Run Away with me (M.C.)

He was the kind of person you always wanted to be with.
He was so sure of himself no matter what.
In a situation in which I would most likely break down and cry, he always knew what to do.
At least it seemed that way to me.


4. Just Lay Here With Me

I open my eyes to an orange sky, and jump to my feet.

Shit. Shit. Shit. I fell asleep! I hope Michael hasn't been waiting too long.

I run back to the gas station. Relieved that he hasn't arrived yet, I sit down and wait.

He arrives when the sun is just touching the horizon. When Michael parks his Harley Davidson, I jump up and grab his arm. "Come on!" And run through the trees. When we reach the side of the stream, Michael sits and dips his fingers in the clear water. He watches it slowly move along the rocks, like a clear snake, glittering with orange reflections from the sun.

He pulls a package out of his pocket and hands it to me. Before I open it, he puts his hand gently on top of it. "You know I really want you to be happy, right?" He whispers, more to himself than me.

"Yes. Why else would you spend all of your free time with me?" I reply. The corners of his lips turn down.

"Because..." He turns away and splashes water on his face. I can feel my heart pounding hard in my chest. Michael looks at me again.

"Because you're my best friend." He smiles at me with his mouth, but not his eyes. I feel a stone in my stomach.

"Oh." I look up at the sky and try to hide my disappointment. I return my sight to the package and open it. It's a necklace with a small plastic record charm. In the center of the charm is my birthstone. I cover my mouth with one of my hands.

"You didn't!" I gasp.

Michael smiles again, this time his eyes join in. "But I did." He says, and takes it from my hands. He places it around my neck, while breathing on my ear.

How am I not supposed to like him? Even his presence makes me feel all warm inside.

"It's a charm necklace. You can add charms on it to remind you of things. That one is for this weekend." He explains, then lays down on his back. I do the same at his side, then feel him move closer to me. If I hadn't been paying attention, I wouldn't have noticed. The thing is, I am paying so much attention to his actions, that I keep forgetting to breathe because I want to see if he is going to do something.

When it finally gets dark and it is starting to get slightly colder, I remember that I haven't eaten other than the icecream earlier today. Michael puts one of his hands on my stomach.

"Are you hungry too?" I ask. I don't even have to look at him to know he is smirking.


"Too bad there's no food." I frown. By now, I can practically feel the dirty remark he is brewing in his mind.

"Wrong. I could eat you out." He replies, and burst out laughing, then smack him.

"You thirsty asshole!"

"I'm thirsty for your asshole"

"Michael I swear to god!" I sit up and splash water on my face (thank god my eyeliner is waterproof). Michael sits cross-legged beside me, and pulls two chocolate bars out of his jacket pocket. "Wait. You have food?" I stare at the bars of chocolate like a homeless man would gawk at a pile of gold bars in his cardboard box.

"There's no way I'm going fucking hungry." He says and unwraps the chocolate. When I try to take a bite of it, he pushes me away by my forehead.

"But I'm hungry too!" I whine, pulling at his elbow.

"Fuck off."

"I'll stop hanging out with you." I threaten, but he just snorts.

"No you wont."

"Okay, you're right. But I still want some of that chocolate." I sigh, and Michael pulls me into a hug, then shoves the last of the chocolate bar into my mouth.

"MMMRPHH" I scream/mumble in surprise.

"You said you wanted some."

"Not like that!" I scold him when I finally swallow the sweet, smooth substance. Michael chuckles and positions himself with his black leather-clad back on the short grass. Funny, how the grass stays so short, even though nobody mows it, and it's near water, with good soil underneath it. The grass reminds me of some relationships people have. Some are long term and go farther than friends. Others, no matter how well taken care of, never grow past best friends.

I flop onto my back bedside him. I'm so hopeless.

"What do you wanna do now?" Michael asks, after too many moments of silence.

"I don't know. Maybe you just stay there and lay here with me." I suggest, and I feel him move closer to me.

"Honestly, I could do this every night for the rest of my life and never, ever get tired of it." He says next to my ear. I smile.

"Me too."

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