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This is the 50th Hunger Games- four tributes will be chosen from each district to fight to the death in an arena. What alliances will form between this years forty eight tributes? Note: There are anime references in this to shows like Sword Art Online and Attack on Titan, but they aren't the main characters Relationships: Destiel, Sabriel, Tenrose, Sherlolly, Mormor, etc.


3. Chapter Three

~~A/N: I just broke my personal record of writing a fanfic three chapters long! I bet that gives you a lot of confidence in me updating, right? Anyways, on with the story.

[District 8]
The Doctor sat down at the desk, throwing the blueprints in front of him.
Melody spun, looking back at him. “What’s up with you, Mr. Grumpy pants?” She joked, pushing the tinted goggles into her curly mess of blonde hair.
“Nothing.” The Doctor sifted through the blueprints, finding the first drawing he’d done.
“Mel, when do you think it’ll be ready?” He asked a minute later. She turned away from a blue box sitting in the middle of the garage and smiled at him.
The Doctor laughed quietly, getting up and wandering over to a shelf of paint propped up against a wall.
“Can we paint it blue?” He held up a gallon of navy paint. Mel shrugged. “Why not? But I think the designs a bit ridiculous. At least the paint will match,” she turned back to the box, frowning.
“Aw, come on, Mel! That’s amazing, admit it! I’ve always wanted a police box.” He joked. The idea was completely random, but it matched the name. Melody had decided to name the thing the TARDIS, which made no sense- just like the box itself.
“But, really. It needs to be ready this year.” The Doctor added, seriously this time. Melody nodded, all joking aside. “I know, Ten. But it might not be. Building a hovercraft is hard enough, but this thing? It’s bigger on the inside, and trust me, that wasn’t easy to do.” The Doctor nodded.
“But I’m going to try, alright? Maybe next year.” Melody tried to reassure him, but she knew why it had to be this year.
Three years ago, Ten (nickname: The Doctor) had come to her, asking for help. Melody was at the top of their class in almost every subject. Ten had shown her this ridiculous drawing of a blue box, something he said he’d seen in a dream. Then he told her what it was for.
Melody was all for the idea- one, she got to build something which was her favorite thing to do. And two, if the TARDIS worked, an end could be put to the deaths of the Hunger Games.
This year, twice the number of tributes were going to be slaughtered in an arena- this was the perfect opportunity to get the TARDIS working and to put the plan they had fondly named “Operation Lazarus,” into effect.
An hour later, Mel collapsed into a seat, and the Doctor set down his paintbrush.
“It’s time,” she said with a grim smile. The Doctor nodded, closing up the paint. The TARDIS was completely blue now, and he couldn’t help a satisfied grin.
“See you tomorrow, Mel.” Ten left the garage, swinging his trench coat over his shoulders. Instead of going home to get dressed, Ten made his way to a white house with a bright garden out front.
A girl sat on the windowsill, dressed in a bright pink dress with her blonde hair pulled up into a bun.
She jumped up when she saw the Doctor, running over to him and wrapping her arms around him.
“Hey, Rose!” Ten hugged her back. “You look great,” he breathed, pulling back to look at her. Rose grinned up at him, laughing slightly.
They stood there like that for a minute, Ten staring down into Rose’s eyes, Rose looking up into his. It wasn’t an awkward silence at all, and they both enjoyed it.
There was a voice behind them, talking to someone that wasn’t them. But it still brought Ten back to reality- he checked his watch.
“We’ve got to go,” he sighed, reaching down for her hand. Rose took it, leading him down the street with her.
The tension in the air could kill. So Rose tried to distract the Doctor. She knew he felt some degree of guilt that the TARDIS wasn’t ready yet; especially with the quarter quell and all.
“How’s the TARDIS going?” She asked, quietly, but loud enough for him to hear. Ten had told Rose about the TARDIS when they had first started building it. There were only four people who knew about it- Rose, Jack Harkness (a close friend whom the garage belonged to), Melody, and Ten.
“Ah, it’s good. Mel let me paint it blue,” the Doctor grinned, and Rose could tell that he was going to start babbling on about his police box. But he stopped short, and Rose almost ran into him.
She looked up in surprise to see that they were already in the attendance line that had started in the city square. A peacekeeper sat at a desk a few spaces ahead of them, taking each child’s blood and directing them to their groups below the stage.
The grin instantly fell from the Doctor’s face to match the anxious expressions of those around him. Rose squeezed his hand lightly.
“It’s alright, Doctor. I tell you what. After this how about you meet me at the ice cream shop, eh? Then you have to show me the TARDIS.” Rose offered. Ten smiled down at her, nodding. But she could still see the anxiety in his eyes.
After the video, a Capitol woman in a ridiculously big dress came onto the stage. She said a few words, including the always famous “may the odds be ever in your favor.”
Ten kept his eyes on Rose- she didn’t seem nervous at all, and that steadied him for some reason.
The lady said some other stuff that was lost on Ten; then she reached into the bowl to pick out the female tributes. Ten felt his stomach twist as a name was called; a girl came forward, but Ten didn’t want to see if he knew here. He felt like this was his fault to some degree.
The other name was drawn. Ten’s eyes were still trained on Rose- he was confused when the crowd parted, and she walked out onto the path, towards the stage. Then it hit him-
Ten fought to get through the crowd, but Jack saw him. “Doc, don’t!” He whispered, grabbing onto the Doctor and pulling him away from the rope. Ten fought him, but Jack was stronger. Rose was already mounting the steps to the stage.
“Jack, let go!” He elbowed the other boy in the stomach, but his grip only faltered for a moment. “Please, Jack!”
Instead of letting him go, Jack pulled him back so that Ten was looking into his eyes.
“Listen to me, Doctor.” He started, but Ten was barely able to hear anything over the rush of blood in his ears. “There’s nothing you can do. We’ll see her when it’s over, alright?” Ten nodded, even though it wasn’t alright. He couldn’t lose Rose. He couldn’t watch her die on a TV show and hear people cheer. Ten wasn’t at all embarrassed when Jack pulled him into his arms and he cried into his best friend’s shoulder.
The woman welcomed Rose on the stage with a fake smile. Then she went to draw the boy’s names.
“Jack Harkness.”
Jack froze, pushing the Doctor gently away from him. He stayed perfectly calm though, no sign of panic. “I’ll take care of her, Doc.” Jack assured him, turning and half jogging up to the stage.
Ten felt nauseous- how had this happened? In one day he had lost the two people that were like family to him. It wasn’t fair. Why him? Why them?
The next name came as a relief- the terrible ending to a terrible day.
“Ten.” The woman read the name, narrowing her eyes at the paper as if she were missing something. The Doctor felt nothing as he walked up to the stage, all eyes on him. He felt nothing as he mounted the steps and took his place next to Rose. But he felt it when Rose reached out for his hand, and intertwined her fingers with his trembling ones.

A/N: There were so many feels…..
Not the best chapter, I know, the reaping scenes got difficult after I had written the other three. It’ll probably get better as time goes on. Thank you for reading! I love you guys <3

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