SuperWhoLock- The Hunger Games

This is the 50th Hunger Games- four tributes will be chosen from each district to fight to the death in an arena. What alliances will form between this years forty eight tributes? Note: There are anime references in this to shows like Sword Art Online and Attack on Titan, but they aren't the main characters Relationships: Destiel, Sabriel, Tenrose, Sherlolly, Mormor, etc.


4. Chapter Four

Sam sat on the couch with Dean next to him, facing the two girls who had been drawn. Jo had her arm around the other girl, who wasn’t crying but seemed grateful for the comfort. Her name was Jessica Moore, and Sam had become pretty good friends with her on the train ride to the Capitol. It never even occurred to him that he might have to kill her if he wanted to stay alive.
Nearly an hour after they had gotten “moved” into their floor of the training center, the four tributes had been called into the main room.
 A few minutes later, their mentor came into the room, drink in hand, the woman with green hair behind them. Dean glared at her, but she seemed oblivious. “I’m Amelia,” the woman smiled, extending a hand to Dean. He ignored the gesture, which seemed to annoy her to a varying degree.
The man stepped forward. “I’ll be your mentor. Name’s Aiden.” He didn’t bother extending a hand, seeing how Amelia’s had been rejected.
Sam nodded at him in acknowledgement, but didn’t say anything until Jess stood up next to him. “Can I show you something?” She asked him. Amelia and Aiden had already gone, leaving the four alone. Sam nodded, getting up. “Be right back, Dean.”  He followed her down a hall and out a door that lead into a staircase. When the door had fallen shut behind him, Jess smiled back at him.
“I found this a little while ago.” She pushed open another door, and a gust of cool wind blew into the stairwell. Sam followed her out onto the roof of the training center. The sky was just starting to darken, but there were no stars- the Capitol glittered below them, and they could hear laughter from the streets. There was a small garden on the roof too- little rosebushes and bright flowers sitting under the cool sky, a canopy of yellow lights hanging over them.
“Wow,” Sam breathed, taking in the view. He leaned over the edge of the building, looking down at the streets were the people seemed to be no bigger than ants.
Jessica took a seat on the edge next to him. They sat in a comfortable silence for a while, taking in the view.
“I’m going to die.” She said to herself, looking up at the starless sky.
Sam looked up at her in surprise, but then relaxed, seeing that she was perfectly calm. “Nah, you’ll be fine. I’ll protect you,” he laughed the last bit, but she looked at him with no sign of humor, only a sad smile like she was pitying him.
“Just….I know I shouldn’t really be talking about this now, but it needs to be said.” Sam nodded, letting her know that he understood. “When you get back to our district, tell my sister that I was okay? Just let her know I wasn’t scared or anything.” Jess smiled at him, leaning back again, almost as if daring herself to fall off the roof. A weight had fallen from her shoulders, and she knew that for now at least, everything was okay.
Sam nodded, looking at his hands in his lap. He wanted to tell her that she would be fine, and that if anyone made it back it probably wouldn’t be him- but he didn’t want to open up to having a conversation about it, so he didn’t speak.
Jo fell back onto the couch, drink in hand.
“So, Dean. Here we are.” She pulled off the cap and took a sip, wrinkling her nose in disgust and setting it on the coffee table in front of them.
“Who would have thunk it?” She joked, turning to Dean, who tried a smile back at her.
“Not me.” He answered, unable to keep the bitterness out of his voice. Jo didn’t take it the wrong way; she’d always understood him, ever since they had met.
“You’re brave.” She said suddenly, turning to the TV. Dean looked at her like she was crazy.
“What do you mean?”
“You volunteered for Sam,” she said, as if it were obvious. “That takes guts.” Jo took another gulp of the drink in front of her, wrinkling her nose again. Capitol food was ridiculous, but tasted amazing. She hated that she loved it.
Dean sighed. That hadn’t helped anything. Him volunteering hadn’t kept Sam out of the games- now it was both of them instead. Truthfully, none of it seemed worth it. Both of them were going to die, but that’s how it was. He couldn’t change it. Not yet, anyways.

“I think you could win this,” Jo said, unintentionally making Dean tense. He didn’t want to win. He didn’t want to leave, not without Sammy. And the way she said it- like he would win and everyone would get left behind- it scared him.
Castiel fell onto the bed in his room, relieved to have some time alone to think through everything. The reaping seemed so long ago- like it could have been another lifetime. For a minute, Cas had himself convinced that that was the case. But then the door swung open, pulling him out of his reverie.
Castiel sat up, glaring at his brother for a moment, but his gaze softened when Gabriel sat on the edge of his bed. “So, training is tomorrow, huh?” His brother asked, staring at a painting on the wall. The painting wasn’t particularly interesting- just a bunch of meaningless monotone shapes thrown onto a canvas. But it gave him a reason not to look into Castiel’s eyes.
There was a moment of comfortable silence, neither of the brothers wanting to talk about what was going to happen when the games started, although that was on both of their minds.
Gabriel, honestly, was terrified. He didn’t want to have to kill someone, and he sure as hell didn’t want to be killed. But what worried him the most was that Castiel, he was sure, wouldn’t put up much of a fight. He’s the “peaceful” one of the family- Cas had always managed to dodge the arguments and fights that were a daily occurrence among Anna, Michael, and Lucifer- all of which, were the most childish nineteen year olds in the history of adults, Gabriel had always thought. He was sure Castiel agreed, but he’d never asked him. These were the moments that made Gabriel want to shrink, hiding from everything the world had to offer. He’d never get a chance to ask Cas how childish he thought their siblings were. He’d never go on his first date, never have a chance to ask out the really cute guy at his school that he’s wanted to talk to for years now. He’d never get a job, never- No. Gabriel cut his own thoughts off- even the voice in his head sounded panicked and desperate. He stood up from the bed and walked out the door, leaving Castiel confused. Gabriel wasn’t going to think like that.
And he didn’t have to. Because the Novak’s were going to win the Hunger Games.

A/N: Almost 70 reads! The most I've ever gotten is seven, so this is a huge achievement for me XD
Thank you guys for reading! I know this was a fairly short and uneventful chapter, but it's all I had written. If there are any mistakes PLEASE let me know, my writing can only improve.
This story IS on a hiatus, I'm not sure when I'll pick it up again. If you do want me to update more, please let me know and I'll try my best. Thanks again!

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