Doctor Who: Hope

The tenth doctor is once again without a companion and is seeking some sort of escape, still running away from his past and future. Then he discovers a planet held and controlled by fear with a new type of Alien that he has never encountered before, one which makes him question everything he is and brings him to the brink of insanity. Then he meets Hope.


1. Knock Knock

Quiet. So quiet. Apart from the gentle thrumming of the TARDIS, the quietness was almost deafening. 
The Doctor paced around the console, pressing the occasional button and pulling the odd lever...but his motions were tired and worn down. He placed both hands on the TARDIS console and leaned forward, head lowered. He took a deep breath and drew himself away, pacing again back and forth. The TARDIS hummed, as if she could feel his pain. He went glassy eyed for a moment then headed towards a corridor. Despite the enormity of his ship, he'd been so preoccupied of late, that he never really took the time to just explore.  
He headed towards a door which opened as he approached. It was a simple room, dark blue walls and ceiling with a bed on one side and a mirror on the other. He walked over to the mirror, hands in his trouser pockets, rocking back and forth on his heel. 
He looked into the eyes of the man before him. The man in the mirror. 

"Look at you." He spoke softly, "You got old! How did that happen eh? Never meant to get old." The Doctor sighed. There were no lines on his face or grey hairs on his head. But his eyes, they were old and tired and sad. He let out a heavy sigh and stood up straight. The TARDIS creaked and moaned and jolted suddenly. The Doctor started feeling a pang in his hearts. You know that guilty feeling you get sometimes for no reason? Well that was what he felt right at that moment, but it hit him like a wall. For some reason, he couldn't think straight. Painful memories flashed in his mind, all the deaths, all the loves lost and those he couldn't save. His worst nightmares and greatest fears. He yelled out and grabbed his head trying to block them out. Eyes tightly shut and crying out, he stumbled towards the console of the TARDIS which jolted again. The Doctor was flung across the TARDIS and thrown into the wall. Memories still attacking one after the other, he clung tightly to a column and felt the breath knocked out of him as the TARDIS spun out of control. All the memories and visions and pain, there was one outstanding emotion that gripped him more than any other. Fear. The Doctor was afraid. So very afraid.

Then it stopped. Everything stopped. The TARDIS just stopped, no thrumming noise, nothing. The memories all subsided and the Doctor was left breathing heavily, still clinging to the column, tears streaming down his cheeks. He could never unsee that. Never. He turned his head slowly towards the door. Whatever was waiting for him outside, it was the cause of what just happened. 

Then someone knocked on the TARDIS door. The Doctor stood up, both hearts beating rapidly.

It was only two knocks.
Knock. Knock.

He walked slowly towards the door, reached out his hand...and opened it.

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