry kept trying to be last one to hug me. I was wondering if I smelled but then Liam gave me a tight squeeze. Then Harry gave me a hug. But when he pulled away he put his head down and i think he blushed but I don't know if he did. 

" So what did you make for dinner" asked Niall

" Of course Niall would ask that" laughed Liam 

Niall punched Liam in the arm and told him to shut up.

" Where is Emma?" asked Louis, of course he would ask that I know he likes her

" Right here" said Emma hoping down the last few steps


" That should be the Nandos delivery guy" I said like a five year old girl on Christmas day

They all started laughing at me but I am very proud of my weirdness ( I am actually like this in real life ) I payed for the food and brought in and everyone dug into the ood and sat down in the living room and eat.

                  When I walked into the living room where everyone was I trying finding a seat. Thats when Liam and Harry scooted over for me to seat in between them.  After everyone was done eating we just started talking to get to know each other better.

" Why are you guys here in London" asked Harry 

" Well we were accepted to that prestigious dance school here in London" answered Emma

" So you guys can dance" said Liam 

" Yeah we do obviously if we got into the school" i sassed 

" Then dance for us" Harry said

                 Me and Emma looked at each other and just decided why not. We turned on Bang Bang. After we finished our dance that we AUDITIONED with. The boys where just staring at us. Louis wouldn't stop staring at Emma. When Emma noticed she started blushing like crazy. I literally ship the two of them. ( Comment a ship name for Louis and Emma ) 

" So what do you guys think" I asked through my heavy breathing

I heard a lot of....


I cant believe you guys can dance like that 


You guys are as amazing as carrots

( Which one is Louis ^ )

" Thanks" Me and Emma said in unison

" So what do you guys want to do" asked Louis 

" Well we have to get to bed sorry guys we have school early tomorrow " I said

" Hey speak for yourself " Said emma " I can run on 20 minutes of sleep you on the other end need like 12 hours to be in a good mood" Laughed Emma 

" I know right I love to sleep" i said " But you guys still hang out here if you want" I said to the boys

" No I think we should head home it's getting late" said Liam

" Ok see you guys later" said Emma

     We all said our goodbyes. And I headed upstairs and went to bed.


      Sorry for the sucky ending I was going to have a whole truth or dare scene but I am to tired to to write anything it's almost midnight where I live. FAVORITE COMMENT IDEAS and yeah 

                                                                                                                    Love, Abbi 



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